Being Active Year Round.

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Yes, it can be done.

I live in a land of four seasons. Fall and spring are generally mild, although sometimes we have winters that go on forever, and then suddenly, it’s summer, with only a day or two of spring. That’s it! Our winters can be BRUTAL. I became active in 2016. I’m not here to tell you what a lifetime of physical activity is like, but I’m here to tell you that it can be done, even when you think it can’t, and that anything is possible when you’re motivated. I started exercising for a number of reasons.

First of all, my father passed away suddenly when he was only a few months older than I am now. Another main reason was that my stress levels were rising at the end of 2015, and I knew I had to find a way to channel those feelings into something positive. I want to be a better role model for my kids, and I also live with someone else who desperately needs a lot of physical activity – my dog, Athena! We both seem a lot happier when we’re exercising at least a few times a week.

Now let’s talk about Energems, because you all know I’m a snacker with a very busy life.

I honestly wouldn’t have the energy I do without my Energems in my purse or bag. Life can be so busy and I’m often pulled in all directions on a daily basis, and this includes so-called “relaxing” weekends or vacations. New Energems are my perfect on-the-go energy snack because the cute bottle can go everywhere with me, and the best part is that they’re CHOCOLATE!

I think you all know that I can’t drink energy drinks or caffeinated beverages, as much as I have tried. I tried so hard! That’s a main reason why Energems are my perfect energy solution. If you need a little energy pick me up. If you need something to help you be the best you. If you want to be ready for whatever comes your way. If you want to achieve your daily goals. If you want to transform yourself and your day. If you want a snack with portability, shareability, and “dose”ability.

Then head to Walmart! Energems are located in the sports nutrition section near the pharmacy.

Energems are an easy way to get energy, with just the right amount of caffeine. Three Energems contain 133mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to one large cup of coffee. You can customize your own boost of energy by taking one, two, or three Energems. You get nutritional support from vitamins B and D – and B vitamins help support physical energy. They also have more than a full day’s supply of vitamins B6 and B12, and they’re fortified with folate (B9) and niacin (B3). One serving of Energems provides 400 IU of Vitamin D. That’s the “sunshine vitamin” and it meets 100% of your daily requirement to help support a healthy mental state! *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product was not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. There are also no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Delicious as is!

Even with the warm weather coming to New England, I often feel worn down by vitamin D deficiency. We had two straight weeks of cold rain in May! I love this product, because it has just the right amount of caffeine for ME. The amount in coffee gives me jitters and the amount in decaf doesn’t help with energy levels. I also love the solid dose of vitamins B6 and B12. I’m a fan of the thoughtful nature of the product and how it gives you the right amount of everything you need! I’m a new fitness fanatic. I do have two jobs, and one can be high stress. I’m a mom of two, always on the go. I’m a huge snacker, and I can’t really get by without good energy supplements. Since I’m a photographer, I often have long days in which I depend on my energy. Sometimes I miss lunch at home, and I need to have great snacks and other options while on the go.

Here are my tips for staying active year round:

Winter: I went for long walks on the beach in Florida, and also started barre workouts at a studio, as well as at home. You can find success indoors at classes or indoor tracks, and you can also work out at home with videos. Seize this time to explore winter activities, like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Sometimes I can’t help but get outside, but it’s so icy and cold. I invested in a pair of “shoes” that fit over my boots and can walk on ice and snow. It took getting used to, but I love it.

Spring: This is our mud season, so I can’t get by without my snow boots in early spring, as well as something for my allergies. Spring is a “new day” type of season, with mood-boosting weather, and inspiration everywhere. To vary your routine and keep things fresh, you can invest in new activewear, take your workouts OUTDOORS, try a new sport, exercise with a buddy, challenge yourself, and invest in good pre or post-workout snacks. Energems are made with real dark chocolate, so they double as a sweet treat and a nice pick-me-up. They contain antioxidants and are only 50 calories per serving. No jitters!

Summer: To me, this is the most challenging season because I don’t want to dehydrate or overheat. I like to exercise with a buddy in summer. Pack lots of cold water, apply sunscreen, and most importantly – listen to your body always!

Once again, snacks are important.

Fall: Quite like spring, the weather is mild and pleasant. I follow all of the same advice for spring, and also use this opportunity to be outside in the glorious foliage that we get here in New England. There’s nothing like it.

Now, are you ready to get active? Year-round, schedule your time to be active in your planner, or set reminders on your smartphone. Keep safe with reflective clothing, snow shoes, and anything else to brave the elements. Always have water. Prepare your gear, gym bag and delicious snacks. Get your own Energems and get a great rebate here.

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  1. What great advice and can use all the help I can get to stay and keep active to be honest. Oh and never heard of Energems, but going to have to look for them now 😉

  2. I really struggle with staying active in the winter because of the cold. I hate cold. We have severe winters here. But these are great tips. And having the energy with Energems is a must to stay active. -client

  3. They’ve sent me some of these before and I really liked them! I wish they sold them in stores near me. It’s pretty easy to be active in San Diego year round… but it was tough in the winter when I was in ATL. That’s when I was happy it had become a habit.

    1. I really dream about San Diego! I went once and I keep it on my weather bug, just because, it’s so much better than here. Although I suppose we do have a few months in which I don’t check the weather out there so obsessively.

  4. I love that you experience four seasons. In the desert, the summertime means becoming more active indoors. I miss my walks and runs outside, but it becomes too hot to enjoy them in triple digit temperatures.

    1. I got really active over the winter, surprisingly, but I got accustomed to how comfortable I could be. I think under 15-20 degrees could be too rough, but otherwise, fair game! Now I struggle with going above 75! Indoors it is, right now.

  5. I didn’t know that about your dad, I’m sorry. And yes, exercise is SO good for our mental health as well as physical health! I’ve never heard of Energems but will have to check them out!!

    1. Ah, thank you. My father comes up every now and then in this blog. And definitely in my mind lately with that birthday coming for me next.

  6. Now that the weather is nice, I’m happy to have more flexibility to get out and go for a run on occasion. And I’m more motivated to walk everywhere than when it’s cold and windy. I could theoretically get around most places by foot and public transportation, but it’s hard with our winters not to be tempted to drive everywhere!

    1. I totally hear you. And with kids. I’m sure you’re so city-savvy, but I’m so not, and I can’t imagine lugging strollers on public transportation! I’m sure people do it daily, though.

  7. I totally agree that summer is one of the hardest seasons to stay active, weirdly. You’d think winter, but for me it’s summer with the crazy heat!

    1. My active lifestyle started in January and somehow I got quite accustomed to cold cardio. Now the heat and humidity can really drain me, so indoors it it!

  8. Yum, those look good! Easily portable too. I like that. I love that you started taking Barre classes. I am hoping to start up a fun class this summer that I have wanted to for a while. Wish me luck!

    1. I may try Zumba next! Although not having the kids gone for six hours, four days a week, will be so weird for me. I will miss my barre time!

  9. Staying active all year around is challenging for me. I’m usually good until the holidays, then I allow myself to indulge… a little too much. It takes me 2-3 long months to get back in shape. It’s all about finding the time and having enough energy. Thanks for introducing energoms to me, I’ll look for them next time I’m at the store. Who doesn’t need a boost in their lives? I know I do 🙂

    1. I certainly do too. This time of year is more challenging to me than the holidays, for some reason. It’s because I love ice cream more than many!

  10. This summer is kicking my butt. I have to get up every morning at 5 and it’s KILLING ME. Cassidy’s swim season is non stop right now… I NEED THIS STUFF!

  11. I’m trying to get back on track with my exercising. I’ve been loving my yoga app, so I’ve been doing yoga daily. However, I know I need to add some strength training to the mix if I want to look my best.

    1. Yup, it’s a mix. I try to mix it up with outdoors cardio and indoors strength but the weather sometimes knocks me off. I need a better balance.

  12. I certainly support year round activity. We were made for that. Zumba and yoga are better in a group class. The Zumba is more fun, and with yoga, a good teacher is important.

    1. And where you live, you know that sometimes outdoors only is hard! Trying Zumba is a big goal of mine. Yoga too. Pure Barre took me a lot of nerves, so now I’m ready for more.
      They say yoga will help me with stress and that’s all I need to know! Barre and walking certainly do too.

      1. Yoga will do wonderful things for you. I have a friend that I suggested yoga to for years, but she was stubborn. Finally, this past year she started doing it, and now she raves about how good it is for her! Make sure you take a class with a good teacher. The leader of the class makes all the difference. What I suggest is just sitting in on the class first without even doing it. If that feels good, imagine how it gets even better with the movement. Yoga is a moving meditation.

  13. I will have to look for Energems, I need all the energy I can get.
    I’m trying so very hard to stay active, I kinda hit a slump over the winter. This weekend I got so much activity in that my legs feel like boulders have been implanted in my calves. 😀

  14. I struggle to stay active the most during Winter and Fall because the days are so short that when I get home from work I just want to go to sleep. I noticed there is a Pure Barre studio in my area and I am curious to give it a try.

    1. I hear ya! I work at home so I was active all winter. Spring too. Now that it’s later in the spring, it’s so hot and humid sometimes!
      Pure Barre is really hard, but I love the results.

  15. I might need that. But not sure I can find that here. Hmmm.
    Since the day I’ve worked at home, I feel like I need a daily exercise or routine. I don’t get as much walking as I had before when I worked in an office. So happy you’re a new fitness gal! I believe exercise and the right supplements truly do wonders in our body. I have to do that!

    1. I often have to schedule it into my day planner (which is actually just a daily Post-It note – ha!) because working at home requires a certain balance.
      Sometimes I work at home, AND work out at home and it’s fun but the dog looks at me like I’m crazy.

  16. Hi Tamara, I could do with some Energems in my bag, the chocolate mint ones. I love running in spring and summer, but have to head out early because of the heat (although August is so hot I do struggle, but have learned to listen to my body).

    If our winters were as cold as your I’m not sure I’d leave the house! This winter gone often I’ve been photographed wearing just a vest (on our hikes), but it was a mild one.


    1. It’s funny that I exercise more in the winter. Something about never getting very hot and sweaty makes me have much more energy.

  17. I’m with you on caffeine…it took me years to get past the jitters from coffee. Even now, my mug is usually only half full with actual coffee (the other half is usually almond milk). I’m such a wimp about getting outside when the weather is cold, so I’m definitely going to have to remember this post in the winter!

  18. Winter is the hardest season for me to stay active – it gets so cold and rainy here. Love some summer walks though!

  19. I work out with a friend — which has helped with consistency. We are walking late at night right now because of the heat here in NC, but I need to get up and walk before work with her. That would be better (except it’s at 6 a.m.).

    1. We have had a lot of heat (although not today) and I’ve thought about doing early morning or late night exercise instead. I do love indoors in a pinch, but I miss mixing it up more.

  20. I think I would be more active if I got rid of the tv. Seriously, I go through stints where all I want to do is sit and veg out. Ugh! I am my own worst nightmare.

    1. It’s funny because we upgraded our cable for Mother’s Day and I still haven’t really enjoyed it because of work. I know this summer will be full of TV watching, though.

  21. Thanks for all the great tips. Regardless of the season, I feel having a partner during my workouts is a major key for me. My husband and I spend time the gym during three of the seasons. Spring is my favorite time to get active outside!

  22. I’m definitely going to have to try those Energems. I’m exhausted just thinking about all of this activity!

  23. This is what has proven to be so successful about working out in my own home… everything I need is there and I don’t have to lug it anywhere. I could do it naked if I wanted because no one is home ( I don’t do that of course. well, maybe one yoga pose, but I was painting my toenails so duh of course) but most importantly: it’s an all season venue! There are no excuses like it’s raining or too cold for me. Which sucks on the days I don’t want to exercise. But still in summer, I definitely like to do more natural outdoor exercise like swimming and hiking and kayaking. Someone buy me a kayak. 🙂

    1. Dude, I have totally worked out with no clothes one. I’m so OCD about stuff I like, that I just figure, “Why get these nice Old Navy workout clothes all sweaty?” I live in the woods and could scream around my house naked and no one would be the wiser.
      I’ll buy a kayak, but first I have to pay for Scarlet’s summer camp and it’s not cheap!

  24. Great tips, thank you. I do think it’s important to active and healthy all the time. I know it’s hard to do it here in Michigan in the winter time (well that’s my excuse lol).

  25. I’d rather run in the rain than in the heat. It’s too hot. Although I am enjoying going to the beach more. My husband and I have been playing basketball too.

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