Before There Was Scarlet…

There were ANIMALS!

I used to be a more active photographer. Lately, I’ve been trying to get back to that way not only of being, but of thinking. I used to never leave the house without my camera and everything I’d look at, I’d look at with a photographic eye. It actually got to be exhausting. But I miss it.

I’ve been taking lots of photos since Scarlet was born, but really only of her. I used to be a professional, damnit! I never wanted to be a studio photographer. I think that’s what’s stopping me from just starting a business in our home. I might want that life now, but I still have to remember my original photographic dream – to be an artist and have my photos in a gallery, preferably a gallery we own.

Most of what you see here is pictures of Scarlet. Makes sense since she’s most of my life right now. Before Scarlet came along, there was something I loved to take pictures of more than anything else in the world – animals. I thought I’d share some of my favorites:

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  1. Stunning photos, Tamara. I can see why you want to get back into it – the practice and the way of thinking. Thank you for sharing these. BTW, who is the woman with the horse?

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