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Because Why Not?

And that’s exactly what Lea Grover wrote about answering these 15 random facts/questions about yourself.

It’s a bit silly because they aren’t really facts, so much as questions. Right? And I really do love this method of old school blogging in which we answer memes. The original memes. They’re more like questionnaires. Sometimes it’s so indulgent and maybe a bit vain to write them and think people want to read them, but you know what?? Someone out there does! Hi, Mom. Also, when people post them, I totally read them. So since I find people to be endlessly fascinating, maybe someone out there finds me endlessly fascinating? Someone? Anyone? In fact, I wrote five fun facts about myself this morning. It was hard!

Fun fact: I still have this outfit:

Five Fun Facts About Me:

1 – Doesn’t own ONE pair of solid-colored socks. They are all zany and colorful and magical.
2 – Has traveled all over the United States specifically for moose and landscape photography.
3 – Identifies strongly as a Ravenclaw. Used to want to be Gryffindor, but that’s a big NOPE.
4 – Moved all the way across the country twice in two years, which isn’t recommended at ALL.
5 – Is a SuperTaster. It’s not always the easiest way to eat, but feels like a superpower too!

You’re welcome for that. You’re welcome for this. Feel free to answer one in the comments or blog your own answers!

1 – Do you make your bed? I mean, sort of vaguely. I guess? Cassidy sometimes makes it super pretty for me. I definitely pull up the covers so I’m going to say that there’s some effort involved but no hospital corners or anything.

why not

2 – What’s your favorite number? It’s always been four. It’s because everything good happens in threes (like I probably had three crushes at once in 6th grade, if we’re being honest) and then there’s one for good luck. Just like a good birthday cake.

3 – What is your dream job? I sort of have it and sort of don’t. It’s because dreams change. They get bigger and smaller and also take on forms you never knew existed. I have spent my life wanting to be a photographer and writer. I am both. That said, maybe I thought I’d be a world famous photographer or an author, rather than a book co-author. Well, author is author, but I digress. I didn’t know what journalism would be like or that supporting myself and helping to support my family and having my photographs on many people’s walls, just not everyone’s, is all ok. Did I think I’d write sponsored posts? No. I would have thought that was selling out. Now I know it’s not. It’s important to me to retain a lot of my “me-ness”, though.

Sometimes I get a little lost or I get bad advice or I give it. I’m still in here, though.

why not

4 – If you could, would you go back to school? I was just telling our close family friend that I still have anxiety dreams that I’m late to school or that I have finals coming up but I haven’t gone to the class all semester. Or multiple classes. And sometimes it’s that I have to cram a whole semester’s worth of work into one night. To answer the question, I don’t know. I seem to have many heebie jeebie feelings about it. And I don’t need another degree. Maybe photography school someday?

why not

5 – Can you parallel park? I CAN and I HAVE (like back at my driver’s test and when I lived in San Francisco), but I haven’t in ages. There are some things out there that I do exceptionally well once or twice, but never consistently. It’s like terrific or terrible – with no in-between. I will absolutely and always park farther away, rather than attempt a parallel parking spot.

Raise your hand if you would too! Don’t be shy. Especially if you drove that giant brown van behind me that my parents had:

6 – Name a job you had, people would be shocked at? Is anyone really shocked anymore, considering that I often write about bad jobs I’ve had and how I sometimes quit them in un-classy ways? Probably no surprises but if you didn’t know me well you might be surprised to hear that I used to be a Pizza Delivery Girl, an Urban Innkeeper, an Operations Admin at a cuckoo school for life coaches, and an Office Manager for an online dating service run by the biggest nutcase ever. And I have worked for a lot of nutcases. Hence, why I don’t do that anymore. I work for the BIGGEST nutcase ever, though.


7 – Do you think aliens are real? I think it’s really hard not to think that. I like to imagine Star Wars universes out there. MARVEL Universes. Doctor Who Galaxies. Or something else we have never even thought about. hmm…?

8 – Can you drive a stick shift? My cousin tried to teach me when I was 19 and my brain did that thing where it short-circuits and I give myself a learning disability and it didn’t work and I’ve never tried again. There’s potential, otherwise?

9 – Guilty pleasure? Peeling things. (gross) Like skin or glue. Hallmark movies. Us Weekly. Music that makes me think I could dance professionally. Ice cream with WAY too many sprinkles. Mashed potatoes with so much butter that it almost becomes liquidy. Popcorn in the same format. Am I gross yet? I also like using up all the hot water and taking hour-long baths.

10 – Do you experience depression? It’s complicated. I HAVE and I know for a fact what it feels like – like a colorless world and feeling like nothing will ever be the same again, or even happy, and the absence of feeling that is so strong that it you know it’s not really an absence but a presence, but you can’t really get off the couch or bed or out of the clouds in your head to feel it or fight it. I’ve never had it for extended periods of time. It’s either been situational (death, move, breakup), or it’s been a short (3-4 days) bout of growing pains, and I always come out better and more colorful on the other side.

I don’t take it lightly, especially with my anxiety, and I do imagine the suffering of experiencing it longterm.

why not

11 – Do you talk to yourself? Funny about that because I DO, but when there’s a cat, a dog, various workmen, and an Alexa in the house, is it ever really talking to myself? Some of those things talk back to me. I’M NEVER ALONE. HELP.

why not

12 – Do you like doing puzzles? You know, I DO, but how often do I do them? Not often. I like word puzzles too.

13 – Favorite Music? I’m never going to be able to answer it all because there’s such a range, with dance music for the inspiration and 80’s music for the memories. And I secretly or not so secretly love Phish but it’s like a THING to make fun of their 27,000 minute jams, because generally I love my music to have rises and falls. Peaks and climaxes and whatnot. In maybe 4-6 minutes! Deep stories! Lyrics! Although I do love classical music. That said, here are some lifetime and new favorites: Bruce Hornsby, Tom Petty, Tori Amos, Ben Folds, Regina Spektor, Eric Clapton, The Cranberries, Counting Crows, Steely Dan, The Police, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Sia, Flo Rida, P!nk..and probably much more!

14 – Coffee or tea? COFFEE times a million. Tea has NEVER once done a thing for me. Ick.

15 – The first thing you remember you wanted to be growing up? A garbage man, if we’re being honest.

why not

What about you? What’s your favorite question? What’s your own answer?

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  1. Aw, you know I always love learning more about you here. So, was so excited to read your answers to these questions today. Seriously, been a long few days with all the snow. Therefore your answers definitely brightened up my day today 😉 <3

  2. I’m going to forgive you for thinking tea isn’t good because – more for me!

    A garbage collector? That’s funny to me. I can’t see you hanging off the back of a big truck slinging big heavy cans.

    I also love an hours-long bath. Love your new bathroom! I’m a little puzzled by that big room full of baseboard heaters with a space heater in the middle. 🙂 xo

    1. haha, I never answered this! That was the master bedroom when it was being built. So the baseboards weren’t functioning yet and there was a hole in the roof so it was SO COLD. Hence, the space heater!

  3. 1) yes
    2) 55 in English, 18 in French
    3) My job as a surgeon, but CalorieLab was an unexpected pleasure
    4) No, I hate school, but on my own I am a constant student
    5) Yes
    6) Can’t think of one
    7) I feel there is life all over the universe
    8) I only like to drive stick shift
    9) ?
    10) Yes, but rarely
    11) Of course
    12) Sometimes I like to test myself
    13) The blues and reggae
    14) Coffee
    15) Maybe an artist, later a doctor, at some point a pro basketball player

  4. I always enjoy these posts, Tamara! This is so perfectly written and also describes something I do but hadn’t put words to it: “…my brain did that thing where it short-circuits and I give myself a learning disability.” HA. Me, too. I love that you still have that outfit. The crop top and all!! I feel like you don’t need photography school because you’re doing it!! I actually was a pretty wicked stick shift driver in my early 20’s. Haven’t had a stick shift car in ages though. Apparently it’s like riding a bike.

  5. Oh I love this Tamara. You have had some interesting jobs! Two people have tried to teach me to drive a stick shift and I failed at both. So awesome that you are doing your dream job. Hmmmm….not sure what my dream job would be but it would involved crafting.

  6. I love reading these kinds of posts too! It IS fascinating to learn more personal details about someone you have never met in real life. I loved all that you shared in this one, T. I can’t believe you still have that outfit! I do believe your socks are what you say they are. I love that I feel like I know so much about you… and yet, I can learn more every time I come here.

  7. I love learning more about the people behind blogs/websites I follow! I don’t say I talk to myself (even thought I do), I just say I’m talking to Walter. 😉

  8. What a great Q&A! I sometimes think about going back to school, and while I love learning – tests, papers, and early morning classes just don’t sound worth it.

  9. Oh my gosh, YES! Peeling things, liquidy mashed potatoes ,and working for nutcases. There were quite a few more comparisons, but I had to stop at the parallel parking. I can’t. I am a horrible parker. Watch me do it in my van sometime. It’s scary!

  10. Fun!! And your kids look SOOOO much like you as a kid!! I moved across the country twice in 2 years too! More twinning. Except I don’t peel things, and my kids do and it drives me crazy.

  11. I love that you don’t have any solid colored socks! My husband is obsessed with fun socks. He has minions and power rangers and hot chilis….you name it! Loved this post!!

  12. I love reading these too and I find you to be endlessly fascinating, Tamara! I love that outfit that you’ve retained all of these years later. I have somethings I can’t bear to part with either. I get it 🙂

    Also this? Just exemplifies why I love you 🙂 “My cousin tried to teach me when I was 19 and my brain did that thing where it short-circuits and I give myself a learning disability and it didn’t work and I’ve never tried again. There’s potential, otherwise?” You are adorable.

    Multicolored and fun pattern socks for the win, always! XOOX

  13. OOOH – I love these. I received an “unable” to parallel park on my driving test. I still can’t do it to this day, although maybe if my car wasn’t so huge that would help? I would love to go back to school and I’m kind of jealous of my college son. I need more colorful socks in my life.

  14. i have a parallel parking story for you! when i was on a first date, some guy from the burbs came and picked me up in the city, then we went to a restaurant that i chose. he wasn’t able to parallel park his car so i had to do it for him. he was soooo embarrassed!

  15. I’ve never been able to parallel park. Luckily, it was not on my driver’s test. However I wish I knew how to or even had the courage to attempt it. 🙂

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