Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth Treats

Do you have kids? Are you planning a party? This #recipe for Cogsworth Treats from #BeautyandtheBeast is the perfect #party recipe! And it's easy to do too!

I was just thinking – remember in college when Thursday night was a bona fide party night?

Does that still exist? Please tell me it still exists. Of course I never partied, because I had first period classes on Fridays of my senior year – when Senioritis usually sets in. Since I didn’t drink at all then (or still), there were no hangovers at least. Besides that, I didn’t declare my major until the summer before my senior year, and you don’t call six journalism classes in one week “Senioritis”! As if Senioritis also entails Dean’s List, Phi Beta Kappa, studying on weekends, and choosing boys over drinking.

Hey, we all have vices. These days, I stick to treats.

Do you have kids? Are you planning a party? This #recipe for Cogsworth Treats from #BeautyandtheBeast is the perfect #party recipe! And it's easy to do too!

Des started the school year with three days of preschool and one day at his beloved daycare. Over time, the distance from Wednesday preschool until the next day he had it – Monday – stretched too far and too wide. He had Preschool Angst. So we added Fridays to his schedule, but then his other things suffered. He was too burnt out to do four days of preschool AND a day of daycare, and he was also growing weary of going to his grandparents’ house every other Thursday. So Thursdays are now our free-for-alls. We go on adventures together. I figure I’ll only get to do this so much until full-time kindergarten begins.

I’m in denial that he no longer looks like this:

So that’s what brings me to party Thursdays. When you’re a blogger like me, somehow, generally you have the bulk of your work between Monday – Wednesday. I do sponsored posts on Fridays, brand-willing, or that’s a day I write for myself. Lately, I’ve needed to write for myself more than once a week. I’m up to 1-4 times a week! I hope you like it. I needed to mix it up, quite like Des did too. Thursdays are party days, I hereby decree, and party days need party treats, I also hereby decree.

Do you have kids? Are you planning a party? This #recipe for Cogsworth Treats from #BeautyandtheBeast is the perfect #party recipe! And it's easy to do too!

My Beauty and the Beast movie tickets have been purchased for tomorrow night with Scarlet and her best friend’s family, and I’m pretty psyched to sit down and let the visuals dance in front of me. I always did love Cogsworth, which is why I love this treat. I know it looks pretty intense, but I assure you that you can make them too! So hereby declare your party day, and go make some treats! Or see a movie! Or dance with your underwear on your head, like Des does. Mix things up, party style!

Do you have kids? Are you planning a party? This #recipe for Cogsworth Treats from #BeautyandtheBeast is the perfect #party recipe! And it's easy to do too!

Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth Treats

Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth Treats


  1. Banana Marshmallow Pies
  2. Tootsie Rolls
  3. Yellow Jelly Beans
  4. Wilton Drizzle Pouches, Bright White and Lite Cocoa
  5. Edible Decorating Pens


  • 1. Lay 6 tootsie rolls in a row and microwave for about 12 seconds and press together and flatten out on a parchment lined baking sheet
  • 2. Cut two strips to fit around the marshmallow pie
  • 3. Lightly press them on
  • 4. Heat 2 more tootsie rolls for about 3-5 seconds and mold each into a little wave like shape. (This will become the “mantle”)
  • 5. Take the 2 pieces of mantle and place them on the top of the pie
  • 6. Add a drop of water to the tootsie roll so it’ll stick
  • 7. Then, take 3 yellow jelly beans and place one in-between the middle of the mantle pieces and the other 2 inside each mantle
  • 8. Using white drizzle pouch, attach a yellow jelly bean to the center of pie
  • 9. Cut a few thin slivers from the rolled out tootsie rolls and shape into clock hands and press onto pie
  • 10. Make 2 little white eyes with the white drizzle and a smiley mouth with the brown drizzle (Could also draw an open mouth and color in a tongue with a red edible marker)
  • 11. With the edible marker, color little black dots on the white eyes for his eyeballs (Can use a blue edible marker as well)
  • 12. Super cute and easy to make!
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And for those of you who are visually inclined, like me, I have some photos to help with that! I hope they’re in order:

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    1. It was awesome. I saw it with Scarlet so I think my MIL will be taking both kids next weekend so Des can see it. He might get spooked by the wolf scenes, though!

  1. Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Don’t think mine would even turn out as good as these if I give it a try but I know Madison would want me to. I’ll let you know how mine goes. Enjoy Beauty and the Beast. It’s amazing!

  2. These are so cute! I am totally pinning this one. Way to go Tamara 🙂 P.S. I missed the whole Thursday night college party night, but my kids celebrate the almost end of the week every single week!

    1. hah, I had ice cream last night and realized that’s what I was doing. I usually eat healthy and work hard all five days of the week, but I started my weekend a night early. No regrets!

  3. Adorable! I want to see Beauty and The Beast, but I may have to go alone. Don’t think I can talk my boys into it. I’ll have to check with Thomas to see if Thursday is still a party night – although he might not tell me the truth :)!

  4. THIS IS BRILLIANT! I swear you are getting more impressive with each DIY/yummy post!! These are so perfect and SO timely! LOVE it! <3

  5. Another cute Beauty & the Beast cookie that would be perfect for a tea party. Thursday parties sound like fun, but I’m down for a party with my kids any day of the week. 🙂

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