7 Beautiful Walking Trails in the UK for Families

Man and Woman Carrying Toddler If you are holidaying in the UK with your family, here you can find a list of the most beautiful walking trails in the UK.

Being outdoors can be a great experience where you can bond with your family and create special moments and memories. Hence, when you are thinking of holidays you need to focus on how you can enjoy holidays with your loved ones and family. If you are not keen on extreme adventure activities you can look for something simpler like walking tours. Walking holidays allow you to bond with your family as you cover long distances and pass through various forts, castles, palaces, abbeys, meadows, fields, and beaches.

If you are holidaying in the UK with your family you can find the best walking trails and plan your walking holidays. On the other hand, Mickledore can provide you with walking holidays that would allow you to make the most of the time, money and resources you have. However, you know which walking trails in the UK must be ideal for families.

Hadrian’s Wall Walk

Considered one of the best family-friendly walks, Hadrian’s Wall Walk can provide you and your family with the right walking tour experience. If you are planning to discover Britain by foot this is one of the best walking trails that can reflect on history, nature and geography. The path of this trail runs parallel to the wall built on the orders of Emperor Hadrianus. Today, the wall remains one of the largest surviving Roman monuments in Europe. Extending from coast to coast, this path begins in Wallsend near Newcastle and ends in the flat plains of the Solway Coast. As you explore the path you come across various churches, abbeys, priories and even historic villages named after the wall. Being one of the easiest trails this is ideal for families who seek adventure without going overboard.

The Ridgeway

If you are looking for adventure you can explore one of the oldest roads in Britain. The Ridgeway dates back to the Neolithic Age almost 5000 years ago but today it remains a great walking trail for families who want to explore history and nature. This 147 km long walking trail begins in Avebury and ends in Aldbury offering a memorable experience. The path snakes through some of the greenest counties in England including Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. This is a great way for families to enjoy the natural landscape and various historic locations. The path also traverses some of the best nature reserves in the UK and therefore you can enjoy watching birds, butterflies and flowers.

Man Teaching His Child How to Ride a Bicycle If you are holidaying in the UK with your family, here you can find a list of the most beautiful walking trails in the UK.

The Dingle Way

Ireland can provide you with some of the best scenic views and landscapes that you can enjoy with your family. If you want to explore Ireland on foot with your family you can choose The Dingle Way which is a 187 km circuit of pure fun and adventure. While the path is long it is moderately challenging and therefore you can try it if you have tried long-distance walking holidays. With its stunning rock formations along the coastline and dramatic scenery, you can have a great time exploring the natural beauty of the geography. If you love bird watching you can have a great time watching resident birds like ringed plovers, peregrine falcons, skylarks and many other birds. If you are planning to explore The Dingle Way make sure that you know how to stay fit when you are walking long distances.

Borders Abbeys Way

Nothing can beat the natural beauty of Scotland and if you have plans to travel to Scotland and try some walking holidays you can try the Borders Abbeys Way. This is one of the old paths in the UK which connects four medieval abbeys which include Jedburgh, Kelso, Dryburgh and Melrose. If you want to enjoy some historic locations with your kids this would be an ideal and fairly easy-to-manage walking path. These abbeys reflect the medieval Anglo-Norman monasticism and played an important role in the history of Scotland. Also, when you are using this walking trail you will traverse through old railway lines, forest tracks, and moorlands offering you a spectacular scenic view that you can enjoy. While you are exploring this path you can also spot local animals like badgers and foxes. This would allow you to make the best use of your walking holidays with family.

Person Wearing Black Jacket Standing on Green Grass Field Near Lake

Gower Peninsula

Located in South Wales, Gower Peninsula is a great walking trail that can provide you with excellent natural landscapes. If you are heading out for a walking holiday with your loved ones and family you can enjoy the coastal views that this trail has to offer. With only 72 km walking distance this is one of the shortest walking trails that you can cover in four days. The trail begins in the town of Pen-Clawdd and ends in the town of Mumbles. As you explore this trail you can walk some of the best beaches in Britain offering you plenty of time to rest. While you are exploring Gower Peninsula you also get to explore the local birds and fauna which tells you more about the diverse geography of the region.

Thames Path

Following the greatest river in England, Thames Path is a nice walking trail that can provide you with an excellent holiday experience. If you are looking for a long but fairly easy path to walk you can try this one. As you walk the trail you come across many meadows, fields, market towns, gothic towers, tiny villages and cities. If you are someone who loves nature you can find plenty of greenery and wildflowers that would make a difference to the experience. Since the path runs parallel to the Thames River you can often come across birds like heron, ducks and swans. You can also find many local pubs and restaurants where you can take a halt and enjoy some local food and drink before you march ahead.

Bridge with glowing lights crossing calm Thames river located against contemporary famous multistory office buildings in London on evening time

South Downs Way

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful walking trails in the UK South Downs Way must be on the list. This walking trail starts from the historic city of Winchester and ends in Eastbourne. As you explore and walk through the entire 167 km long trail you can come across many stunning meadows, verdant woodlands, picturesque villages, huge fields and historic structures and monuments. The trail is relatively easy and therefore it is an ideal walking trail for those with teenage kids. Being one of the popular walking trails it is well-marked and therefore you will have no trouble following the route. On the way, you can also stop for food at various local restaurants and pubs. You can also look out for excellent accommodations that allow you to rest for the night and enjoy breakfast early morning.

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