5 Ways to Celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week

I have partnered with “I and love and you” for this post. They are the first-ever pet food brand to be Clean Label certified. I appreciate this, and Juniper and Athena think it’s pretty awesome too. All opinions are my own!

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week with I and love and you. They are the first-ever pet food brand to be Clean Label certified! #ad

This past week was National Be Kind to Animals Week, and I think I did my part! That said, this week of kindness to animals celebrates all of the wonder and companionship that animals bring, but it’s also a reminder of how we should be year-round! It was a timely week for me, because we completed our post office deliveries of baby chicks (I hope), and it was also about showing our dog and cat some extra love. Baby chicks are SUPER cute..

..but Athena and Juniper are pretty amazing too.



We have a pretty full house, don’t we?

In honor of Be Kind to Animals Week of 2017, I made a list of five ways you can celebrate this week – right now, and always. I’ve had a deep love for animals for my whole life – both of pets, and of all the animals in the world.

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week with I and love and you. They are the first-ever pet food brand to be Clean Label certified! #ad

1 – Adopt a rescue or shelter pet. We found Athena through a New England-based rescue organization, and we got Juniper at our local animal shelter in Springfield, MA. We spoke to adoption counselors in both instances to make sure it was a good fit. The experiences were rewarding. This was taken the day Scarlet met Junie in June!

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week with I and love and you. They are the first-ever pet food brand to be Clean Label certified! #ad

2 – Take care of your pets. It’s up to you to keep them healthy and safe, and up-to-date with checkups and vaccinations. Make sure your pets are wearing proper identification, and talk to your vet about responsible care.

And most importantly, LOVE them.

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week with I and love and you. They are the first-ever pet food brand to be Clean Label certified! #ad

3- Appreciate wildlife. For us, that means creating a welcoming environment on our four acres – we love birds, butterflies, & bees. We get our share of predators and critters, and we try to protect our land humanely.

be kind to animals

animals(our garden)

4 – Report animal abuse always. Don’t ever hesitate to call and report if you see something suspicious. This can have strongly detrimental effects on the animal(s), and on you if abuse is taking place.

5- Buy pet food that gives back. Enter I and love and you. Athena isn’t picky but I know she loves this brand’s food the best. And you know what? So do we! “I and love and you” is committed to providing food for pets waiting for adoption at rescues and shelters across the US. The company donated over 75,000 meals this past year!

pet care

Even more recently, I and love and you donated 50,000 meals to the Humane Society of Tulsa and Rescue Warriors Corp. in Illinois in January. This will be distributed to smaller rescues and shelters across the area. And the really big news is that “I and love and you” is the first-ever pet company to be officially Clean Label Certified – ensuring that shelter pets really are getting the best and healthiest treats and kibble that the pet food industry has to offer. They were named “Best in Class” by a new report released by Clean Label Project.

The project’s latest report had the top selling dog and cat food brands tested – both wet and dry – and cat and dog treats. 68 brands had over 900 products screened for over 150 toxins, as well as pesticides and additional contaminants with links to cancer and other fatal conditions in both humans and pets.

How cool is that? Not only does “I and love and you” donate to shelters, but they make sure pets and shelter animals are getting food and treats that are good and healthy for them! You can check out the product rating from the Clean Label Project reports for free at cleanlabelproject.org. And for more info on this dynamic brand, check out http://www.iandloveandyou.com/. Based in Boulder, CO, “I and love and you” makes super pet food and treats that contain everything pets need to be happy and healthy. And they contain none of what they don’t need. All products are made with real meat and contain no grains, fillers, or anything artificial.

They’re all approved by a holistic veterinarian for uncompromising quality.

pet food

Lastly, find “I and love and you” at your local grocery store, or online!

And, the true test of awesomeness is that Athena LOVES the brand that loves her back!

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    1. I don’t know why, but it hasn’t happen in ages. Although last summer when we were watching Moana, we saw a GIANT bear watching us through the front door. Ok. That was terrifying.

  1. We LOVE, I and Love and You. They’re actually based here in Colorado and I’ve attended a few of their events. This is one of the food that my pets have in their rotation because it’s just so good for them. BTW, those baby bears are just too cute, but I wouldn’t get too close. 🙂

  2. I have no understanding of people who are mean to animals – none! I just finished an article on a dog who was rescued from a really terrible situation. He had been stepped on as a puppy and it severed his spine, paralyzed in his bottom half. HOW could a person do that?! I think that starting with our children, teaching them how to treat animals, empathy, and what is expected is SO important!

  3. Scarlett’s expression as she holds Junie: priceless! It’s always “Be Kind to Animals Week” at my house. My diva would have it no other way! LOL But I do appreciate the reminders and the introduction to I and Love and You..

    1. That was love at first sight, wasn’t it? It made me so happy! Your diva probably knows that “Be Kind to Animals Week” is actually every day!

  4. Be kind to animals week should be every week 🙂 Gosh I am such a sucker for all kinds of furry friends, Maybe not ferrets, but one should never be mean!

  5. I have never heard of I and love and you before, but I’m always concerned with the food and treats that I feed my pets because some products are loaded with horrible ingredients. I will be sure to check it out.

  6. I cannot imagine anyone abusing an animal, but I know it happens. We love our dogs so much and they’re pretty spoiled around here. I will definitely check out this brand!

  7. You have some pretty awesome pets to be kind to!! I love that Scarlet gets in on the fun too!

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