Back to School Shopping Like a Boss.

Did I really just say “like a boss”?

There’s certainly a first time for everything. No doubt I have seen people use the term before, but I was never really sure I did anything “like a boss.” Until I became a mother. I think I gave birth “like a boss.” Twice, in fact. I nursed both kids “like a boss.” I have gone through their recent birthdays “like a boss.” I recently potty-trained my son “like a boss” and for real – I never thought I’d be able to accomplish anything of the sort and I thought that I’d be crying and calling my husband to come home instantly. In fact, I survived. I thrived. My son deserves most of the credit, though. He potty-trained “like a boss.”

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Parenting is not normally a “like a boss” thing for me. In fact, it is fraught with worries and questions and obstacles around every corner. It’s no mistake to myself or to my blog readers, that I’ve had a really hard time with the school transitions. I didn’t think I’d survive last September when Scarlet went to kindergarten and Des went to daycare for the first time. Survive, I did, and I could even say I parented during the school transition “like a boss” or at least like something boss-like.

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While kindergarten was hard FOR ME, it wasn’t hard for Scarlet. She thrived. Of course, kindergarten still has naptime and stuffies at our school. There was no homework and no need for school supplies. Well, guess what? That ended for me in June, and now I’m looking at my first summer of back to school shopping. Of course when I first started seeing “back to school” signs in stores, and “back to school” tips on Pinterest, I balked. Who wants to think about back to school when it’s sunny and July and I’m at Cape Cod in a bathing suit? I certainly don’t, and I’m back to school phobic as it is. I prefer to deny and avoid.

Or cry while listening to Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer.”

Something changed for me this year, though. I was given the chance to do my “back to school with Walmart”, for some one-stop shopping. The bonus is that I was able to get extra Box Tops for education on the paper products we need for our home anyway. (and we need a LOT of paper towels from Walmart) Des and I dropped Scarlet off at summer camp in the morning and then went to Walmart. I was a little nervous to be back to school shopping for the first time but it was very easy for me.

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We got everything we needed in only 20 minutes. (this may or may not have included Supergirl underwear for Scarlet and chocolate for Des..I mean.. me) Mainly I stuck to my list and was happy that all of my paper products were in one place. I was able to get Kleenex, Viva paper towels and Scott Extra Soft toilet paper at Walmart. All of the paper products we needed anyway gave us those wonderful extra Box Tops for education. There are so many students in my daughter’s grade and her school. If every parent turned in those Box Tops, the school would earn a lot of money, and we all know how needed that is.

You can share how you go back to school like a boss too. Learn more about BTS at Walmart HERE, and then share your stories and tips on your social media channels – using the hashtag #BTSLikeABoss. You could be featured on the website!

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So tell me – how do you #BTSLikeABoss?

Today’s post is sponsored by Kimberly Clark, but my love for their BTS option is all my own!

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