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Back to School: Dino Nuggets Mashed Potato & Veggie Bowls

Who doesn’t love Dino Nuggets?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.

#ad Do your kids drop everything for Tyson® Fun Dino Nuggets too? Mine do! That's why I created these amazing #backtoschool #recipes with potatoes and veggies!

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know I thrive on everything that makes kid snacks and meals easier.

After I first made these Dino Nugget Mashed Potato & Veggie Bowls, my daughter took one look at her bowl and said to me, “I will never understand why you don’t think you’re a good cook.” And that made my day! When it concerns my family, I do think I’m a good cook. I’m not a chef and I’ll never appear on a cooking show, but back to school food? That’s my jam. Easy weeknight meals? I do that. Fun and decorated sweets and fun, immersive lunches and dinners? Yeah, I’ve got that.

dino nuggets

Quite simply, we LOVE Tyson® Fun Nuggets. They are fun to eat, easy to prepare, and extremely relevant to putting into fun meals. I mean, who doesn’t love a good chicken nugget mashed potato bowl? We make up our dino nuggets, whip up easy mashed potatoes, steam some vegetables, and arrange them artfully with cheese on top! I like to embed them into the bowls, or have the dinosaurs parading around the bowl. It really depends on which kid I’m serving, and if I’m serving myself!

There’s still so much summer to soak up, but it will pass by lightning fast and I don’t want to wake up bewildered and staring at a calendar in disbelief. Preparing for the school year must be done early for me, because I’m someone who tends to get caught up in and overwhelmed by details and emotions if I’m not extra careful. I ADORE making things more fun.

I’m not exempt from struggling from the work/life balance thing. This is my first summer with more full time work than ever, and this will be my second summer-to-fall transition with full time work as well. There are little tips and tricks we have learned together as a family to suit our busy lifestyles. There are certain domestic and yard duties I simply have to outsource. And, there are certain work duties I simply have to outsource. There are the family priorities that become stronger when life gets busier. For me, that’s having at least one meal or snack a day all together. It can be challenging.

We do it well together, though.

And we have some exciting stuff today with Tyson Fun Nuggets. Over on my Instagram page, I’ll be giving away 2 movie tickets. Simply go to my page and follow these steps! 1) post a picture of your favorite back-to-school meal featuring a Tyson, Jimmy Dean®, State Fair®, Hillshire Farm lunchmeat brand product (product packaging must be visible in image), 2) tag @TysonBrand & use the hashtag #TamaraCameraTysonBackToSchool, 3) comment below and let me know you’ve entered! The winner will be notified via Instagram DM on 8/14/2018 just in time to go see Warner Brother’s Teen Titans Go! This sweepstakes is not affiliated with Instagram.

Giveaway time!

Rules: Entries will be accepted from now until 8/13/18. The winner will be chosen at random and will be DM on 8/14/18. Participating products: Tyson Chicken Strips, Tyson Chicken Nuggets, Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast items, State Fair Corn Dogs and Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat (purchased at Walmart). One entry per person. Make sure your account is public. Must be 18 or older to participate.

You can also read all about the exciting back to school meals your kids need to learn like a true Teen Titan! And you can take their quiz to discover which Teen Titan your kid is, and get exclusive savings on Tyson, State Fair, Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm Brands at Walmart by clicking here.

You can also find a great Shopkick offer here!

#ad Do your kids drop everything for Tyson® Fun Nuggets too? Mine do! That's why I created these amazing #backtoschool #recipes with potatoes and veggies!

Lots of fun giveaway and offer news today! And I hope you like my recipe. When I was a kid, I loved chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and veggies. I really liked them all together as well. This was a recipe long in the making.

Look for THIS fun bag at Walmart in the frozen aisle:

#ad Do your kids drop everything for Tyson® Fun Nuggets too? Mine do! That's why I created these amazing #backtoschool #recipes with potatoes and veggies!

So, what’s your favorite back to school meal?

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  1. That looks like such a fun meal. Scarlet is so sweet for affirming you are a good cook. You have been sharing looks of amazing meals and snacks on your blog. So I would agree with Scarlet, you are a good cook. 🙂

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