Baby, You Were Born to Run

Enter the Radisson RED #BAXTERTRAVELS #CONTEST for a chance to win one of 2 red nylon Fatboy beds! Radisson RED's pet-friendly policy

When Cassidy and I had been married a few months and had made the decision to move back east to be closer to our families, we plotted out a 2.5 week, spiraling road trip across the United States to eventually wind up in western Massachusetts.

We factored in our dog’s comfort and safety for every minute of that trip.

When Cassidy and I were celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary, we went away for the first time sans kids – leaving them with my mom in our house, but taking our dog with us for fun and moose-filled adventures in the rainy woods of Vermont.

Enter the Radisson RED #BAXTERTRAVELS #CONTEST for a chance to win one of 2 red nylon Fatboy beds! Radisson RED's pet-friendly policy

We have always been dog people, and we always will be, and I can’t imagine not raising my kids right alongside our dog and our cat. And who knows? Maybe there will be another puppy or dog in our future. Furry friends are part of our family. I was happy to learn recently that at Radisson RED, furry friends are part of the family too! With their pet-friendly policy, you don’t ever have to sacrifice style and comfort in order to have your dog go on your hotel adventures right with you.

Enter the Radisson RED #BAXTERTRAVELS #CONTEST for a chance to win one of 2 red nylon Fatboy beds! Radisson RED's pet-friendly policy

When I was a kid, we would go to Myrtle Beach, SC or Ocean City, MD for two weeks at a time every July! Oh, how I missed my dog, Chelsea during our trips. As an adult, we have our dog, Athena, stay with Cassidy’s parents when we’re flying anywhere. When it’s a road trip? Our girl comes with us! From NJ to NYC, to Boston and Cape Cod, to the cold and moose-filled woods of Vermont, I love looking behind the passenger seat and seeing two cute kids and a cute pup looking back at me.

Enter the Radisson RED #BAXTERTRAVELS #CONTEST for a chance to win one of 2 red nylon Fatboy beds! Radisson RED's pet-friendly policy

For most dogs, like Athena and our old husky – Stormy – there’s nothing like the feel of the wind and the open road.

Enter the Radisson RED #BAXTERTRAVELS #CONTEST for a chance to win one of 2 red nylon Fatboy beds! Radisson RED's pet-friendly policy

I know that feeling well, and I LOVE Radisson RED’s pet policy. Not only that, they’re having a contest right now and all it takes is posting a dog travel photo on Instagram, using the hashtags #BAXTERTRAVELS and #CONTEST. I took a look at some of the submissions here and I was in awe of the cuteness and splendor. This contest will run from February 10th to February 24th, so enter while you can! You can win one of two red, nylon Fatboy dog beds! Who doesn’t need a good dog bed?

Enter the Radisson RED #BAXTERTRAVELS #CONTEST for a chance to win one of 2 red nylon Fatboy beds! Radisson RED's pet-friendly policy

Here are five awesome tips for traveling to hotels with pets:

Enter the Radisson RED #BAXTERTRAVELS #CONTEST for a chance to win one of 2 red nylon Fatboy beds! Radisson RED's pet-friendly policy

1 – Preemptive research is key. That’s why I research hotel pet policies, and look into parks, hikes, and other dog-friendly activities near the hotel. Talk to the staff and get a better feel of just how welcome they make dogs feel.

2 – Go for a long walk once you reach your destination. A well-exercised dog is a happier dog, and it gives the dog (and you) the chance to get a real feel for the hotel and/or town, city, state, etc.

3 – Enter the hotel room first, and have your dog do a sit stay. Don’t give your dog control of the new situation. Unpack a bit, go to the bathroom, look around, and leave your scent in the room. When you are ready, have your dog settle in.

4 – Explore! Be extra vigilant with what’s around, especially concerning items your dog could ingest. While your home is probably dog-proof for your particular dog(s), it may not be that way in even the most pet-friendly of places!

5 – Choose the right room, and make a comfortable space for your dog. Generally, I request a room on the ground floor – in terms of carrying extra luggage for my dog, and avoiding stairs. It’s also convenient to take the dog out. In addition, Elevators can cause stress. Request a room with a fridge, especially if you use fresh food for your dog. Consider crating your dog for when you leave her behind in the room. Dogs generally feel comfortable and LESS stressed in their crates. If you don’t normally use one, maybe do some practice runs before your stay!

Read more about Radisson RED’s pet policy, and enter the contest HERE.

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  1. The idea of traveling (and staying at hotels) with our very boisterous Murphy is kind of daunting. But I love the crate idea and its not one I had thought of. He loves his crate and I bet if we were to take him on a road trip and take the crate with us, it would be a lot easier. He is a big boy though so his crate takes up a lot of room. But that is definitely food for thought!

  2. Never actually thought to travel with Elsa honestly and my in-laws usually watch her when we go away. She loves going there and they love having her. So, I always felt blessed for that much. But definitely is interesting what you shared here nonetheless and will have to keep in mind if we ever do decide to take her with us on one of adventures in the future. Thanks 🙂

    1. Yes, my in-laws watch Athena a lot. There are some adventures that she’s so much fun to have with. Like moose! Although she didn’t have a big reaction to seeing them outside the car like the rest of us did!

  3. This is awesome. I’ve never stayed at a Radisson Hotel, but now that you’ve told me about their pet policy, I’m more intrigued and wanting to stay there. Now I won’t feel guilty about leaving Bentley or Ella or both.

  4. We just have cats but my husband would love a dog. My daughter wants one too. Maybe one day. Maybe. I did have to travel with the two cats and it had its moments.

  5. The hotel Sam and I got married at allowed for dogs, I think they even had pet-sitting! I imagine it much be so much fun to travel with your dog. I’m not sure our cat would be such a fan 😉

  6. That is so helpful that they allow people to stay with their pets! I can imagine that finding pet care is not the easiest of things!

    1. We have it good at home because my mother-in-law can watch Athena, and we have many eager cat-sitters (methinks they just like our Han Solo decorated home) but the advantage of taking the dog with us is so awesome. I just won’t ever take her on plane! That spooks me. She’s not small enough to be under our seat.

  7. I’m a hotel girl, so I’m all in for traveling and staying at hotels. It’s such an adventure, and I love an adventure. I’ve never stayed at a Radisson; I’ll have to cross that off my list soon. I hope to get a dog soon; I need that unconditional doggy love.

  8. i think Eddie will be traveling with us this summer quite a bit, and so thanks for the tips and letting us know about Raddison’s RED policy! We are still working on the whole sit/stay thing with Eddie. He’s a work in progress 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness Stormy was gorgeous! And well behaved, my guy couldn’t be that close to the street without my husband or I holding his leash. He thinks he’s a husky, but you and I both know he is not. He is always picking fights with bigger dogs… Napoleon.
    As you know, we had that big move across country, which meant hotel stays and very long car rides, thankfully we were able to find a happy groove with him. He was actually pretty good the whole time. 🙂

    1. She was, wasn’t she? She passed away when Scarlet was a baby so no one remembers her. We keep a framed photo of her in our kitchen, though.
      Stormy had a nice trip with us. The getting out and stretching was so awesome, that I loved having a dog as an excuse because I need to do that too!

  10. Oh, your wonderful story about traveling with Stormy brings back great memories for me! I had a German Shepherd, Yorick (from Hamlet), that I took everywhere! He loved to ride in the car with his head out the window, that is, except when we drove by the Gary, Indiana steel mills. The dog had better sense than to breath that swill.

    1. Yorick!! I got the reference instantly!
      I have to say – I drove through Gary just once in my life on the trip mentioned above. I kept singing, “Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana” from The Music Man before we got there.
      You know what happened, right? Probably not but I’ll tell you. I fell asleep just before town (city?) limits so I can’t ever say I’ve SEEN Gary, Indiana. (nor did I smell it)

  11. I don’t have any pets, but I still think it’s great that Raddison is pet friendly. I’m sure it’s hard always leaving your pets at home when traveling.

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