Are We For Real?

I know, I know. I don’t like cats and we just got two kittens. What gives, right?

What gives, indeed. I don’t know why I don’t like them, but I have a few theories. I watched “Alf” as a kid. Enough said, right? It can end there, but no. I had friends who had about 17 cats and their houses smelled like cat piss. My mom boarded her horse at a farm overrun by cats and kittens and an apparent allergy to the words “neuter” and/or “spay” and I remember being very disgusted. At my high school, the older kids dissected… well, I can’t go into it. It involved me needing to leave the classroom.

I can still feel the scratch marks from my old foster kitten, Bella.

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You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all the bad, when I know in my heart that there is a lot of good.

There’s a new Bella in town, and there are a lot of Bellas in my life. Let’s start at the very beginning.

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It all started when Scarlet got obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. She decided she wanted a cat just like the cat, Dinah, from the Disney version of the movie. I can’t even tell you how many times she said she wanted a kitten, but it probably got lost in the folds of her wanting a puppy, a bunny, an ice palace, and a baby sister. (sorry about the sister, Scarlet). Over time, her dreams grew and she started wishing on candles and stars for a black and white kitten named Dinah. Recently she decided she was going to leave a note in our fairy garden for the magical fairies she sees who live there at night. (fireflies) Imagination overload? Whatever. I love it. She wrote a note, with a little help from us. I went over the checklist in my head for why I don’t want a cat. (money, they smell weird, their pee smells horrible, I heard they throw up a lot, hairballs, lack of personality, long claws, not even that cute after the kitten stage, smell really weird, act really weird, hide under beds, and torment people and dogs)

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Obviously you know from my Magic Mailman story, that this is our version of making our kids’ childhoods magical, because we believe these ideas grow organically from her, and every now and then we get the occasion.. no.. privilege to make dreams come alive. It was my grandmother’s death. That was honestly it. Suddenly life felt even shorter to me, after watching someone stay alive for 100+ years. I couldn’t say no anymore, not that I ever said no. It’s all on the fairies, you see. So she wrote that note to the fairies. I made the final decision – that part was on me. We would get her a black and white kitten, we would.

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Cassidy did a little research and went to an adoption fair last weekend. He had looked online and found a tiny black and white kitten, then named Lilly. She looked like she could be our “Dinah.” So off he went. Guess what? Lilly/Dinah had a cuddly sister – Brie/Bella. I honestly had no idea what he’d do – take both, take just Lilly, or come up empty-handed. My heart was pounding and I felt nauseous all that morning. I wanted him to come back empty-handed, but I also would have been totally disappointed if he had. Does that make any sense at all? I wanted the magic of it all, but I didn’t want the litterbox or other horrors.

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Cassidy called me on his way home. He had gotten both. Yikes! I raced to keep Athena out of the way and to keep Scarlet distracted with snacks and TV. LOUD TV. All so that Cassidy could come home, pull up near the garden, and put a cat crate with two kittens in our fairy garden. Yes. And people who know and love Cassidy will say that idea is very him, but that one was actually my call. Put them in the fairy garden! Why not? Doesn’t Dinah look thrilled to be in a cat carrier in a random garden?

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Cassidy came in through the front door, as if it was nothing. He suggested we go out and pick strawberries from our garden and that’s what we did. It wasn’t long before she discovered the giant cat carrier next to the fairy garden!

There was a lot of exclaiming of, “Is that.. a kitten? It looks like Dinah! There are two! The fairies brought me two kittens!”

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I love that in the middle of the excitement, she took a bite of the strawberry she had picked and had been holding. Priorities.

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She was adamant about naming the gray one “Bella.” Bella was my paternal grandmother’s name and is also Scarlet’s middle name. I love it, but I already had an evil foster kitten by that name! I wasn’t sure about it, but it wasn’t really up to me.

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Athena & Des are mostly fine with them. Des wants to hold them the way Scarlet does and it doesn’t quite work out for him. We had them stay in just one room for a few days to get them acquainted with us. (hence the terribly lit photos below) They made their way upstairs eventually. They’re adorable. I’m still not positive about them, but I am positive about Scarlet’s happiness.

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Did I mention that they go to bed with Scarlet? They don’t always stay there all night but sometimes they do.

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Can you find both cats in the next three photos?

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Ultimately, we always wanted to get puppies and kittens at the same time, so that they could grow up together and with the kids and maybe teach them a thing or two. People have asked me what we’ll do next for our kids and how we can possibly top 2014 – which is only half over and has included a Disney World vacation, a puppy and two kittens. Crazy, right? The great thing about dreams is that they don’t die – they multiply. I’m 33 and I sometimes get the chance to fulfill one of my dreams, or have one fulfilled for me, and then I make more, or I dream about extending and expanding on the ones I have. The greatest thing about toddlers and preschoolers, and older kids too, is that they’ll just build more dreams – and some of them? We can fulfill.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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  1. I love cats. I adore kittens. I had them before the kids, and unfortunately, had to rehome the two who’d been with me for years, after my first was born (and last year we found out that he’s allergic to cats, ARGH).

    I also love that you and Cassidy are creating magic for the littles, because lord knows, they stop believing when they’re older.

    And I love, love, love that they sleep with Scarlet.

    1. My dad was allergic to cats when we were growing up so we couldn’t have one. HOWEVER, he also said he was allergic to dogs and has since said it was an excuse and not true. So we did get a childhood dog. And she was absolutely magical.
      They go in and out of Scarlet’s bed each night. Sometimes we put them there when she goes to bed, but often they’ll go there on their own.

  2. I truly can’t wait to see what you have next up your sleeve and how you will top this, but seriously Scarlet’s reaction was the best and reminded me of my girls’ reaction to getting Elsa here. Absolutely loved seeing all of it and made me smile so much tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I think she was more surprised than Athena! Although to her credit, she hadn’t been begging for a puppy. That was really more of something for Cassidy and me.
      I can’t imagine what we’ll do next, honestly.

  3. Oh my goodness! I loved this story – and the 1st quote you pulled for the click to tweet plug in! I can’t wait to move to wordpress and install that goodie! But – be honest, are they hard to litter train? Mine wants a kitten too…such a hard decision.

    I loved loved LOVED your photos….I could stare at your blog for hours. Art.

    1. I can’t believe I hadn’t installed “Click to tweet” yet! I thought it was too high-tech for me, but it’s not at all.
      These kittens were already litter trained when they arrived, and they’re young. They haven’t had even one accident. I think it’s in their nature to do it, to be honest!

      And thank you for that best compliment ever!

  4. I’m more of a dog person, but I grew up with cats. And I always loved them. Then we went a while without cats, and now as you know, we have 4. And I love them. Your kitties look very sweet and I love that they sleep with Scarlet! She must be over the moon about that. It was meant to be!

    1. They are very sweet so far. I love how little they are! They weigh three pounds each! Athena is 25 pounds and the vet called her small!

  5. I’m not a cat person, but that’s mostly due to allergies… and I wasn’t a dog person either until I found out that there are actually hypoallergenic dogs and then we got one. It’s been a year of having him in the family and now I actually want him to sleep in my bed with me ๐Ÿ™‚ – my husband is still resisting, though…
    I love that you add the magic – there is not enough magic in our lives!!!

    1. Well your dog is awfully cute! The age-old cat vs. dog argument often comes to a grinding halt when you say the words, “guide dogs.” Or, “police dogs.” And yet, cats seem to lower blood pressure in their owners as much as dogs!
      I wonder if it’s the cuteness of the kittens! That helps.

  6. I think you are going to enjoy your new family members.They really look very sweet together and they seem to be making her so very happy! Building more dreams, I like that thought. P.S. Now that I am an adult I see how overrated Alf was…..

    1. haha! I haven’t seen Alf in years. I bet it’s.. weird. At best.
      They are very sweet and they have a very funny power hour at 10:00pm in which they zoom around the house.

    1. I’m so glad! I was hoping someone here would finally be a cat person. So many people say they aren’t. However, cats are taking over the internet!

  7. I’m not a cat person either (I think that I’m scared of their nails and getting clawed?) but these two kitties are adorable. I love that they sleep with Scarlet and it’s the sweetest thing seeing her expression when cuddling and playing with the cats. I love that you and Cassidy create such a magical world for your kids. Love.

    1. I think kittens are like fairy tale animals. They’re totally magical and tiny and light-footed and adorable.
      It’s the cats that I’m not looking forward to. Why do they have to grow up??

  8. I wasn’t a cat person, I am actually more of a dog person; mainly because I had a baby chick as a pet one summer eons ago and my best friend’s cat ate it! The trauma and breaking off all communication with said best friend. Then later on kittens kinda grew on me and I adore that stage. As you know Frank brought home a kitten the other day and Lesley is absolutely in love with it! We named it Trouble and for right now, she gets to stay – as long as my mother doesn’t catch her messing with her leather couches or her bird! Oh, and Trouble is also black and white!

    1. I’m so glad Trouble gets to stay! That sounds funny to say.
      And I’m sorry about your baby chick and lost friendship. See? Cats can’t always be trusted! Same with dogs too.

      1. Oh, we made up the next summer – it’s funny: with that friend we had a funny friendship. For years, we’d fight at the end of every summer, only to make up at the beginning of next. Then we stopped the fighting and actually started writing letters to each others during the winter and we were best friends until life led us in different directions.

  9. I had to stop by and comment, it’s too early in the morning not to (5:56am atm). I am not much on dogs; never really have been. My father on the other hand loves them to pieces. My sisters love dogs like no tomorrow. My mother and I share this feeling, but for cats. As a child we always had pets. Sometimes it was just a few American Curbstone Setters, others it was a Flea Ridden Rat. There were even times where we had both at the same time, which was really fun.

    Kittens are cute, cuddly, and obnoxious. Cats are solitary but affectionate. Dogs just lay around and drool a lot. But what I wouldn’t give to be in Scarlet’s place though; to hear that beautiful rumbling purr all night long would be a dream come true. Who knows, maybe the wife will find me sneaking off in the middle of the night to go to bed with Trouble….

    1. To bed with Trouble! Doesn’t that sound funny?
      Sometimes I do steal these two cuties off of her bed and nuzzle with them. Ultimately I don’t sleep with them because the puppy sleeps with us! (she doesn’t drool at all – honest!)
      I love that you and Ana both chimed in!

  10. I am not a cat person but I am a person who believes in magic, fairy gardens and saying yes. Scarlet is definitely a cat person and her happiness shines thru in these beautiful photos.

    1. I agree with everything you’ve said. Thank you.
      I love the happy photos! The photos themselves suck to me in my over-critical way. However, low light is no match for happy beauty.

  11. Okay, those pics are the cutest! Especially of them all cuddled up with Scarlet! A little girl’s dream! I also loathe cats, even though I’m more of a cat person than a dog person…dogs and their stanky breath and constant up in your face stuff annoy me…but cats and their asshole-ish tendencies drive me crazy too. But…they’re cute! And other people I live with love them. That’s why I keep ending up with them too!

    1. haha! You crack me up. I think you’d like my dog. My dad was over this weekend and he said, “Well. She’s really a lovely thing, isn’t she? She’s a lady.” She is! She doesn’t smell or drool and her breath is good except that once she stole the cat food and it smelled like that. Yuck.
      They all have their pros and cons, I guess.
      You need an animal that protects against scorpions and looks good while doing it!

  12. You know what? You are absolutely right! Life is too short. Why am I waiting to get a dog until the boys are some “magic” age? I REALLY want a dog. One to run with, one for the boys to play with and one to be a member of our family. Thank you so much for writing this! Thank goodness no one wants a cat here because…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. hah… yeah. You’re lucky about the cat thing. Ick.
      Athena is a lovely lady. I hope you’ll meet her this summer. Maybe I’ll bring her to Coventry – it’s so dog friendly there. She is a true companion. She smells good, behaves fairly well – considering she’s only still seven-months-old and she sleeps on our bed! I love that.
      Once she threw up on our bed, though. True bad story.

  13. I love how you guys are so magical and creative and how you don’t let the little things hold you back from doing big things. We have an old cat and we want a dog but not sure they will get along. When the kids came around the cat nearly had a psychotic break.

    1. Oh no about the cat! I guess that’s why we got them last, and young. So they knew their place and all! Which is apparently under the couch and under the crib.

  14. I believe in yeses. As many yeses as you can give. There are so many no’s in life. Kids need their parents to shine a light on the path of yes.

    And I love the magic of leaving them in the fairy garden. That was so perfect. And the happiness on Scarlet’s face is so clear. I’m so very happy for her.

    Plus, I can’t get enough of the real kittens mixed in with stuffed animals pictures. They are pretty much the cutest thing ever, and I want you to flood all my timelines with them all day long. And I’m not even a cat person. Maybe Scarlet is converting us all.

    1. I hope she converts me, because they sure aren’t doing it on their own! They just sleep and hide and meow! At least the dog is snuggly and playful. They seem to have one hour windows a day in which they are.
      I believe in yeses, though. Very much.

  15. Oh Tamara there is so much going on her for me. Firstly I had totally forgotten about Alf, secondly you are such an amazing Mumma, you don’t like cats and tow for your children, as you know I am still holding out on the dog, I love your new Tweet this button and finally I love and adore your photos.
    I too can’t wait to see what is next.

    1. Alf ate cats, right? Or hated them. Or maybe they ate him. That would not surprise me.
      Thank you so much. I really, really don’t like cats but she is so happy.
      I hope your family gets their dog!

  16. I’m very much not a cat person. Very. Much.

    But then, anyone who knew me eight years ago? Would swear up on their very life that I am no dog person. I would never allow for a dog to live in my house, and ewww… dogs.

    Then one day I got a dog. There are days when I liked that little dog more than my kids. Don’t judge, high school and college years can be rough on a mother. Then, two years ago on July 2nd, I got another dog.It took longer for me to fall in love with dog #2, maybe because dog #1 is such a perfect person. He’s laid back, he crazy loves EVERYONE, he’s never ruined anything, chewed things he wasn’t supposed to, etc. And considerate? If you have food and you let him smell it, he will always stay a certain distance, even if he wants it so bad he can’t stand it. He’s such a respectful guy. The little girl? She’d probably steal the food out of your mouth if you didn’t chew with it closed. She’s a clever opportunist, that one. She’s great in some crazy ways, and as sweet as can be with everyone. But she can be the annoying little sister he apparently never wanted at times.

    All this to say – maybe your cats will be the amazing lovely sweet one-in-a-gazillion cats? If they have a chance anywhere, I am convinced it is with your family.

    p.s. please adopt me.

    1. Consider yourself adopted!
      Two years ago on July 2nd, really? I love your dates and your connection to my family. That’s a day for us. Not necessarily a good one, but sometimes the reflections and love are good.
      I’ve always loved dogs but even Athena took some getting used to – and she’s fantastic. She isn’t as considerate as your #1 but she’s close to it for a puppy.

        1. It’s just a significant date and I always felt like you were close to this family! Cassidy and I met on July 1st, but it was 10:00pm at night so the first kiss was most definitely July 2nd.

  17. Can you ask Scarlet to ask the fairies to send me the winning Powerball numbers? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Those kittens are ADORABLE! Congratulations on your 2 new additions…after 2.5 years of begging, we are finally considering getting our children a kitten, so I definitely understand!-Ashley

    1. I know! These fairies are so generous. Should I write a letter to see if they’ll send me a new camera lens? Yes, yes I should.
      Let me know how it goes if you take the plunge and get a kitten!

  18. Wow! You guys make me want to create more magacial moments for my kids. My son was looking and the pictures of Scarlet’s bed and he said, “Wow, that’s a lot of toys”. Then he squelled when he saw her pony. He also has a love of My Little Pony. We all even have Pony names, mine is Minty.

  19. That’s what being a parent is all about, creating magical moments for your kids. I’m a cat person but can only handle one at a time. They are so self sufficient and basically take care of themselves. I know Scarlet must have been in heaven once she got those kittens and you can best believe that they’ll be sleeping with her forever. Where is Des in all this. I’ve been missing him. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Aw! I’ll have more Des for you on Wednesday. I promise. He’s ready.
      Scarlet is in total heaven and I swear it’s the only thing not making me regret it all.

  20. I am NOT a cat person, something about them I’ve never trusted (the only pet to sit on baby’s face while they’re sleeping o_0) and their personalities suck lol but I adore dogs. Chunks has been asking for a dog for quite some time and I think there is nothing more magical about childhood than a pet.

    1. I totally don’t trust them and they can get into baby cribs, and my dog definitely can’t.
      It’s so funny. One of ours seems very friendly, though. I can’t wait to see what develops.

  21. You are the best parents! The look on her face! And the kittens are so adorable! I grew up with lots and lots of cats and have always loved them (the smell and the poo not so much LOL). That’s like Christmas in the middle of the year!

    1. Yes! It was what they call Half-Mas these days in our crazy, Christmas-obsessed world.
      I’ve never had a lot of cats before! I think two is our limit. So far it hasn’t been so bad!

  22. I love the way you wrote this. Full of magic and dreams fulfilled. I’m not a pet person. Even though we have 3 adorable dogs and 1 cat here, I’m still not into them. Memories of 5 cats sleeping all over me when I woke up one day at my classmate’s house are now so clear to me! Haha. I was so scared. The cats were white and clean but all 5 of them?! I couldn’t handle it! Nevertheless, I can see so much happiness in Scarlet. So cool of you to make this happen even when you’re not into it the first time.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Five cats! That’s so frightening!
      I had a friend who had.. at least 20. And they peed everywhere. I wonder why? Now I’m learning that there probably should have been 20 litter boxes because we need 2-3 with just two little kittens.
      And five white cats?! What a picture. I wanted a white one but Scarlet’s vote won out.

  23. I love how you say “dreams multiply”. I want so much for my son but often get overwhelmed by the magnitude of my dreams for him and what it would take to accomplish them. Then nothing gets done! Taking it one step at a time. I think I’ll see more results that way.

    1. Yes, one step at a time sounds like a good plan! I don’t even know what we will do next. I guess we will all dream up more together.

    1. I agree! We have a vet that we know well from our husky. Well I ran into her when I was carrying the kittens out from their checkup. The vet had told everyone the fairy garden story so no one blew my cover with Scarlet, who was with me at the appointment. Well our friend said, “That sounds just like something Cassidy would do!” And I laughed and agreed, but failed to tell her it was my idea!

  24. Love this, love everything about it. I love how you got not one, but two kittens because your daughter wants one so much. I love that you consciously look for the moments to make her dreams come true. I love that you fully embrace and encourage her belief in magic. And putting them in the fairy garden, and then luring her out there with strawberries was just perfect.

    I am a cat person. Always have been. I lost both of my cats last spring, after 14 years. Not all cats are the way you remember them. Mine were very friendly, had tons of personality and loved me very much. Not standoffish, aggressive or mean at all. There is something very comforting in having a cat curled up on your lap, or next to you on the pillow, purring away. I am sure that Scarlet already feels that.

    As for the smell of pee, it’s all about scooping the litter every day, twice even. One of the rules for litter boxes is
    # of litter boxes = # of cats + 1. Most people don’t do that though.

    Good luck with the kitties. Clearly Scarlet already loves them. Hopefully you will grow to love them too.

    1. I’m so sorry about your cats! I have met some very friendly cats in my life so here’s hoping one or both of ours will be friendly. So far it’s good but they’re so young.
      I had heard about the litter boxes! We only have one so we need at least two or three. I’ll get more tomorrow.

  25. Pets were not a part of my childhood. Through the years, though, I’ve witnessed so many friends and their children’s relationships with animals and it truly is so adorable and endearing to watch. They share a special bond and I see that in Scarlet, especially when her eyes light up staring into the kitten’s eyes.

    1. I didn’t get my first pet until I was nine but it was memorable and definitely a surprise story like this! I will never forget that and I hope she doesn’t either.
      And her eyes really do light up at them.

  26. Sometimes to get to the magic you have to sift through a dirty litter box along the way! Haha. Scarlet’s joy is contagious, and I really want to cuddle both of those kittens. I’m sure the name Bella will be redeemed for you in no time!

    1. I think there should be a “click to tweet’ for your comment too! It’s wonderful.
      I wish you could cuddle them. I wish I had kittens on my lap at BlogU.

  27. they are so adorable!! How can you not get excited about puppies and kittens…. and fairy magic?
    I love any kind of animal… I’d seriously have a zoo if I could. But hubby, not so much. I’m the one that grew up on the farm with chores of milking and egg gathering (and sh*t shoveling), but also laying down on the back of my horse in the middle of a field of daisies and watching the clouds roll by. I wish I could give that same storybook to my children. Our youngest is animal CRAZY. Like Cray Cray to the degree of injury. Once she’s a bit older, I’d love to see at least one pet come into our house.

    1. Oh wow, not even one pet?! We were like that for a long time, actually.
      I used to do some sh*t shoveling with the horses but I can say I’ve never milked an animal or gathered eggs! In due time. We moved into a house with a pretty decent chicken coop.

  28. I read this post while hanging out with Eve and our cat, Leo, who is seriously just chilling on Eve’s bedroom floor. He’s like a little dog, which I guess can be unusual, but it’s possible! I loved reading more about the cats and that they hang out in Scarlet’s bed overnight. They are unbelievably adorable!

    1. That’s so awesome! I’ve honestly met some great cats in my life. I guess I just want to know if ours will be great, or not. So far I like them ok. They’re awfully cute and I love that they sleep with Scarlet!
      The dog sleeps with us.

  29. I love this post. Adrian is driving me crazy for a cat but I feel the same way you described at the beginning of the post. After reading this post though, I want one for him. I want to make his wishes come true just like you did for Scarlet. BTW….the cats are so adorable!!

    1. Wow, if this inspires just one person to get a cat.. well.. you’ll either love me or be mad at me! Depending. It’s sweet when kids want cats. I always thought every kid wanted a dog because I did!

  30. I love the fairy garden and the surprises that have come from it!!! I think I need a fairy garden in my backyard!!!
    I wanted a little black kitten the first year Chris and I got married – I talked about my would be kitten all the time – then a couple years later we had Jordan and I gave up on the kitten. Maybe now?!

  31. I LOVE this! You are seriously so sweet. I have my cat “Fiona” who has been with us for 11 years. She is the one who really rules the house. She really only likes me and just puts up with the rest of the “human people”. Animals are so fun….and here is a news flash. When I was younger I had a kitten. My allergies became INSANE and when my mom took me to the doctor he said I was allergic to cats. When my mom suggested they remove the cat, the doctor said that we should KEEP it and that over time I would be able to handle it better. It’s what we did, and I would have been broken hearted if I would have lost my cat Charlie. He was awesome and the best cat ever. Needless to say, I still have allergies, but I am honestly allergic to everything and I would never give up my cat. Besides, my lab Ranger sheds WAY more than she does!

    1. Aw, Fiona is such a pretty name! I wanted it for a daughter but Fiona Bowman didn’t have a nice flow.
      So surprising and awesome about the allergies! I never heard that but it does make sense.

  32. I’m glad you admitted that you don’t like cats, because I hate them and I am actually quite allergic to them as well. That being said, they are adorable. Scarlet is adorable wight them and the story IS magical!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I totally don’t like them, even now! It’s only been a week. And they’re so cute at this stage. That will only get worse! Oh well. Scarlet is happy.

  33. I grew up with a cat, so I am a crazy cat lady. I think it is wonderful that, even though you are not fond of cats, you still wanted to make your daughter’s kitty dream come true ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Such a cute idea to have the kittens come from the fairies! If you had never had cats before, I would say maybe you’ll end up liking them, but at least you know what you’re getting yourself into. But if you start adding birds, guinea pigs and rabbits, then it might be time to wonder. Definitely enjoy the kittens/puppy. They’re a lot of work but so much fun!

    1. haha! Only dogs and cats here. I don’t even want fish. That seems stressful to me. Birds? Never. Reptiles. Never. I can see chickens because we have a coop but they wouldn’t be in the house. Even bunnies, but only outside.

  35. 1. Cybill was my cat in high school, and she was the coolest cat by far. You know how geese are cute as goslings, but then they just look goofy and awkward after they pass through infancy? That’s cats. For the rest of their lives. Cybill was a classy lady, though. She bucked the system.

    2. Keywords for 2015 on Tamara Camera blog: Parachute, flame throwers, Mt. Everest, archery in kindergarten, seance, run with the bulls.

    3. The fairies in my garden don’t read english. I even use block letters, but I get nothing. CHEESEBURGER. NEW ROCKIES JERSEY. INGRID MICHAELSON IN GLASSES. RUM AND COKE. I’m 0-for-4.

    1. Confession: I think Grumpy Cat is cool. I also think it’s cool that people are making tons of money off of their cat’s smushy face. And I heard she’s actually nice in real life!
      Now that’s a class act.
      The fairies.. they need incentives. You know I wear glasses like once a year. I have some cool Tina Fey frames and I put them on at BlogU and no one noticed. No one’s wishing for that in their fairy gardens, I guess.

  36. I love how you are making magic happen for your kids. No cats for us even if we wanted them; we love my allergic brother-in-law too much!

    1. Athena is fine with them! Maybe a bit jealous and sometimes she thinks it’s her duty to lick them and they don’t think so as much.
      Mostly they all ignore each other.

  37. You have so many good reasons not to get a cat, let alone two! LOL I was cracking up (and agreeing shh) going over those and the sorry about the little sister thing..haha But way to fulfill your daughters Dinah dreams! I will admit, I love little kittens. It’s cats I don’t like…but I am always a big supporter of making your kids happy and letting them decide what they love and uhm sacrificing. A lot of sacrificing! PS. LOVE that you get shelter animals!

    1. Me too! I love kittens! How adorable are they? They remind me of nursery rhymes. Cats are just not that cute to me.
      However, it’s all about the kids, right? And yes to shelter animals! (and fairies who bring kittens but the fairies got them from a shelter, obvs)

  38. Aww, Scarlet is too precious with the kitties! I do not like cats at all, but I love dogs. I used to housesit for a family that had cats when I was younger, and had my arm clawed up pretty bad one time. I didn’t fancy cats much before that happened, but after that happened I really didn’t like them. I also don’t fancy scooping poop from the litter box. I don’t do well with bodily fluids, go right, since I have a child, lol! I will say that your cats are very pretty and I’m sure they are as sweet to you all as you are to them! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Same here! I babysit for cat families. I can still remember that horrible feeling of being scratched. It would hurt for days!
      They’re very pretty and sweet.. so far!

  39. Jeffrey has never once had a furball. Ever! And let me tell you the cat cleans himself constantly.

    A strawberry, of course. I love this story. You will grow to love the kittens. I’m sure. They are both so adorable!

    1. Jeffrey is special. I have always been able to tell! In all honesty, my dog has been pretty gross this week and not the kittens.
      I do love them, honestly. I’m just not yet sure it’s a good idea. I’m just glad I love them! I thought it would take longer.

  40. I have such a big smile on my face right now! I’d like to come in my next life as one of your children, please! We have a cat and a dog and they do smell weird and they do throw up a lot (the cat decidedly more than the dog, it is true) but we love them and they have made the girl’s lives bigger. And just to make you feel better, after our first dog died a few years ago, Caroline asked me that day if she could get her ears pierced which I wasn’t planning on allowing for years and years. I said yes. Grief leads to some weird, but ultimately good, decisions!

    1. Oh I can totally understand about the earrings!
      Actually the dog is the only one to have thrown up in the last ten days, and not the kittens. Bonus points to them!

  41. I really hate cats. I’ve hated them ever since my best friend’s cat slept on my back and gave me ringworm. That being said, I love what you did for Scarlet. I love that she feels like the fairies brought her those kittens. That’s just so special, and she’ll remember it forever.

    1. Ew! That is so horrible. I don’t even know what ringworm is. Sigh. I always think of dogs as man’s best friend but I have to wonder if cats are meant to be companions? Or more like.. wild stalkers? I guess both.

    1. Oh no worries ever about being late! Summer has been making me late, but I do hope my site wasn’t being a jerk yesterday.
      They do have adorable faces! Although I am such a non-cat person that when we were looking for Bella yesterday, I found her and said, “Oh! There she is! I see her judgmental little face!”
      In reality, she was just snoozing and probably had a sleepy face.

    1. Oh I’m so glad! I don’t know if I’ll ever be a cat person. Maybe. If not, I’ll definitely be a “my own cats” person.

  42. I’m impressed…with two dogs now…they annoy me so much with having two kids so I admire you! I grew up with cats and my husband and I had one we loved name Freckles but she sadly disappeared one day!

  43. 2 cats and a dog!!!! WTF! Ah ha ah! I remember when my parents got a cat for my grandparents – it stayed at our house for 2 days, and when we took it out of the cage – my two dogs went buck wild and the cat FLEW under the oven and we had to turn the oven ON to get it out of there, LMFAO! And finally my parents put the cat in my room, except I am allergic! THANKS DAD – dogs and cats do not really get ALONG!!!!!

    1. Don’t you see those memes everywhere of the cats and dogs who are best friends?
      Yeah, it’s not like that here but it is harmonious. One of the cats doesn’t care about anything. The other yells at the dog and swats at her nose, but luckily, no hissing, scratching or biting. Yet.

    1. Oh I’m so glad I could inspire someone to want one! People seem to love them but they always fell flat to me. These two cuties are fun, though.

  44. Oh I LOVE kittens, but even more than that, I love this story! What a sweet thing to do. I think pets are great for families and they are adorable. That photo of them will all the stuffed pets is hilarious, seriously, just looking at it makes me smile. Congrats to you Tamara!

    1. I love that they go in her bed on their own. I’ll be looking for them and they’re all snuggled somewhere on her bed. We’ll look out over 100 stuffed animals, and two will start moving!

  45. They are still adorable each time I see them. I am a cat lover, so I can handle them. lol

    1. Oh good. It seems like less cat lovers here and more people who don’t like them!
      They are still so cute. I know they’ll grow but I’m enjoying this.

  46. Cats are beautiful but alas, I am allergic. The advanced biology class at my high school dissected them too! How disgusting, right? As soon as we started dissecting starfish in freshman biology, I knew the medical field was out, I was WAY too squeamish around all that stuff. I’ve told my husband no new pets until we don’t have any kids in diapers anymore.

    1. It’s so disgusting! I had trouble dissecting frogs although there were aspects about it I found to be really cool.
      I think your diapers rule is better than mine. At this point, the kittens and puppies are potty-trained. The two-year-old is now.

  47. The second kitten I had was even smaller than this! I think we got him before he was supposed to go away from his mother. ๐Ÿ™ I love how you all get Scarlet such wonderful things. Sometimes small things seem to light up her world and other times it’s things like this. I think I might have thought the way you did with your grandma passing and all, too.

    1. I wanted really tiny ones personally – six to eight weeks, but I think you’re right. Sometimes they’re too young. These girls were ten weeks when we adopted them which already seems so big! They lost that little baby kitty alien look!

  48. personally I can’t wait to see whats next either!! I watched a lot of ALF then one episode scared the bejeezus out of me and I never ever watched it again. The same thing happened with that show Dinosaurs (knockamama??) scared out of my mind. Hmm. But I digress. Somehow you make this kitty thing seem so appealing even to a non animal girl like myself! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. You know who I keep thinking about? Joi. She is not an animal person and you know she’d be shaking her head at the puppy and kittens.
      I miss her!
      Dinosaurs! It was, “Not the mama!” The baby only wanted the mama to hold him.

  49. I love the names! Big fan of the name Athena too! They are too cute! I am so glad Cassidy brought both back to your wonderful home! I tried out your new tweet icon! Very cool!

  50. I was wondering when we’d hear the story of the kitties! I love the name Dinah, and that it came from Alice in Wonderland. Scarlet is so lucky to have such magic-making parents! The way you had her meet the kittens was awesome.
    I’ve been jonesin’ for a dog lately, but it is so hard to find apartments that allow them- and we’re looking right now. Hoping it happens!

    1. I have so many stories to tell and I fear I’m going out of order! I have the preschool graduation/Des’ birthday to post about. And Scarlet’s big crazy birthday party! Those will be next week.
      Hoping for a good home and a good dog for you two!

  51. I am just in SHEER HEAVEN looking at these images and reading about your latest loves!!! This brings me just so much joy to see your additions to the treasures of Athena and of course the humans! I loved that Des (on fb perhaps or another post? The way that Des carries the kitty and kitty doesn’t mind!) and Scarlett are both completely attached and enthralled with the kitties… and best part ever? The kitties are completely attached and enthralled right back!

    LOVE that your beautiful family keeps growing… I just feel all the emotion that comes from both the heart break of loss, the heart tug of change, and the heart swell with joy. Full. Filling.

  52. They are absolutely adorably cute, Tamara! But, the epic part of this is the priceless look on Scarlet’s face! Oh the huge, contagious smile children have to share with us all. I loved this ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. I am in NO way a cat person. I think kittens are cute, but then they grow to be CATSโ€ฆ.
    However, I’m a kid person, a person that believes in magic, and sharing that magic with your children. Tamara, this is one of the sweetest stories–EVER!! I love it, you had me all teary, you’re such an AWESOME mama!!!

    1. I’m so with you! Kittens are magical! They look like they belong in a fairy tale!
      I’m so glad you like my story. It’s all about the kids..sometimes.

  54. I’m a cat person, but my husband really wants a dog. I’m holding out til we have a bigger house and a better yard; but I’m pretty sure at some point in my future I will have to fall in love with a dog. You give me hope!

  55. I am a dog person who grew to love cats too. I loved seeing our cat and dog together – they were such good friends. I didn’t love the litter box or the scratching stuff, or the hairballs – but the other stuff was very good.

  56. I like pets…other people’s ๐Ÿ™‚ I am amazed by your storytelling, the ingenuity that is bursting at your house, and as always, your photography that tells a story all by itself. And did I miss something during my few weeks away from Wi-Fi? Do you have a sleeker blog design? And the many comments, girl, I stand amazed.

  57. I am not a cat person.
    I find them gross with all of their hacking and jumping on kitchen counters. My friend has one and there isn’t a food item that doesn’t have a specially inserted fur in it. Fack…
    They also scare me but don’t tell anyone that.
    Perhaps I would have a different opinion if I did have a cat or maybe my son wanted one…but he’s like his momma. Plus our dog would eat it…for real.
    Strawberries are my priority too.
    You’re a good mom Tamara and those little vicious fur leaving hacking poop in the house pets are in a good home.

  58. i always say that i’m not a cat person. (ironic, since i’m a ‘cat.’) yet i love kittens and when i find a cat with personality who’s totally affectionate, i can’t help but fall in love.

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