Are Solar Panels Worth It Now, or Are They Still Too Expensive?

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative energy source, especially in the home where panels can be installed even as a DIY project. However, solar panels have had a fairly bad reputation due to the amount of investment required and the little gains that you could get.

But that was in the past. What about now? Have solar panels improved at all, or is it still something that is way too expensive to be practical? We’ll be discussing these questions and covering a few more points regarding solar panels.

Have solar panels improved at all, or is it still something that is way too expensive to be practical? Are solar panels worth it? Let's see!

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Yes, solar panels are more efficient

If you want to make your house more energy efficient then getting solar panels is a great choice. You generate electricity from the sunlight which can then be used to do everything from powering your lights to acting as a backup generator. There’s really no denying that solar panels are efficient at saving energy and even more so now thanks to advances in solar technology. But with that said, how much energy do you actually save by using solar panels?

The numbers are a little hazy because the conditions to achieve maximum energy efficiency are different for every region. Areas that get plenty of sunlight will ultimately get more energy from their solar panels. In some regions where there’s little sunlight, getting a solar panel will essentially be a waste of money. We also need to consider the weather and if there are clear skies. As such, the amount of savings you can expect to see when installing solar panels is difficult to calculate.

Instead, what we should be thinking about are the other benefits that come with solar panels. For example, the environmental benefits, the ability to store energy and use it during power outages, and also the possibility of becoming less reliant on the main energy grid. If you’re interested in these benefits, then the reduced efficiency is just a small drawback. You should also know that now you can choose whether you want to buy or lease the solar panels.

Solar panels are now a viable DIY option

In the past, solar panels needed to be installed by trained professionals. These days, they can be installed as a DIY solution. You can even get portable solar panels for home so you don’t need to invest a huge amount of money into renovations. While it’s definitely going to save more money if you get full-sized solar panels, being able to try out portable options is a fantastic option for people who are just getting started with solar. For maximum efficiency, you also need to maintain them well by cleaning them periodically. You can hire professionals from MANTA Cleaning Solutions for cleaning your solar panels.

But should you install solar panels by yourself? With enough expertise, it’s completely possible. However, you’ll typically need to purchase the entire panel along with any relevant equipment. This means that you’ll need to invest a considerable amount of money upfront if you want a DIY solution. In comparison, you could save a lot of money by looking at various different solar panel installation services that can help you pay for the panel and equipment in addition to the installation costs.

So while DIY is an option if you’re looking to experiment with solar, you’ll ultimately want to go with a full-sized option at some point in the future.


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