Are Sapphires a Girl’s Best Friend?

*This is a sponsored post from the awesome people at EraGem. All thoughts and quirky opinions are so my own.

Have you checked out the beautiful stones from EraGem? Have you ever considered using sapphire rings as a non-traditional engagement choice? #Weddings #love
Do you ooh and ahh over beautiful stones the way I do?
I’m a jewel girl, through and through. I love jewels, of course. I love jewel tones too – choosing to pretty much ONLY wear bright white or different shades of red and pink, deep purples, emerald greens, and sapphire blues.

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And, I remember when we were shopping for engagement and wedding rings. I wanted something different. As much as I do love diamonds, I’m much more taken in by beautiful stones with eye-catching color. Although my birthstone is ruby, I think blue and blue-green stones are gorgeous. That’s how I discovered EraGem.

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You know I see quite a bit of jewelry as a wedding photographer. Not only do I see the jewelry, it’s my job to photograph it – whether on or off a bride’s finger. EraGem selects all of their pieces for beauty and with customers in mind. I sigh when I see all their pieces! All I can think is that I want to photograph ALL of them, and that I’d have a lot of trouble choosing just one. What I recently learned is that sapphire engagement rings have been used for weddings since the 1880’s! And lately, they’re gaining in popularity. You can see why, right?

engagement rings
Blue sapphire is the traditional birthstone of September (my sister’s birthstone) and it’s durable – making it suitable for wearing every day. EraGem has an extensive selection of blue-green sapphires and they specifically have Montana sapphire rings – set in vintage and modern mountings. If you’re a color-loving bride-to-be, or you’re looking to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, consider one of EraGem’s many colorful sapphire ring options.

However, if your preference leans toward greener hues, a ring studded with moss agate might be a better fit for you. Much like sapphire, moss agate captures the soothing vibe of nature with its green-colored minerals. This semi-precious gemstone has a clear or milky white quartz with dark streaks of filament embedded in it. Looking at it from a distance makes it look like a clump of moss, hence the clever name! Just like its namesake, moss agate is hardwearing and doesn’t easily erode. Isn’t that what we all want from our precious jewelry?

Remember when I mentioned that sapphire has been used in engagement rings since the 19th century? Well, around the same time, moss agate started being used as ornamentation as well a symbol of healing and good luck. Since it dons the color of rich forests and shallow brooks, having moss agate on you feels like carrying a piece of nature. It is believed that this gemstone attracts abundance and helps unleash your inner creativitydefinitely something to be excited about if you’re a Virgo—which makes it a perfect birthstone companion to sapphire. So, if you want majestic-looking jewelry that still feels grounded, a moss agate or blue-green sapphire ring from EraGem will be your new best friend.

What can I say about EraGem? They’ve been selling worldwide since 2006, and EraGem was founded in Seattle, Washington. EraGem sells fine pre-owned jewelry and engagement rings to customers shopping locally in Bellevue, WA, and online. They provide accurate imaging and descriptions, and most importantly, a magnificent selection of rings that can be delivered promptly and securely. EraGem offers free shipping and a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for any reason. Most of their pieces are independently appraised and certified.

All will arrive clean and ready to wear or gift.

Which one is your favorite? I love them all!


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