Angel Number 555: What Does it Mean and Why Does it Matter?

Have you ever thought about the meaning behind numbers? This article is your guide to seeing the angel number 555 everywhere you go!

Have you ever thought about the meaning behind numbers? While many of us simply view numbers as a surface-level thing that is necessary to communicate age and value, numbers have a much deeper meaning beneath the surface.

In fact, there are secrets to not only specific numbers but number sequences too! One of the most significant to take note of is the 555 angel number.

Have you ever gone somewhere and seen the sequence 555 literally everywhere you go? You see it in phone numbers. You see it on addresses. You see it on your invoices or receipts. You see it on the news. You see it on your flight numbers.

It can feel like the number 555 is actually stalking you. And you aren’t too far off from that assumption – except for the fact that it actually has a much more spiritual and far less stalkery meaning.

In fact, if you are seeing angel number 555 in the most random of places, it is a way in which your guardian angels are trying to communicate with you and tell you that change is really on its way.

This type of change is something that you should not be scared of. Change is imminent in life. It often just happens when we least expect it, or when we manifest it via manifestation candles or other metaphysical supplies. But this angel number sequence is able to give us a bit of a preview for what’s to come and what to look out for. When you see this angel number, you will know that a transition phase in your life is coming and – more importantly – greater times lie ahead for you.

So why does the number sequence 555 to represent all this? Where did it even come from? Why does it even matter? We are diving into all your questions so that you have a full grasp on the significance of one of the most important angel number sequences out there and why you should be super excited the next time you start seeing it everywhere.

The Meaning Behind the 5’s

The angel number 555 has a symbolic meaning to it and signifies that a metaphysical change is coming. This is the most basic explanation for this number, but the transitions they are alluding to are much deeper than that.

When you see the three 5’s, you are being asked to be even more aware of your surroundings and actually observe what is happening around you. You should become more conscious of what is happening and try to assess why it is happening.

The true meaning behind the angel number 555 is both a sign, an omen, a message, and even guidance from higher powers above. It holds astrological importance and is a number that has been truly significant to humanity for many years, decades, and even centuries.

When you truly dissect the meaning behind 555, the true significance lies in the depletion of the number 5. Not only is the number repeated multiple times, but you will likely see this number literally everywhere you go. The connection is not made up. It is extremely real and something you should totally pay attention to.

The Psychic Readings

The number 5 in angel form is not just something that is likely showing up in the physical world. It will likely show up in the spiritual world too. In fact, if you have ever gone to a psychic or gotten a tarot reading, the number 5 holds a similar reputation. In fact, if you do a reading and get a 5, it represents a point of change or life turn coming your way.

The angel number does not just represent you individually. It can signify a big change for a larger group, family, or even community. And it is important to remember that it does not just represent a big change. It can equally represent a small change that still holds significance. So you do not have to expect something huge to happen every single time you see 555.

In Daily Life

The meaning of the angel number 555 is pretty equal in everyday life too. Just like in the spiritual sense when at a psychic reading, the angel number that shows up in your daily life also signifies a change in the physical world too.

If you are wanting to understand it more, then this is a great time to start praying or meditating on it. You will likely be surprised as to what you realize when letting your body, spirit and mind ponder this number sequence.

Angel Numbers in General

Overall, 555 is not the only angel number out there. But it is one of the most common. Angel numbers, regardless of the numbers used, are numbers that connect the physical world to the spiritual world. Each number has significance, you just need to seek out what that is.


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