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The award for multi-tasking goes to me for combining Ask Away Friday with Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party: Oscars Edition.

Meet Angela. Girl after my own heart. Loves Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock and adventures with her family. She also loves cake, reading, comics and coffee. Angela lives in England and I often wish to have a blogger meetup there. We’d have a blast!

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Angela has left me completely flabbergasted with these thought-provoking questions, and I only hope I can do them justice! To see her answers to questions from me, visit her HERE. And now I’m going to take a deep breath and dive into these questions..

1. We’re sisters in geekhood, what with our mutual love of Doctor Who and Harry Potter (and probably a whole lot more besides)… what was your very first geeky love (comics/book/tv/film)?

It was probably Star Wars. I remembering being four and being madly in love with Luke Skywalker. I had Star Wars breakfast cereal, Star Wars toys and I dreamed about having a “real” light saber. (I had a toy plastic one) However, the first thing that truly came to mind when I read this question is Archie comics. I used to buy, read and collect them like crazy. LOVED Jughead.

2. I know that you’ve got a totally awesome TARDIS shed and I’ve seen Han Solo in carbonite peeking out of a few indoor shots, too, but do you have any other geeky decor around the house?

You sent me on a fun and wild goose chase with my camera, and I didn’t even come close to catching it all, but here goes!

The Doctor Who art..

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Harry Potter..

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Leftover cardboard cut-outs from Scarlet’s summer birthday party, and a giant Dalek behind them!

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Behind the Mad Hatter, is my desk chair/computer in the 2nd floor loft. I’m standing on a coffee table, aiming the camera up:

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There’s this Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Lord Knows What Else Shelf..

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This geeky mass on top of the entertainment center..and this is really only half of it..

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Geek Corner..

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This guy..

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Part of the wall in the kitchen..

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Just what you’d normally find on the kitchen counter next to the cookbooks, right??

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And lastly, this guy was banished to the basement (not by me). He’s life-sized. I believe Cassidy’s friends called his Yoda something like, “The reason you will be a virgin for the rest of your life.” It didn’t work, though, obviously.

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Aren’t you glad you asked, Angela?? Aren’t you glad she asked, everyone who is not Angela??

3. What four celebrities (whether from the worlds of entertainment, sport, science tc) would you invite to a dinner party and why?

Ohhh..hmm.. I think I’d have to invite some sort of princess, real or dressed up, for Scarlet. I would have to invite Tim Curry because I have always loved him and I’d quite like to see his face over bread and wine. Definitely Alan Rickman so he could make my voicemail message for me. (runners up were Gary Oldman, Bill Nighy, Bill Murray and Robin Williams)

Then I’d have to invite Eric Clapton because I always said I would if I could. And he could sing us our wedding song, which was him doing a lovely version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

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4. Who is your hero?

Without question, my mom! She was widowed with two young kids. She helped build a family of seven and now cares for her 100-year-old mother. She doesn’t get all anxious like I do. She is selfless. My mom is the one who people call at 3:00 am when they’re in a crisis – her friends, even my friends. She doesn’t really say “no” very often so she’s pretty much there for all of her loved ones all of the time. I have always wanted to be the person people call for help. I hope to be like her “when I grow up.”

She made a snowlady with snow-boobs!

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5. When you were a child, what did you think you’d be when you grew up?

Oh I suppose it depends on when. When I was Scarlet’s age, I told everyone I wanted to be a garbage woman, and that kinda came true. When I was in elementary school, I told everyone I wanted to be a movie star. In middle school, high school and part of college, it was filmmaker. Through all of these times, when someone asked me and I gave my canned answer, words like “editor” “writer” “publisher” flashed in my mind. And I always wanted to be a photographer. I always was a photographer, but I hadn’t quite realized you can make a career out of doing it in your own unique way. That’s what draws me in, every day.

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6. You write beautifully. I’m always blown away by how in touch you are with your feelings–I always feel like a repressed Brit by comparison–and how you are unafraid to share your innermost thoughts with us. Do the words just flow when you write, or do you find yourself struggling sometimes?

I don’t really struggle that often. If that were to even happen, I would start over at another time or I’d post photos or link up to something to help be my writing prompts! So I guess the answer is that it comes as naturally to me as breathing. I’m not even thinking about this right now. I’m just moving thoughts and fingers around and I’m thankful for my super awesome keyboard. We’re very compatible. And about the innermost thoughts, obviously I do keep some things to myself too! You won’t hear me talking (much) about people I don’t like or exes or sex lives or politics or much about religions! Obviously, it’s in my mind..

7. Aside from photography, do you have any hobbies?

Is social media a hobby?? I really love adventuring with my family. Winter cramps my style a bit because these conditions do take away from the enjoyment of it, but I love and long to be outside most of the time. I think finding animals in the wild is a hobby. Road trips. Long talks with friends. Looking for cookies. Seeing music and museums and farms and aquariums and zoos.

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8. Have you ever travelled abroad? I meet so many Americans who have never left the country, which always feels a little weird to me, but then again, there’s so much country to explore!

No, I’m slightly ashamed to say. I’ve been to the US and Canada! What you said is so thoughtful, though, because I have seen a lot of this country. I think I’ve seen 33 or so of our 50 states and many of my bucket list dreams are still within these borders.

(and absolutely elsewhere too)

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(This was taken from a helicopter out of Vancouver, so I’ve definitely lived, but there is more to see abroad.)

9. Spring is in the air in the UK. I can see buds and blossom on the trees outside–what are you most looking forward to when you snow finally melts?

Oh, how could I narrow it down? Obviously I want to love on all of the spring/summer things. The all five senses delights. The eating/drinking/sunning outside. The saving money on wood pellets/oil heat. I’ll narrow it down to three, though:

1. Being able to go adventuring with my kids.
2. Not being traumatized by getting out of the shower every day.
3. Sundresses. And more sundresses.

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10. What is something you wish everyone knew about you?

I guess maybe you can see it in the writing. There’s a giant spark inside. It makes me feel like I could fly. I be a better and stronger person. I hope to work my way there. I still believe I’ll always ok, and I still believe all of you will be ok too. Even though as you get older, you feel dreams and options slipping away. I think we’re bigger than that. Bigger than this.


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  1. I picked a great night to stay up until midnight! Thanks for your wonderful honoring of who I am! I hope you just realize that you are my hero!

  2. Lol you just made me think, I don’t know who my hero is?! IS that bad/!? I feel incomplete now!! Sun dresses are awesome – love dresses, they’re so easy to slip on and off. 🙂 TGIF Tamara! -Iva

    1. ha! I like the way you think. Yes, sundresses are easy to slip on and off and everyone can take what they will from that one.
      I don’t think you have to know who your hero is!

  3. Lovely questions and answers! I’ve always loved Starwars but believe it or not, I’ve only watched all episodes when I was already in high school, I love Natalie Portman! I’m amazed by all the geek decors and art that you have, they’re soooo interesting!! When I was a kid, I thought I’d be a nurse. And now I’m planning my career path all over again! 🙂

    1. Wow!! To have watched them all in high school. I don’t like the ones that came out later in life, but it’s not like we won’t let our kids see them or anything! We’ll just show the original ones first.
      Disney now owns Star Wars so I imagine many movies will come during my kids’ lifetimes.

    1. That just makes total sense to me – we’re Archie kindred spirits.
      It is a hobby. And also a job! And also an addiction. I guess it takes different forms for everyone!

  4. Ooh another Dr Who buddy! Sweet! Tamara I just love “The Geek Collection”! That is absolutely fabulous! If you invite Tim Curry…can I come pwetty pwetty pwease! 🙂 LOL! Love the Yoda, too! LOL! The kids get cuter everyday! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. You know what? I’ve never read Archie comics. I occasionally see them at the comic shop, but I’ve never even picked one up. You totally win at geeky displays around the house! I should put more effort into arranging our bits and bobs into pretty displays–I love the Doctor Who shelves with River Song’s diary and the fragment of the TARDIS. (And yes, I’m really glad that I asked!!)

    Love the Clapton cover of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, never heard that before! I love that your Mom is your hero; I think you’re well on the way of growing up to be just like her!

    Brilliant answers to all my nosey questions, thanks Tamara!! xx

    1. haha..I’m so glad you can recognize Cassidy’s specific geek items.
      I remember the first time I heard his “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” A favorite song by a favorite artist? It was nearly too good to be true.
      Your questions really blew me away – I didn’t think I had this post in me after a hard week, but I couldn’t let you down, if that makes sense.

  6. I love your answer to who is your hero! What an amazing mom you have and even more amazing that your realize it and appreciate her. I also loved the “weird-o” tour of your house. It looks like FUN and my brother would absolutely love all the Star Wars stuff!! I definitely think you need to bring Yoda back 🙂

    1. Right? I think he was banished because he was getting old, quite sadly. Pieces of him were falling off or something.
      Either way I think Scarlet both loves/hates that he’s in the basement, staring out over the bins full of her old clothes.

  7. Wow, I had no idea you had all that stuff in your house. How fun! And I definitely see that spark, Tamara. It glows through my screen every time we connect. And snow woman boobs – your mom rocks.

    1. Thank you, from one spark to another.
      When I came outside to find the snow boobs, I had no idea what to do! So I took photos. Scarlet was quite proud of her contribution too.

  8. You totally get the award for combining these two posts and for posting four times this week! Seriously, I love when you post and always excited to read and get more from you. And by the way, we totally have more in common, because my mom is totally my hero, too and I also haven’t traveled abroad (and still not sure how this one never happened in all my years).

    1. Another weird one about us! It’s hard to find people who have never left North America, but they’re out there! May we both go to..Rome..or something. Anywhere to eat good food.
      And I love that your post was largely about your mom!
      And posting four times a week really is too much for me! This is my second time lately and I am exhausted!

  9. LOve your Momma answer! my response would probably be the same to that question! ah- not to offend (I am one too, ya know, I just dont show it) Star Wars geeks! love it. maybe not- you are hiding it….hmmmm, Sweet T! Happy #LOBS/Oscars Weekend! #GOIdina (new hashtag, I think?? I just made it up, doubtgful her peeps probably already use)

  10. What wonderful questions! I think it’s very good that you and your husband found each other — all that geeky stuff would drive me crazy! Keep on pouring out your heart… we can definitely see the spark. I know what you mean about wanting to become a better person. It’s always a constant challenge to accept myself vs. challenge myself. Too far in either direction and I feel off-kilter.

    1. Can you imagine my husband with a less geeky wife? I think more than Yoda would be banished to the basement..and I wasn’t the one to banish Yoda! He was getting old and falling a part a bit. Poor Yoda.
      Thank you for what you said about the spark.

  11. So fun to see all your geeky decor! I think my favorite is the picture of Sherlock, although all the Star Wars stuff is neat, too. My husband, however, is not a Star Wars fan. He also doesn’t like the original Star Trek. (I’m a bit of a trekkie.) I can’t believe I married him!

    1. I’ve never really seen Star Trek, if you can believe that! The Sherlock painting was a gift from an old co-worker/friend of Cassidy’s. It blew us away. We opened it and I really couldn’t speak for a few minutes.
      One of the best shows I’ve ever seen! I really don’t know how they write that stuff.

  12. Your mom is one of my favorite people. There is just something about her that is so special. Maybe it is because she’s so wise but down to earth? I’m not sure, but I see so much of her in you too!

    I love that your house really shows your and Cassidy’s creative sides!

    I need spring to come immediately! Did you hear we’re supposed to get MORE SNOW this weekend? What the heck man! I need cute ballet flats and capris ASAP.

    1. I can’t…handle more snow!! No! We still need our (literal) ice palace to melt. We need our skating rink to melt. We need to catch even a day of thawing before more of this.
      My mom likes winter. It’s one of the few things that bewilder me about her!

  13. My youngest son had an Alan Rickman voicemail for years. His friend did it for him, and it was quite hilarious. Ah… high school boys are so weird and so much fun! I miss that crowd in my house all the time.

    I saw part of the Alice party props in one of the Scarlet photos the other day and I got excited because you brought it in the house and put it into play. I would have done the same thing! I do whatever makes me happy in my house, regardless of what other people would do.

    My #1 rule of decorating: It must make my heart happy.

    Your family needs to visit!

    1. Your youngest son sounds amazing then!! Did his friend pull off a believable Alan Rickman voice? And was it more Severus Snape? Or was it more Love Actually? Or something else?
      We also have a cat Dinah next to the TV and Des likes to carry her around! She’s taller than he is!
      Heart happy decorations are pretty much our mantra here.

    1. Thank you for visiting! And thank you, Angela, for asking such a cool question. My daughter was watching me in surprise as I raced around with the camera at 10:00 last night!

  14. I see your giant spark inside! Definitely.
    So many things I could say, but I’ll just say this: Allan Rickman, Tim Curry and your collection of geek-awesomeness? That seals it. I love you. The end.

  15. Snow boobs on a snow woman? Your mom is AWESOME. And, wow, you have a lot of geeky knick-knacks in your house. Can I contract you and Cassidy to make some cardboard cut-outs for Monkey and Bean’s next birthdays? Of course, I’d also like to hire you to take the accompanying pictures!!

    1. Nicole, Scarlet is like..fifth in line of generations of women who have sick senses of humor. Trust me, the snow boobs was kinda tame for my mom.
      As for your questions, honestly yes to either or both. We have been contracted to do the cardboard cut-out thing before!
      And photos! Yes. Let’s talk.

  16. I always have a blast when I come for a visit Tamara! My Teenager would be in Geek Heaven at your home! He is a huge Doctor Who fanatic and I think I mentioned I had shown him the pics of your Tardis Shed and he was in total AWE…I am so excited now to show him all of your other great Doctor Who collectables. He has finally gotten me to watch and I must say I am intrigued but I think I need to go back and start from the beginning (or the end…hmm where would it be) so I am completely in the ‘Who’ of it. Did I mention he now has my 7 year old watching as well? Like she picks it from Netflix to watch on her own! LOL Let the Geekdom continue I guess.

    PS – I LOVE SHerlock Holmes!

    1. Sherlock is amazing!
      I think your seven-year-old is doing well! I wouldn’t even know where to tell you to start. I started with the 9th doctor because that was a sort of new beginning after years of misses.

  17. I love your house, LOVE it! I would feel right at home with all of the fantasy sci-fi objects lying around. We have several of those too…I even asked for the Black Pearl Pirate Lego Ship for Christmas one year and built it with my stepson. We had so much fun, and both boys love it so much we had to put it in their room. I am a little like you as far as travel…I really haven’t ventured much further than the contiguous 48 states besides a cruise to the caribbean and visiting Mexico, Jamaica, and the Grand Cayman islands, Hawaii, and of course Germany…where I was born. I do wish to be able to travel outside of the states more, but like you, there are really so many things left that I want to do that are RIGHT here! PS. I love the snow woman with boobs. Priceless!

    1. I wish you could visit! One day I should do a vlog of the house because for all of the geekiness, it really is a nice house with plenty of un-geekiness too. I like the mixes of everything. Kid stuff, geek stuff, nice stuff (that was clearly gifts)
      The Black Pearl Pirate Ship sounds like fun! Scarlet has just started doing puzzles and we have plenty of Doctor Who ones for her to do.

  18. Your house is amazing and it looks like you have enough fun stuff for a geek lover museum! (I meant that with love) Still laughing because I thought you were actually blogging from your TARDIS shed the other day! I am not a “Whovian” but you make it sound really interesting. Your pictures alays make everything LOOK interesting 🙂

    1. haha!! I suppose I could blog from the shed but it’s so dark and cold right now. And I don’t even have a laptop. Cassidy has two or three but I’m tethered to a giant iMac.
      Trust me, it doesn’t just LOOK interesting to live with this guy.
      You just never know if he’s going to walk in the front door with a life-sized Han Solo in Carbonite or not. I was not expecting that one on the day it happened.

  19. What a fun home! Makes our decorations seem so uninteresting in comparison 🙂 I also just realized Cassidy wore Converse at your wedding–awesome! Sam was going to also, but someone (who was neither Sam nor I) did NOT want that happening. Now since he has “retired” from wearing them, he has a pair framed in our kitchen (so, I guess we have a bit of our own geekery?)

    1. Oh no! hmm..I’m thinking maybe mother of the groom. My friend had a pretty standard wedding but she wanted something a little unique and had some sort of love volcano candle-lighting thing. I’m not explaining it well but it was very cool and different. Her mom was talking about the wedding and saying how horrible that one part was. Well that was the one part her daughter hand-picked for a special day! I didn’t like that. Left a sour taste in my life. We all deserve our unique happiness!
      Anyway, that was not a rant on the shoes! I’m glad you have your own geekery.

  20. Your house is like a museum. I love it. Star Wars will always be one of my favorite movies of all times. There is just something sexy about Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford in those films. Yum! I really hope spring and summer come around for you soon my love so you can break out all those sundresses.
    We are going to get a deluge of rain {according to the news} — more like 1-2″ over the weekend and I’m laughing because I’m not worried about it but since it’s such a rarity in these parts people are freaking out. It’s funny. Miss you mama!


    1. Sexy is right. As a kid, I thought it was all about Luke Skywalker. These days I think it’s Han Solo. How can you even be that hot? I have no idea.
      Have you seen him lately? He still looks handsome but he’s so much older!
      I think the desert must really need the rain every now and then! Enjoy it!
      Miss you too!

  21. You definitely have me beat when it comes to geekdom. I don’t think I fell in love with anything geeky until I started watching Star Trek the New Generation after we were married. My next BIG geeky love would be Buffy and then Harry Potter. In order of when I found them of course.

    And yeah, we see that spark. Totally.

    1. We are so nerdy that I don’t think people are even prepared for it when they meet us, but haven’t seen our home yet.
      Then they get it.
      I’ve never seen Star Trek or Buffy! One of these days..

      …and thank you. I’m still getting Facebook likes for your food allergy post.

  22. I just don’t get it. Elise goes crazy every time she sees a Tardis. That’s how you Doctor Who fans roll, huh? Why get so excited over just seeing a Tar- WAIT IS THAT A STORMTROOPER HELMET?????????

    1. You are certainly invited to try! Maybe I can host a blogger’s getaway week at my house. Or would it be too distracting with the toys and the kids?

  23. My husband was spying (reading over my shoulder- he does that a lot- his way of “being social and participating in the blogging community” :D) and now he wants to know if he can come visit your house when we make it back to USA. He would be satisfy just to stand there and watch your memorabilia, I am pretty sure he would be content to have a conversation with Yoda.

    1. haha, tell him yes! And Yoda is very lonely and would love conversation.
      This wasn’t even half of it, of course. I just hadn’t read the question until the night before the post was “due” so I couldn’t take/upload all that many photos.

  24. You know, I used to not like Star Wars. And then I gave it a real chance and enjoyed it. I admit, I never got into Harry Potter. I tried! It just wasn’t exciting me.

    I read Archie comics as a kid too! I had so many of them. I wish I kept them, some might have been worth money. I liked how Jughead ate all those burgers. And I wanted Archie to be with Betty and not the witchy Veronica.

    1. Funny, I think I just wanted him to be with Veronica. More for the decisive nature of it all. I always thought that if he chose Betty, Veronica would find a way to make him cheat or leave Betty. If he chose Veronica, there might be less of a chance of that happening.
      It’s for the greater good, people!
      Jughead was always hungry, so reading about him always made me hungry.

  25. Awesome!! You definitely need a UK/US Blog meet up with Angela!

    I didn’t know you were such a Star Wars fan, too!! Bobby is TOTES into The Doctor now (has seen all the epis multiple times and asked if I would buy him a smallish metal Dalek he found on ebay. Answer: YES) But Star Wars was his first love. He has every imaginable Boba Fett thing made on earth… figurines, lifesize helmets…the whole nine yards. He’s been collecting them since he was maybe 4 or 5. He was Boba Fett every year for Halloween…had every Star Wars Lego set made. Who know that Star Wars was the entry point for so many?!?! 😀 –Lisa

    1. Bobby sounds like my kind of people.
      He would have a field day in our house! Does he like just the original movies (like me??) or can he tolerate the new ones? You can tell him that Cassidy is IN Episode II. He walks by outside during the diner scene! And he was going to be in Episode III but that scene was cut.
      That’s what happens when you work for George Lucas!

        1. Oooh! I didn’t even know there was an adjoining one.
          I really want to go back after all the renovations. It will be so awesome.

  26. After looking at all of your pop culture wonderments, all I have to say is:


      1. OH TAMMY
        OUR LOVE

        OH TAMMY
        OUR LOVE

        Okay, that was a stretch but it was all I could think of in the moment.

  27. Chills. Running. Up. My. Spine. “I guess maybe you can see it in the writing. There’s a giant spark inside. It makes me feel like I could fly. I be a better and stronger person. I hope to work my way there.” YES! First I was laughing about all your collections, then I just wanted to hug you! 🙂

    1. Aww! I wanted to hug you after your post today!
      Virtual hugs here.
      I really had no idea what to say to such an amazing question. So I just said the first thing that came to mind!

  28. OMG I love your geeky decor! I’m a total Star Wards fan and I can’t believe you have Yoda and Boba Fett in your house! Amazing. And that inner spark? You can totally feel it in your words and your photos. That spark is so palpable and inspiring.

    1. Thank you so much. I think you have it very much too.
      Yoda is pretty amazing. I don’t know why Cassidy put him in the basement!

  29. I am freaking my freak on all your Geek!! I would have married him just Because he had a life size Yoda!!
    You would have loved the Fan Expo I went to in Toronto last summer — I even shared an elevator ride with Chewbaca, and R2D2 followed me around for a few minutes beeping like crazy after I took his picture and kissed the top of his dome. 🙂
    Star Wars was definitely my first too.
    And I definitely want to come to your dinner party, and I will bring Gary Oldman as my plus one 😉

    1. I think those are definitely grounds for marriage, and not for eternal virgnity!
      Remind me to DEFINITELY kiss R2D2 the next time I see him. This is a MUST.
      And please do come to my dinner party!!

  30. My boys would LOVE exploring all the fun things you have in your house! They would think that you are so awesome!!!
    I like to traveling the US, too but I do want to visit other countries at some point.

    1. Tell them to come on over!
      I feel the same way – I really do want to get places while I’m still young(ish). It seems like an impossible dream, but I guess you never know.

  31. I love that your house is filled with your favorite shows and characters! Really brings your home to life! Oh and the snow boobs were awesome! I’ve never built a snowman, but when do, I think it shall be a snow-woman with boobs! Your mom is the bomb(dot)com.

  32. Of course, I love all your geeky stuff! I think that Star Wars was my first geeky love too. Although there were a few spacey (as in set in space) cartoons that I loved possibly before that.
    I am also impatiently waiting for the warmer weather – outdoor adventuring will be such a treat after this long winter!

    1. Yes, more snow coming for us. And it was -4 degrees this morning. I find myself ailing with it lately. Even one thaw day might kick that out of me and give me hope. The ten day forecast looks to have at least a few days above 32 coming up! Woooo!

  33. Your mom sounds like a superwoman. My mom is very similar and she both inspires me and makes me feel frustrated with myself and my own limitations. But mostly the former. It gives me a good ideal to emulate.

    I love your statement about the giant spark inside. Do you always feel it? Because sometimes I feel that inside me, and then sometimes I don’t. I think it’s always there but sometimes it gets clouded by the minutiae of daily life. Last night I was at a woman’s retreat watching a video of the speaker’s trip to India to pick up the little girl she and her family were adopting. Looking at those pictures of the Indian orphanage, I had that feeling … like there was something I was supposed to do with my life that was … more … different … huge … but I couldn’t begin to imagine what it was …

    1. I think that’s the spark then. Wanting more. Or knowing there’s more. Some people really don’t have that. Not a lot of people I know, though.
      I always feel it but it can often be buried somewhere. I have felt a lot of darkness during really hard times but always thinking maybe there was a way back out to the light.

  34. I’ve never seen a snow woman with boobs before, but I love it. I’m ready for sundresses and spring too. I’m also ready for sandals.

  35. I’ll say this again your comment list is crazy, you popular woman LOL. AND as always loved the questions and answers, your posts are so amazing. Just love the pictures.

  36. I loved the questions – such good ones! And I always love your answers. Snow lady with snow boobs. That is just too funny! And there are so many wonderful things to see right here in the US…I have been overseas, not to a lot of places, but some…and it’s amazing how much there is out there. And here too of course. I hope I travel more at some point.

    1. I know and I find it nearly impossible to dream about right now – with two young ones, but mainly – with not a lot of money. And I’m totally one of those people who needs to go somewhere where I can drink the water. I’m so fearful of a lot of things..

  37. I love how you were able to go around and show some of your decor lol. I’ve never seen anyone ask you a question like that before so I know that must have been exciting for you! I think I’m still with you on what you write about. Even in how I’ve decided to share about my beliefs, I’m sharing in a way that just shares the experience. I hate comments that sort of debate or say what I’m doing isn’t right or necessary. That is why I didn’t want to share at first, but I just delete those comments and move on! LOL. I’m not political at all. I don’t think anyone will hear me say anything about that, but I do share about health because I care about people’s health! Anyway back to you! Hehe. Don’t laugh but the only stars I knew who you were probably talking about were the princesses you would bring for Scarlet lol. 🙂

    1. I was so excited to get the question, Brittnei! The only problem is that I don’t really read my questions before I answer them. Isn’t that weird? I suppose I run the risk of having doubles from the past but if I read them, I start to think about them and I like to do them spontaneously. That’s my #AAF secret. I don’t read them. I will comment back and say I received them and I’ll usually read just the first one and comment on that. Anyway, it was late at night and Cassidy was away and I read that question..and realized I had to go take photos and upload them!! Eeek!
      I love your deleting comments and moving on idea. Michelle got a troll comment that was so ridiculous. I would delete too.
      And I am so not political on here! I’m not religious either but it’s mostly because we all have mixed backgrounds – Cassidy does and I do, and so our kids have like..double mixed! So I don’t have one strong set of beliefs, but if I did, I’d share the way you do.

  38. Winter has done me in. I just got a new sundress but this shorty needs the straps tightened and it hemmed a bit. I think you would like it though. Perhaps it would fit you better. 🙂 I love that you decorate your house with the things you love and not something out of a home magazine. Sadly I love the home magazines so I am steering towards that. Having tons of pictures of the cats on the wall kind of creeps people out. And they think I’m crazy. Dr. Who and Star Wars people get.

    I haven’t been out of the country much either. To Mexico a couple of times and the Cayman Islands once. I can say I was on British soil. I have not seen enough of the country we live in either but with my youngest leaving for the Navy in August I see a lot of travel in my future. A baby needs to see his mama every once in awhile. 🙂

    1. I hope you’re right! I can’t imagine life without my baby!
      I don’t know why cat = crazy, and giant Tardis = sane.
      We’re all nutty in wonderful ways, I say!
      And winter has totally destroyed me. I find myself looking obsessively at the ten day forecast, even though it changes all of the time. I just want to know we’ll have a thaw day or two soon. I fell on the driveway TWICE last night, trying to bring dinner to a grieving friend.

  39. {Melinda} Tamara! It’s been too long … I’ve been out of the blogging loop, writing a book and trying to keep my family together in the process. Something had to give, but I’m back and jumping in with both feet. 🙂 Fun to learn more about you … I also love your writing and your heart. 🙂 Oh, and the snowboobs cracked me up!

    1. Melinda! Those are pretty amazing things to be working on! I can’t wait to read your book!
      And thank you so much for visiting. I can’t wait to get back to your posts.

  40. Tamara, once again I enjoyed reading your post and learning so much more about you. Who would have thought that your house was so “geek-like”. I just picture tiaras everywhere. 🙂 I’m also amazed at how many Americans really haven’t travelled outside the US as well. I’ve gone to so many other places and I want to instill the love of travel within my kids as well. The UK is on my list of places to visit with Madison since we have tons of family there. I also want to say thank you for checking in on me. I’m still in bed but doing better everyday. Love you!!

    1. Oh trust me, we have tiaras everywhere too! I had to rent a lens for real estate-like photography and while I have it this week, I think I’ll have to do a virtual tour of my house. I always think about doing that with a video camera, but it’s not as pretty!
      I would do anything to go to England. I think I will someday!
      And feel well, please! Love you!

  41. I like what you said about always being a photographer, even though you may not have realized it. And a major LOL at the shower trauma that is otherwise known as perks of winter. hahaha!

    1. I can’t take it anymore! Every morning I’m near tears. Today the steering wheel felt like…death.
      I know it’s fading away, but it was so cold this morning.

    1. Thanks! It’s totally dorky. I may be putting more photos of it soon. I had to rent a very wide lens and I had some fun with it.

  42. Ummmm…
    May the force of the ewok and the lightning bolts on foreheads and the crystal skull with hot old Harrison Ford be with you.
    What is going on here?
    My son is a huge Indiana Jones fan. His fish is named after him. I hate that fish.

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