And I Thought He’d Go To College In Diapers!

I’ve been meaning to tell my potty-training Des story for awhile now, but wondered if it was relevant or appropriate, even though deep down I knew it was! Then I was contacted by Pull-Ups® to tell my story, and I couldn’t resist anymore.

We trained Scarlet when she was a little over two, although I don’t recommend the Stormtroopers mask…

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We did a three day method over a long holiday weekend. We kept her in underwear during the day ands Pull-Ups® during the nights, and just hovered around her for the whole weekend. Does it sound intense? It was. She had a good time, though, and seemed to really understand the concept after three days of us rushing her to the toilet when she had to pee. She learned her body signals. We learned her body signals. That was that. It was still rough after that because she was our first and I didn’t have a lot of confidence in sending her out in public – and not knowing what to send her in – but somehow it all worked out.

As it often does.

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Des turned three in June and we hadn’t done any potty-training. I was waiting for warmer weather, and I was also waiting for the end of school so that we could do it over the summer and he’d go back to daycare in the fall as a newly potty-trained kid. Also, if we’re being honest, I was less ready than he was. He’s my baby! Potty-training is hard! Or so I remembered it as hard. We set aside three days and did exactly what we did with Scarlet. We spent three days with him inside wearing underwear during the day, and we’d wait for him to either tell us he had to go, or for him to go. Either way led to a rush to the toilet.

We were pretty sure he understood at first.

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With Cassidy back at work, with Des starting summer camp, and with me being a bit overwhelmed, it seemed to reverse. I had no idea what to do – put him in a diaper, put him in training pants, or put him in underwear. Luckily he had his three-year checkup right before we left for Cape Cod and the doctor gave me great advice. He said that Des was regressing on the training because he was losing interest in the toilet, the more rabid we as parents got towards it. He said to pick a day (the Monday after our weekend trip) and to just have that be underwear during the day and Pull-Ups® at night. And to stop talking so much about it and follow Des’ lead. Sure enough, me mellowing out about it while still staying firm worked like a charm.

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I still assisted Des whenever he needed it, and I still cared a lot, but I stopped spending all day long asking him if he had to go to the bathroom unless we were leaving the house. All in all, he was fully trained in just a couple of weeks of time.

What I’ve learned is that he excelled when ready, and seemed to thrive when we were not on his back about it all day long. He knew we were supporting him around every corner. He is now fully in underwear all day long and he does Pull-Ups® for overnights. We even used them for long car trips all summer long, until he started wanting to use the restrooms we used, but they are still what we use for overnight. He even picks out his own favorites from the store – Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Pull-Ups® training pants have unique patterns that fade when wet to help your child learn to stay dry. They’re stretchy and have easy-open sides. Scarlet liked the Doc McStuffins and Ariel designs. Des likes Jake, Mickey and Lightning McQueen.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Apparently Scarlet likes to help him lay them out on the couch and look at them all.

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We go to Family Dollar. You can check out their store locator HERE as well as the Pull-Ups® Potty Training website HERE. It’s full of great info! Also right now, if you text CARE to 28767, you can save $2.50 on Pull-Ups at Family Dollar.

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This sale really helps us to buy the Pull-Ups® and have potty training success. What has worked for your family?

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    1. ha! I love that. I SO wanted Des to be trained in daycare. I’m all for outsourcing hard tasks. I think he was open to it, but it was ultimately not going to happen there.

  1. Way to go Des and like you I hated potty training and seriously so damn glad it is behind me now to be honest and if I never have to go through it again am totally fine with that!!

  2. Even though my daughter has been potty trained for a while I still put her on a pull-up if we are leaving the house. Some restrooms are not clean enough so I like to have a back up option if the public restrooms are not clean.

    1. That’s definitely what we experienced this summer. Being on the road and not knowing if there’d be a bathroom, and if there was, if it would even be something we’d use!

    1. There are many cute diapers! It’s actually fun picking them out. And the underwear is awesome too! We found all these Superman and Batman ones.

  3. We just got jack to the underwear phase. Thursday at school and today at a party. It was hard for me to get to because we have wall to wall carpet and I couldn’t imagine him just peeing all over it. We also had to wait until he was ready. And now he tells us when he has to go potty and even though he doesn’t always make it there, he’s on the right track. It’s such a great feeling! We tried pushing him but ultimately we just had to wait until he was ready.

  4. The same thing that worked for Des worked for us! As soon as I stopped nagging Lily about going potty and let her take the lead, she was potty trained. I had been getting frustrated because I wanted her trained before the new baby was born, but Lily was going to have nothing to do with that. She waited 3 months after Emmy was born to decide to use the potty! And that was that.

    1. I swear when I said I was having trouble to the doctor, he was totally awesome but I imagine in his head he was like, “Sigh. I have to give this speech for the 1,000th time today.”
      It worked, though!

  5. I told my kids that they didn’t make diapers in their size any more and they had to wear underwear. Not true at all…I think they were in size 3 at the time…hehe…but it worked!

  6. Hooray! Way to go Des and Mom and Dad 🙂 I am so halfheartedly doing the whole potty trainign thing, but she is only 2 so I know there is a little wiggle room. We are letting her go potty and flush it and throw in toilet paper (sometimes a lot) but hopefully we’ll get it some day soon!

    1. Oh, I was SO half-hearted, and even when he turned three. You have wiggle room for sure.
      I think I saw that she threw entire rolls in the toilet? Was that her or Jensguy? (just kidding)

  7. Being on our first potty training adventure ourselves, this was affirming to read. Baby Boy seems to have gotten it and I’d say definitely became more interested when we didn’t stress it by asking all day or trying to make him sit and use the potty.

    Although we didn’t always use underwear during the day (choosing to just go without anything), it worked! Now, we even venture out with underwear only and doverbal reminders about using the potty and asking to use the potty before we leave.

    Overnight is our next adventure, but I think we’ll wait a bit longer 🙂

    1. That’s amazing. They say kids much younger than three and four can fully grasp it, even if we do it later on average in America. (and maybe other places)
      Overnight is a tough one. Scarlet wore Pull-Ups until just before her fifth birthday and her doctor had said that might happen.

    1. I guess so! I hear that a lot. I feel like Scarlet was easy and Des was easy too, BUT, he was a year older. Would he have been that easy at the age she trained at? I doubt it.

  8. Potty training has been one of my least favorite things about parenting. Neither of my boys were interested at all, and it was a long process. Being calm about it is definitely helpful!

    1. Definitely the same! Every time I think about a third baby, I remember three things:
      1. The first trimester of pregnancy.
      2. Having a newborn and then your hair falls out!
      3. Potty-training.

  9. Ok I have to say my favorite part of this post was the picture of the pull-ups laid out on the sofa. Too cute. I must say I am happy son was easy to potty train many moons ago. He just decided one day he didn’t like wet pants.

  10. We trained our last just a few months after she turned 3. I say “trained” but really she was the one who just up and decided one day she was done and that she wanted to wear big girl panties.
    She has 3 older siblings so it was so much easier than the first!

  11. What adorable pics! My youngest just potty trained over the summer and even though a part of me is rejoicing in the fact that we are done with diapers, another part of me is sad about it too.

    1. Exactly! People also say they won’t go to kindergarten in diapers but there were a lot of accidents from kids in my daughter’s kindergarten class!

  12. That’s a great Doctor you have. I was lucky – day care did all the heavy lifting with my first two. I’m not sure how it’s going to go for number three. He doesn’t seem interested at all yet…we’ll see.

  13. Potty training is hard. I have a 18 month old who I have been working with. He is SO close to being trained. But it has taken awhile to get him there! I am so grateful for Pull-ups that can help them learn.

    1. They certainly did and do! Actually my daughter still kept them around until she was 4.5 so I think we’re in it for the long haul for overnight.

  14. While I did not potty train any of my four children and let them go from diaper to toilet as they saw fit, I do enjoy reading stories about how others potty trained their children. Pull up diapers help children be independent and seem to make potty training easier for the entire family.

  15. That’s good news! It helps to have the cute designs for pull ups. I can’t fully remember how potty training happened for Reiko. I know we followed the 3-day method. He was introduced to his potty chair. Sometimes he would remove his pants, sometimes he would just pee on it. Eeekk. I guess he was almost 3 by then. I believe when he turned 3 last year, he’s already potty trained. It was like magic! And I was so happy I wouldn’t buy diapers anymore!

    1. I definitely love not buying diapers! So awesome.
      When I was in it, it felt like I’d never leave that stage with him and now it feels like he’s always been trained. So weird.

  16. so glad these days are done. All 3 of mine were completely different. Our biggest fail was probably noted the day we saw our 2 1/2 year old girl trying to pee up against a tree like her older brother. yeah, front lawn. hi neighbours. LOL

  17. We did the tree day method with L, too. I was actually surprised at how well she did, though we definitely still had (have) plenty of accidents and close calls. Everybody I know says that boys just take longer. Don’t know why; it just seems to be consensus. Glad to know that you figured it out though!

    1. I hear that all the time too! Des did well but he just started daycare this week and I really hope it doesn’t break our great streak. I’m afraid!

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