An Itty Bitty Star Wars Hallmark Christmas!

Yesterday I had the absolute joy of going to our closest Hallmark store and just walking around in awe and delight. Sometimes it feels like that store is made for my family – me with my Hallmark movie obsession. Scarlet, with her FROZEN obsession. Des, with his superhero obsession. ALL OF US, with our baking and Star Wars obsessions. It was Star Wars City.

Itty Bittys and Beanie Boos. Candles and crafters, galore. Greeting cards in Star Wars form! Ornaments and Minnie Mouse baking kits. Scarves and mugs and peppermint bark. Superheroes and books and gifts. I honestly was in the store for 45 minutes. When the cashier was ringing me up for my gift items she kindly asked me how far I was in my Christmas shopping. I said, “You know, I could easily begin and end right here, right now.” I picked up some Star Wars goodies for all three of my family members – some for Christmas morning, and some to get us all in the mood for the holidays from now until then.


First I picked up a few Star Wars Itty Bitty stuffies. These were the favorite characters for my kids. I overheard Scarlet and Des playing with their Itty Bitties (over Hoth Cocoa – but more on that later) and I couldn’t resist a video. Des is only three but they’re very adorably talking about what they want for Christmas. Scarlet is playing C3P0 and wants an “Anna doll.” Des as R2D2 wants a toy car! I love the way they bring playtime to life with their Itty Bittys as Star Wars Christmas “puppets.”

Then I picked up some Peanuts hot chocolate mix in Smores flavor.

I added a few drops of green food coloring to each mug and some marshmallows too. The kids called it “Yoda Hot Chocolate” and I’m calling it “Hoth Chocolate.” Scarlet also suggested we make it blue next time to be “Bantha Hot Chocolate.”

I was really inspired by the hoth cocoa theme that I also bought these Han Solo/Princess Leia mugs for Cassidy for Christmas. Don’t tell him! I specifically told him not to read this post, because I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

As we get more and more excited for the Star Wars Episode VII premiere, as well as Christmas itself, we’ll be using our Star Wars goodies from Hallmark to count down the days, for the next month.

This is how we make the most of our holiday season with Hallmark Gold Crown. My next plan is to get Star Wars ornaments and more stocking stuffers. I’d love to also get the Minnie Mouse baking set for Christmas cookies and to pick out our holiday cards at Hallmark. I can’t wait to put up our tree and use our Superman and Star Wars ornaments from Hallmark. I’m certain there will be some FROZEN ornaments too! I also bought Scarlet a Beanie Boo reindeer named Alpine.

How do you get ready for the holiday season with your family?

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