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Amwell: Urgent Care Visits Made Easy This Winter!

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#ad sickness and injuries happen. See how Amwell makes Urgent Care visits easy! And use my discount code to get 50% off a $69 care visit. #getwellwithamwell

Everyone, name one thing that can really ruin your winter!

If you said sickness, you are correct! A few years ago, our beloved house guests were just about to call off their trip to see us after all four of them got a stomach virus. At the holidays, sickness is passed back and forth as if in a game, and large gatherings of loved ones can help spread that! It’s hard to control the world out there. We can’t tell people not to send their sick kids to school, and we can’t always protect ourselves from others. I always get super sensitive when this season rolls around again, but I’ve also gotten calmer and savvier about it too. We’ve ready for it.

#ad sickness and injuries happen. See how Amwell makes Urgent Care visits easy! And use my discount code to get 50% off a $69 care visit. #getwellwithamwell

Amwell: Urgent Care Visits Made Easy This Winter:

I probably say this every holiday season, but it’s been a bit of a rough one this year! We got together with so many loved ones in the beginning of fall – and many of the little ones were sick. Now my kids go to school every day, as well as after-school activities, play dates, parties, and more! Not to mention all of the events we’ve attended in public places during the last several weeks. No doubt, parenting during cold and flu season can be tougher when you’re focused on keeping your kids well, and making sure they have plenty of rest. They get hurt too. Like many parents – I want my kids to have it all. Hard work, play, health, and happiness.

Amwell urgent care visit

It took its time, but it finally hit two weeks ago.

After a fall full of travel and fun, both of my kids came down with a stomach bug. It didn’t have the usual symptoms of a stomach bug, so we decided to utilize Amwell’s Urgent Care services. We love Amwell – it’s here as a 24/7 resource for you and your family. As you know, when you need urgent care, you need it immediately, and you can access Amwell from your own home! You may need it for a fever, cold, flu, allergies, sinus infections, stomach bugs, illness or injury while traveling, rashes, urinary tract infections, and so much more. Amwell is perfect for 24/7 urgent care from the comfort of home, or while on the go. And I have a coupon code for 50% off!

urgent care visit

For the whole family:

And it’s not just for kids. I had my first experience ever (if you can believe it) being sick while traveling. It was awful! We were away for a wedding weekend and I had a cold and congestion virus. Luckily I always have my Amwell online care app at the ready, and could schedule an urgent care video visit in minutes. Did you know you could talk to a doctor right there through the phone? You can get prescriptions sent over to a pharmacy too. And then more room for fun!

#ad sickness and injuries happen. See how Amwell makes Urgent Care visits easy! And use my discount code to get 50% off a $69 care visit. #getwellwithamwell

Coupon code!

So, here it is. The coupon code for 50% off a $69 urgent care visit is: tamarab

Follow this link to start your discounted urgent care visit!

online care urgent care app

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear! At least it didn’t happen during the trip! My friend’s whole family once got a stomach bug during her Disney trip. They’d get it in two and two. UGH.

  1. What a great resource! THIS is why I love technology!! Because it enables us to have care INSTANTLY if we need it! I rarely go to urgent cares but I did go back in October because of my insane back pain and it definitely was helpful – it also was SO MUCH QUICKER than a hospital would have been, thankfully!!

  2. Thanks so much for the information and the coupon code! Unfortunately it seems that urgent care visits are part of the season. It is good to know that help is available.

  3. Ooh the weather outside is frightful….and inside is even worse as we all fear and battle bugs…. but no more! Great and super convenient way to take care of your health for sure!

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