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Most Over the Top Amusement Parks in the US

Have you been to any of the most over the top amusement parks in the US?

Across the most over the top amusement parks in the US, you'll find some of the most thrilling, most fun, and most record breaking rollercoasters and rides!

Amusement Parks are a great way to spend your time over vacation. I personally love amusement parks because even if you are not an adrenaline junkie, you can still have a good time visiting! This is because they tend to also have more mild rides, attractions, and games as well. The United States is home to hundreds of fantastic amusement parks across the country that will fit any person’s needs. Across these amusement parks you will find some of the most thrilling, most fun, and most record breaking rollercoasters and rides. Today we’re talking all about the most Over the Top Amusement Parks in the US. Wheeee! Seriously. Such thrill rides!

Most Over the Top Amusement Parks in the US:

1 – Six Flags Great America:

First of all, there are several Six Flags locations throughout the US, but Six Flags Great America is probably the most popular one. (we live near Six Flags New England) Located in Gurnee, Illinois, Six Flags Great America is equipped with over 15 various types of roller coasters, 3 different themed children’s areas for the little ones, and a huge water park – Hurricane Harbor.

2 – Hershey Park:

Next, Hershey Park is a part of the Hershey’s chocolate company franchise. They have a whole park dedicated to the brand in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It is the largest amusement park in Pennsylvania and has been around since 1923. Here there are over 70 various rides and attractions for a busy day of fun.

3 – Kings Island:

Kings Island is located in Mason, Ohio just outside of Cincinnati. This park offers all sorts of rides and attractions of various levels of thrill. There are 12 major roller coasters, as well as other rides such as bumper cars, old time cars, and swings. Along with the park, there is a water park on the other side known as Splash City. It is equipped with pools, slides, and other water rides as well.

4 – Universal Studios:

Universal Studios is located in both Orlando and Hollywood and both parks are absolutely great. Both parks have a Universal Studios themed rides featuring some of most famous movies in film history. Also, both parks feature the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the Wizard lovers out there. Like us, of course!

5 – Cedar Point:

Cedar Point is known as the Roller Coaster Capital of the World because they have some of the most wild and record breaking rollercoasters in the world. Cedar Point opened in 1870 – making it the second oldest park in the United States. It hosts over 18 thrilling roller coasters and 71 other types of rides for people of all ages. That’s right – that’s a total of nearly 90 different rides for you to enjoy at the park. They have something for everyone.

6 – Disney World/Disney Land:

Of course, however could I not include the Disney parks on this list? Of course when you think of a Disney park it may not be something that you would typically want to visit if you don’t have little ones to share it with. Although it is typically thought of as a park for younger kids, Disney actually has some pretty thrilling experiences as well. Some of these include the Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, and Aerosmith’s Rock n Roller Coaster.

7 – Six Flags, Magic Mountain:

Located in Valencia, California Six Flags Magic Mountain is home to some of the most well known roller coasters in the country including: Batman The Ride, Goliath, Superman: Escape from Krypton, and Scream. Six Flags Magic Mountain is built for an adrenaline junkie, but it’s nice because they also offer milder rides for the little ones and those like that to keep things calm.

8 – Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay:

Lastly, Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay is a great place to go for the whole family because it combines the experience of a zoo with that of an amusement park. It is modeled after 19th Century Africa and here you can not only enjoy fun rides and attractions but also have the opportunity to see various exotic animals during your visit.

over the top amusement parks in the us

So what do you think about that? Personally I love this list. We all know I’m no thrill-seeker but my family is pretty mixed so going to places like these are super thrilling for me. And it helps me to face my fears every time.

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So, what’s your favorite amusement park?

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  1. I have always wanted to go to Hershey Park and hope to get their one day. I have to say that Disney and Universal are two of my favorites, (especially with the Harry Potter world at Uni).

    1. YESSSS to that! I went to Hershey Park as a kid, and then my friends took me for my 25th birthday. I remember a giant Jolly Rancher dancing with me!

  2. I’ve actually been to a lot of these! Cedar Point when I was little (it didn’t have nearly what it has now way back then!), Six Flags in NJ, Hershey Park, Disney World and King’s Island (which is very close to where my husband grew up). The funny thing is that I don’t really enjoy the rides so much, but I love the whole scene. To me, they are just fun. Sometimes the smaller ones (like Lake Compounce) are fun too.

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