Always Full Of Surprises.

We welcome this end of the week with open arms (or at least I do!) and we welcome our first Ask Away Friday co-host.

It’s been an odd duck of a week. Equal parts stress vs relief. Unequal parts gloomy rain vs. sun/warmth. I’m still tackling all the head and heart spaces of finances and deep work, and signing Scarlet up for kindergarten registration/buddy activities, trying to stay in touch with friends and family. My sister’s exciting and impending wedding planning and my role in that – yikes!

These three (four) cuties that I live with.

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Meeting other bloggers and making new friends is one of the best parts of this online world!


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My partner this week is Shelly from DIY Mama and I can tell you where I “met” her – she asked me to be her partner on my fan page. I liked that! Whatever works, right? When I went to her blog to get inspiration for my questions for her, I was blown away by the variety of topics she talks about, and talks about well. She talks about everything DIY, as well as life and parenting and Disney, and in her word, failures included. And her questions blew me away. This is why I love Ask Away Friday so much.

You just never know who you’re going to meet and how they’re going to change your gloomy week for the better.

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Make sure you read Shelly’s answers to my questions, especially because she turned it around to ask me to answer one of my own here. Like I said, she’s full of surprises. Ask Away Friday is full of surprises. And that’s why I like Fridays so darn much.

1. I’ve been watching Cosmos on Sunday nights. Are you more interested in the cosmos or marine life? Or could you care less about both?

That’s funny because Cassidy mentioned it recently and I said I didn’t want to watch it. I think I was going through an anxious week and all of that stuff scares me during bad weeks. I am totally obsessed with marine life, though. It’s been a lifetime obsession, even before moose. I get fascinated by undiscovered, large, lurking things. I have a sea life fascination and an outer space phobia, and my sister is reverse. So we took turns freaking out and crying at Epcot Center once. And we were 11 and 13!

I always want to get closer to the deep ocean. Perhaps a boat ride is in my future.

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2. What’s your proudest Motherhood moment?

I mean, honestly – it’s probably giving birth! There were definitely giddy “I did it!” moments with both births. I think the biggest thing for me is letting go, because I’m terrible at it with all aspects of living. And giving birth IS letting go. Then there was letting an ambulance take Des in an incubator contraption to a hospital with a NICU. There was preschool on the first day. There are so many motherhood moments coming towards me. I hope I accept them with grace. I know I have that capacity for growing.

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3. I’m sure your photography tastes change throughout the years. What’s your current least favorite thing to shoot? What’s your favorite?

I don’t want to limit myself from any future work because I will mostly do it all, but I don’t love food photography at all. And I hate shooting in very low light. I realize that’s why lighting exists, but it’s a lot of extra steps and a lot of extra equipment and learning. I’m up for it, though. My favorite thing to shoot? Oh jeez. Any kind of joy and love and strong connection.

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4. I’m obsessed with your Han Solo piece in your house! What is your favorite art piece in your home?

I really like all of our Doctor Who, Harry Potter and even Sherlock art…

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…but my favorite is probably my wedding present to Cassidy. When we were figuring out how to make our wedding website, we noticed that was already taken. I investigated that she’s an artist named Tamara Cassidy. What are the chances? I commissioned her to make a painting for us and she did a beautiful party/moose/wolf themed one:

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5. I saw your bucket list includes seeing the Northern Lights. Would you ever go on a cruise or stay at an ice hotel to see them?

Ice hotel all the way! I’d never even heard of that, actually. I always imagined you’d go on a night walk or something and then go back to your luxurious Icelandic hotel. However I just looked at photos of “Ice hotel” in Google and you have revolutionized my bucket list! That must happen. I don’t think I’d ever go on a cruise, even an ice or whaling one, although definitely those over the eating/drinking/gambling/Norovirus-laden floating hotels that cruises usually are. No offense to cruise-lovers!

The mere thought of that kind of cruise makes me ill, though.

6. What song would you not mind waking up to every morning?

I am a bit stumped! Do I go “Safe and Sound” because it’s my power song? Do I go “Walking on Sunshine”’s a freakin’ happy song! Do I go Jerry Garcia and the smell of bacon? Do I go sexy? All of the above?

I think today I’ll go with a Pete Townshend solo version of “Eminence Front.” It’s haunting, but would inspire me out of bed.

..and maybe “Mint Car” by The Cure, because honestly, everyone who thinks The Cure has no happy songs should listen to this LOUDLY:

7. What is the worst Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? (No clue why Halloween is on my mind in Spring.)

ha! How wonderfully random. When I was in first grade I had a high fever on Halloween. I had gotten a cheap Cinderella costume from a garage sale for 25 cents. It had one of those horrible old masks that seemed to spread disease. However when I was in college I was once a stripper disguised as a pizza deliverer, as strippers are often disguised as cops or pizza deliverers, but the kicker was that I was in mid-strip. Take from that what you will. My ex took a photo of me that he probably doesn’t still would hope.

8. Finish this sentence: Sometimes I _____ when no one’s watching.

I think I need to borrow every question you ask! Fantastic. Sometimes I do a huge hop/skip in place when I’m really happy, when no one’s watching. You probably wanted something juicier than that, eh? The hop/skip thing happens a lot when I’m happy.

9. What is your all time most favorite thing about my home (Disney World)?

Well thank you for letting us visit your home! I love the professionalism and sheer talent of the employees, and I hope upon hope that they’re treated/paid well. I love that they never break character and that they treat every single guest (of millions) as if they’re super special. That’s deep. And I love the way it makes me remember so much of my own magical childhood – it also brings me closer in my heart to relatives I have lost, because they loved Disney, and I know they’d love to know I’m taking my family there now too.

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10. Do either of your kids do something or act a certain way and you or Cassidy wonder where they got it?

Well Scarlet puts numbers together all of the time – she does advanced math. That befuddles me. I think with many of their gifts, you can see it in us or our parents and siblings. I’m still giddy that she took this (below) photo of me! I didn’t take actual photos until I was seven or so.

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Bonus: Answer one of the questions you asked me!

Awesome! Ok, I’m going with: “What profession would you most like to try for a day? And what profession would you most hate to try?” I ask that a lot and I’ve never answered it. I would love to be a Park Ranger for a day. At Grand Teton National Park, to be specific.

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I probably don’t need to explain that one..

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And the one I’d least like to try may surprise many, but it’s actually NOT one of those dirty jobs on TV. I’d least like to be a math teacher. I don’t have the stamina, stomach, or anything else that leads someone to be able to stand in front of 20 children under fluorescent lighting for seven hours. While discussing math. Eeek!! I’d be a terrible teacher!


Wow Shelly, you blew it out of the park. Thank you for those questions!!

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  1. I love that you commissioned an artist named TamaraCassidy! I think you were meant to find her.
    And I think those ice hotels are pretty cool. I’d love to stay in one, but I wonder if I’d be too cold.

    1. I know! How cold are they?? I saw one that had fires, I guess it doesn’t melt the hotel. And we’d have to bundle up big time.

  2. I absolutely love, love, love Pete Townshend! I would love to see the Northern Lights…but no ice hotel for me…I would freeze my fanny off! LOL! I can see you doing the park ranger thing! I definitely could not teach math to a classroom…some days I am not sure how I manage to teach it to my kids! LOL! But I think that I understand them so well, which makes it easier to explain. I have always been fascinated with the stars, I might need to check out that show. Sadly I am not a great swimmer and though I have been on a cruise I prefer to keep my feet on terra firma! LOL! Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

    1. I love that you love Pete Townshend! He’s so amazing.
      I think the ice hotels are warmer than they look, at least I hope. My husband went to Iceland just after the northern lights season – in April – and it was FRIGID, he said. It wasn’t much better here but at least a bit.
      You’re amazing because you DO teach! I can barely do that with my own kids at all!
      I’m not a great swimmer..
      Happy Weekend!

  3. Ok, we’re going to see the Northern Lights together, mkay? It’s just a bit north of here πŸ™‚
    But more importantly – before life played out in strange ways and brought me back to Germany, I was studying at the University of Colorado to be a Park Ranger and the Grand Teton Natl. Park is one if my most favourite places EVER.

    1. Ok, sign me up for that! When’s the season for it? In Iceland, it’s March, I think. Drat we missed it.
      I love Grand Teton so much. I’ve only been there twice but for all the love, I should have gone to college there or something. It would have been much more enjoyable.
      And I love that you studied to be a Park Ranger, and in Colorado, no less! Stories!

  4. I too do skips and hop when I’m really happy, lol! I thought I was the only one, except for people on tv and in cartoons. Who knew!? Funny enough, as much as I talk you’d think I’d be able to express myself in words. Sometimes your body just has to do the talking for you! πŸ™‚

    1. It’s so true! Sometimes you just feel so much that words (and tears or laughter) aren’t enough. I love my happy dance!

  5. It’s cool that someone’s actually named Tamara Cassidy! I think that my proudest motherhood moment to date is also like yours – giving birth. I mean every time I think about it, I still can’t believe I was able to give life to a human being. I was able to go through the pain of labor & giving birth too and that makes me believe that I can tolerate any pain now πŸ™‚

    1. I also get in shock that I was pregnant twice..that’s 18 months or so in total! A lot of time to feel crummy or tired or to be watching everything you do!
      And I agree – nothing scares me anymore. When people tell me something will hurt, I could care less.

  6. That last one truly made me smile, because as you know I was a math teacher. Seriously, think you would make an awesome one and what would be more fun then us being math teachers together. Did I just blow you mind? Lol, see I would love to do anything with you even stay in an ice hotel (when you know I hate the cold!). Love you xoxo πŸ™‚

    1. That’s why you’re my hero! I am in such awe of teachers. I don’t seem to have that gene where I’d be good at it because people who have it are sharing their gift with the world!
      I do love you enough that I’d teach math next to you, though.

    1. The Chappelle Shake is fabulous! I need to learn how to do it. I feel like it’s done best when you’re not even thinking about it too much – hopefully the rhythm takes over!
      Maybe you can start everyone doing it at the BlogU prom?

      1. Trust me if there’s music or when I’m extremely giddy I will do it without notice. I can be very bouncy when excited. If there’s a DJ anywhere – Iwill be requesting the Harlem Shake and we’ll all have to do it! Muahahaha!

        1. Well you will be giving that room a pulse. It probably won’t be me. Sometimes I can’t stop dancing. Other times, I really just want food. You just never know.

  7. I sing all the time when no one’s looking. I don’t know why I shy away from the public. These are some great questions and answers. I must definitely stay in a ice hotel!

    1. I love that I had never even heard of ice hotels. See? Ask Away Friday – the more you know.
      I sing a LOT too when no one is looking. Actually as I write this, I can hear my daughter singing Ariel songs. If I were to draw attention to it, she’d stop!

  8. I can not believe you have that Sherlock piece in your house. I love you. I LOVE YOU!

    1. DITTO!
      It was a gift actually, for my husband’s birthday two years ago. When he opened it I was next to him and I actually couldn’t talk for a few minutes. I was stunned by its beauty!

  9. I Love all of that about Disney too. Thats why I always do character dining because they come by usually twice and pay special attention to the boys. It is definitely a part of the magical Disney experience.

    I hate food photography. I always marvel when I see such great food pics on Pinterest!

    1. There are definitely a lot of tricks to good food photography. Maybe one day I’ll do a post more about inanimate object photography! It’s easier because it doesn’t move. It’s harder because it’s not as interesting or adorable. And when I was pregnant with Des, most food photos made me feel ill but the professional ones did not. Less slimy with better lighting and the key is to be able to tell what it is!
      The princesses at the princess breakfast were AWESOME!

  10. The sea and all the things in it scare the crap out of me! Luis watches Cosmos, but I feel like it talks down to people. I don’t know if they were trying to be ironic, but it seems like they are presenting it to morons. Anyone else?

    My best friends’ daughter worked at Disney last year and they pay was so bad, and they charge them so much for the dorms, that my friend was shipping food to her daughter. So – they could pay better.

    1. That’s like my sister – terrified of the ocean. She thinks she drowned from a boat in a past life. She used to cry over bridges and on ferries. She’d be huddled in the air conditioned cabin of a ferry, while I was alone out on the deck with my hair wild in the salt air. We’re different.
      The Disney staff is incredible, and even more incredible, if they’re not being paid well. And it’s stupid because that company makes more money than any company should make. Spread the love, idiots!

  11. Fantastic questions and answers! I love the art piece that you commissioned and what a great story behind it! Shelly asked some AMAZING questions! I also love, love, love the picture that your daughter took of you!

    1. I really love her questions. I keep getting blown away every week by all your questions!
      I’m in shock that my daughter took that. She also took a clear photo of my husband and me last night. I’ll have to get that up too.

  12. Cruises scare me too! I thought I wanted to on one until they stared having so many problems these past couple of years. Now I know cruises are not for me.

    1. Oh yeah – like all the viruses and being stuck out there with no electricity. Or crashing. It can be really scary. I know cruises go out every day without incident, but I don’t like feeling stuck. I don’t love planes either. Cars are more dangerous than all but I like feeling like I have control, even if I don’t.

  13. I’ve been to the ice hotel outside of Quebec City. It was really cool to see, but I don’t think I’d want to stay there. Although, I’ve been on some camping trips that might as well have been in an ice hotel! And, YES, park ranger! But not just for a day. I think my husband and I want to be park rangers after our kids are grown and we retire. Not a bad option for a second career!

    1. That’s the best second (and first) career I can think about. I’m sure it can be hard and there are harsh conditions like crazy, but oh boy, I’ll come visit you and your husband often when you’re retired and park rangers!

  14. Happy dances are excellent – that’s what I call my skips and hops. Which are more shoulder shimmies and head bobs. And after your Tamara Cassidy answer, I googled Dana Matthew, and got Matthew Dana, who owns Dana law firm. Blech.

    1. Maybe Matthew Dana is amazing! Maybe he fights for the little people..and moose? Maybe.
      I hope you’ll do your happy dance at the 80’s prom! I may talk the talk but I’m either hot or cold. I’m either dancing like an idiot for hours, or I’m looking for food and standing in a corner. There is no in between.

  15. OK, first, I just googled Shelly Jeffrey and there are a few but the SJ that came up the most is a UK based, medium/artist! HAH! Glad you dug my questions! I really enjoyed your answers! I think you should be really brave and watch just 5 minutes of Cosmos sometime. In my opinion, it’s awe inspiring that we are NOTHING in this universe…and there are tons of universes! I gotta see your HP piece! <3 My husband really wants to go stay at an ice hotel. Did you know they remake them every year?! I've heard you don't get cold AT ALL! I really hope you have the picture your daughter took hanging in your house! It's really really awesome! You're great at capturing the connection between people. The picture of your sister is really touching. Disney employees (esp CPs) get paid next to nothing, charge a lot for housing and everything is more expensive in ORL b/c it's a tourist destination…I took out two student loans that we're still paying just to work there! I would pay that loan for the rest of my life for the experiences of that magical place! They've, obviously, learned that money doesn't matter when you love what you're doing….we know they have enough to spread around. I still love em'. πŸ˜‰ Happy Friday!

    1. A medium/artist in the UK!? That is interesting. Now is there a Jeffrey Shelly out there?
      I love your questions very much. Whenever I get the kind that stump me, I consider that a huge success. I like to dig deep and it’s clear how thoughtfully you took this.
      The ice hotel has to happen! I think it only looks cold but I imagine you’re right in that they’re comfortable. They build ice castles up here and they have to rebuild them every year.
      You’re giving me a lot of insight into Disney! I imagine that people must really love it because to know they’re all THAT GOOD without a high paycheck is heartening. But. I wish they got much, much more.

  16. awesome painting by Tamara Cassidy! I’ve been to Alaska on a cruise, but I don’t think I was anywhere near as far north you’d need to be to see the northern lights, so better you do the ice hotel, lol!

    1. I really want to do the ice hotel now! And Shelly says that they’re not even cold – they just look that way.
      Sign me up!

  17. The painting you commissioned is amazing! I can see how it represents both of you coming together. What a wonderful way to remember your wedding. My sister just got married and we had three months to plan! It was very stressful mostly because I wanted it to be perfect for her. Don’t let the stress get to you. Just enjoy the fun and being together. After this you’ll both be married ladies and life will get in the way of girl time.

    1. We have just under six months! Man, it will go by fast.
      And we’ve lived apart for many years so I almost wonder if this will bring us closer again somehow. Maybe they’ll move or do lots of married people weekends up here, or us down there!

    1. Thanks! It sure is something. She did always say we could come visit her in Vancouver and see her studio. Maybe one day we will.

  18. Super fun questions today!! Love the wedding picture and the story behind how you got it.
    Ummm….you know I used to teach middle science and if I hadn’t been a science teacher I would have taught math. I still tutor several high school kids in math (through Calculus).

    1. You have a gift! Janine too. I don’t have that gift – I am so happy that there are great teachers in this world, though.
      Can you tutor me???

  19. I’m surprised you didn’t go with “Friday…I’m in Love!” that’s a great song for any Friday. You just have to “throw out your frown” when you hear that song by The Cure.
    I could totally be a Park Ranger!! Except I might get fired for taking pictures all day. Park Photographer!! Is that a thing? that should be a thing. I have like 10 Provincial Parks all within either a few minutes or a couple of hours from my home: this needs to happen! πŸ™‚
    The thought of having to go back to 4 grey cubicles walls makes me want to curl into the fetal position and rock myself till the tears stop. A tad dramatic, but seriously, I will need to be held daily if that happens.

    1. I do love that song, and most songs by The Cure. I saw them live once and it was fantastical. (new word?)
      I think you just found your next career path and I certainly agree about the cubicles, or ANY office setting. I’d die. I’d just die. And what would be the point of making money there, right?
      My soul would shatter.
      I’m being dramatic too but I really, really mean it.

  20. The fact that you hop and skip when you are happy shows that you have not lost your grip on wonder. I love that.

    Those landscape pics are gorgeous.

  21. I’d be intrigued by an ice hotel. I also would LOVE to see the northern lights. So pretty.

    I haven’t watched that Cosmo show either. I’m sure it’s interesting, but I don’t like to freak myself out.

    I love doing happy dances. I do them a lot.

    1. Happy dances make us live longer. That’s a direct quote from a doctor.
      The Cosmos show will probably make me feel anxious and/or like dust in the wind.
      And I hate feeling like dust in the wind.
      I even hate that song by Kansas.

  22. I love the artist’s name. It is so cool, that piece was meant to be in your home!. I’m with you on cruises. Living in Miami, cruises are probably the #1 weekend vacation but the thought of going on one makes me sick. Why in the world would someone want to be on a boat with thousands of others? CRAZINESS!

    1. ha! I know! Insanity. I hate crowds. I could never go on a cruise. I guess Miami is a big docking station for them, right?
      Well you can just wave everyone off and enjoy being ON LAND. Safely. And without the stomach flu.

  23. Awesome questions! I think I would choose Walking on sunshine just because it is peppier and would get me up and going I think! πŸ™‚

  24. Space scares me, too. Have you seen Gravity? UHM…It’s a great movie but it will spiral your fears out of control. Your wedding gift is awesome, and I love that you looked for lol! Too cute. I’m surprised Ms. Alaska Northern Lights didn’t know Ice hotels existed! I want to go to one too!!!! They are seasonal I think- I saw a travel channel episode on them. Yeah I watch travel channel…PS Love the pizza girl stripper costume, HAHA!

    1. I refuse to see Gravity! I just..can’t.
      I want to watch Travel Channel, though! I’d get so many amazing ideas about things I need to do very, very badly.
      But not outer space!

  25. Yeah for you for being proud of giving birth – I think more of us should be proud of that miracle!! And I often do a hop/skip when I’m leaving work (cause, ya know, I’m leaving work). The other day someone caught a glimpse of me doing it and laughed. I couldn’t even be embarrassed!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. I rarely get embarrassed these days! It used to take so much.
      I guess the miracle of giving birth will do that to you.
      Have a great weekend!!

  26. OMG well there’s a lot I want to comment on but have to say this: ICE HOTELS. I’ve been obsessed with the one they build in Sweden for years. My good friend stayed there and she said it was pretty hard. You do sleep on ice beds, with reindeer skins, and they bring warm broth in the morning, but um. Yeah. Beautiful, but COLD. Also, the photo of you in the hospital? LOVE. And Scar already taking one of you that’s so beautiful.

    1. Oh my god – reindeer skins and hard broth? Well to be honest I stayed in a dump of a motel recently and the bed was very hard. Might as well get some northern lights out of the deal!
      That photo of me in the hospital is one of my favorites ever.
      I normally hate photos of me. Not those two!

  27. I am with you on the cruises! They are environmental disasters and I will never take a cruise, ever! However, I do highly recommend a glass-bottomed boat on the Sea of Cortez. You won’t be sorry.
    Also, yes, please go to Iceland. After you see the Northern Lights, go pamper yourself at the Blue Lagoon. Again, you won’t be sorry.

    1. Cassidy went to Iceland with his dad last April and I believe they did the Blue Lagoon. I was envious for sure!
      A glass-bottomed boat is certainly a life dream!

  28. Wow! What amazing questions and answers from you both! Love them. I am so NOT surprised that you have past your talented eye on to Scarlet. That photo is absolutely amazing! My daughter seems to have a knack for numbers and figuring out things too…the numbers definitely don’t come from me though πŸ™‚ I hope your weekend is off to a great start!

    1. I only have math talents when I really need them, but my mind doesn’t generally go there on its own! However she is a young sponge. I can’t wait to see what she will do in her childhood and her life!

  29. Oh Mint Car!! I haven’t heard that song in ages. I love the Cure. And amazing to have come across an artist names Tamara Cassidy! What are the chances.

  30. Love the art in your home! Want to see more! Where on the blog should I look to see more? Really love the art for Cassidy, awesome thoughtful gift.Want to join this party, love reading the questions and answers. Once things calm down here I want to come play!

      1. Wow! How fun is your house! One of my daughter’s friends loves to come over cause she said our house is “fun”, but yours takes fun to a whole new level! Love it! All the artwork fits right in, you have great taste!

  31. Have you watched the BBC show Sherlock? I was hesitant at first to watch it, but it’s so good! You guys have incredible art. I love that you found an artist named Tamara Cassidy and had her commission a painting for your wedding. We don’t have a ton of wall space right now, but I would really like to have more original art one day.

    1. Yes! That’s where that art piece is from. We love that show very much. It doesn’t come around that often because it takes so long between seasons, but I do understand why. There are so many details!

  32. I am a total cruise nut so we are not on the same page there. But I do things differently on a cruise. Since I usually spend most of my time exercising and taking exercise classes, I get to be in my own little world with no phone, no computer, and nobody bothering me. It’s really an introverts dream.

    I love that you commissioned the artist to make you and Cassidy a painting.

    1. My relatives go on cruises a lot. I think it’s really just my own anxiety plus Cassidy’s distaste for not being able to escape. He always likes to have his own car, etc.
      However, the way you described it for yourself? That is SO awesome.

  33. Her questions were definitely fun. I learned a lot I didn’t know. That is pretty awesome that the Disney characters don’t break character in the park. I love that! The tamaracassidy find is too funny. So cool that you commissioned the lady to make a painting! Too funny that she asked you to pick just one song! I know that had to be torture trying to pick just one! πŸ™‚

    1. It was so hard that I just decided to go with gut instinct! Every day is so different.
      I love her questions.
      I want a redo with you one day! You were the one to start me with Ask Away Friday and I didn’t GET IT at all. My questions were probably so canned. One day!

  34. Your wedding art story is inspiring on so many levels, but my favorite part about it is that you took something that might have been disappointing (the website was taken…ugh!) and made it a part of YOUR story. That’s like gourmet artisanal lemonade makin’.

    1. Why, thank you! I never even looked at it that way, to be honest. I don’t even remember being disappointed because I loved her website so much.

  35. That Halloween costume sounds quite interesting! Also love how you obtained your wedding art. So very cool.

  36. Obtaining your wedding art like that is awesome! We are still waiting on ours… a friend promised she would do a yin-yang sign with a black and blue rose when we invited her to the wedding.. but I guess life had other plans! I’d love to see the northern lights but I think I would steer clear of the ice hotel! I need warmth and sunshine!

    1. I hope you get your sign!
      Cassidy’s cousin is Ed Sorel – a famous cartoonist who does the New Yorker and other things. He offered us any piece of art he had done in his house for a wedding gift. We still need to pick that up already! What a beautiful gift.

  37. I think staying at an ice hotel would be fantastic! It’s on my bucket list. Also, I think it would be amazing to stay at one of those tree hotels πŸ™‚

  38. Ice hotel! yowza. have you seen those documentaries on how they build and maintain those things? and how they take care of hotel guests? it’s so fascinating!

    1. I never have, but I’m so inspired to do it now. Thanks! I never really even heard of them and now I’m getting bits of awesome info from all of you.

  39. Fun questions for a Friday! Love the hop/skip. It’s such a cute thing to do! Ironically, food is one of my favorite things to photograph. I love that it stays still; unlike my children. Half of my kid’s photos are complete blurs. What a great bonus question –and answer-too. I would probably end every day banging my head against the chalkboard if I had to teach math!

    1. ha! It does stay still. Even photographing adults is always confusing to me. So many of them come out clearly, as opposed to a smaller percentage of little ones.

  40. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first picture with all three of your babies on the playground. SO cute.

    And…WAIT A MINUTE!!!! I didn’t realize you were a Sherlock fan, too! Bobby got me hooked on it. I’ve seen each season 3 times now. I adore it. ADORE IT! I can’t believe we have to wait so long for the next season (*sob).

    Thank you for Mint Car. I would have sworn that Lovesong was as close as The Cure came to a happy song. (Side note. I was in college when that album-Disintegration- came out. I remember driving all the way to Nashville to buy it. I just heard it turned TWENTY FIVE recently. That made me feel really, really old. Blergh) –Lisa

    1. 25!? Holy cow.
      And yes, LOVE Sherlock! I console myself with the fact that it’s so brilliant, and that’s why it takes like..18 months to put out 3-4 new episodes. Yeah. That’s it. Although making us think he might be dead..for 18 months? That’s ridiculous.

  41. I want to see a close up of that gorgeous picture you commissioned the artist to paint for Cassidy! HOW cool is THAT??? You are amazing… and to think there is an artist going by both your names…? WOW.

    Your music is always so inspiring, not surprised. It is you. Always deep, and beautiful and has this allure of soul searching nostalgia. I swear I stare at your pictures for so long… just taking it all in. The lighting, the kids faces, every detail… because you seem to capture the true essence and amazing depth of the moment so vividly it just draws my eyes and heart right in.

    LOVE the questions and as always, such a great interview!!

    1. Come visit and you can look at the painting all you want! Sometimes Des messes with it and I get SO steamed about it.
      And I wondered if it was an artist name but it’s her birth name – how cool is that??
      Thank you for listening to my music! I like to leave them there for people who aren’t at work or for people who want to get a feel for it.

  42. Scarlet did such a great job with your photo!
    I think I would suck as ANY kind of teacher, I just have no patience or mindset for that kind of responsibility.

    1. She took a few more too that I’ll share soon!
      I’m a terrible teacher. I’m even terrible at just playing with my kids without looking at the clock. That feels horrible to me but I can’t shake it.

  43. Giving birth is the most empowering thing that I have ever done. You go to great lengths and do everything in your power to care for a tiny baby growing in your tummy.

    My oldest son’s birth was the best in my opinion. He is the middle child and he was stubborn from the get go. I was a week over my due date and was having light contractions when I went to the dr that monday morning. I thought I had a dr appt that day; however, my prego brain got the days confused. They agreed to check me out since I wasn’t feeling great anyhow. I was actually in very early labor and didn’t know it. They monitored the baby for an hour and then they did an ultrasound to check the fluid levels. I was fully expecting them to send me home but they sent me to labor and delivery for an induction. They started my induction, it wasn’t so bad and the contractions were minimal. I was able to breath through them and I was fairly relaxed. With my daughter, I panicked and threw all my breathing techniques out the window. Opps. I opted to get an epi but it took the anesthesiologist to long to get to me and my son had other plans. He decided it was time and that he was coming NOW. Once I got to the point where I was pushing, all of the pain went away.

    When they discharged us, I was ready to drive home. Of course, I couldn’t do that.

    1. My son’s labor/delivery was half of the time of my daughter’s birth and I always wonder if I had a third, would the labor be only three hours? Makes me think I’d be a pro at it now!

  44. That is a very cool picture you had commissioned for Cassidy. And pizza deliverer mid strip?? I would be a park ranger at that place too… although I’d probably get fired for just standing there looking at that view all day!

    1. How often do you think that happens? I imagine it happens all the time! I would be shrieking and racing for the camera all the time.

  45. Better late than never, right? The story of your wedding gift art is really cool! We have a pair of paintings that my husband got me for an anniversary that have a neat story about marriage behind them… then the artist (our friend) got divorced! Oh well, I still like them. =)

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