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All The Good Stuff Happens On Twitter.

I’ve been looking forward to this post all week.

I organized a blogging meetup on Twitter. I have also half-joked on Twitter about having a giant Tamara Camera Blog Camp on our four acres of land, tents not included, unless you love neon pink Disney tents. Once Scarlet made a friend at the local co-op and I noticed that her nearby mother looked familiar. Turns out? We had previously had many conversations on..you guessed it..Twitter. I love Twitter. In fact, follow me there! I will never unfollow you unless you unfollow me. I’m petty like that.

And not ashamed.

Last week I realized I hadn’t set up any bloggers for Ask Away Fridays in April, so I put a call out on Twitter and got back four fabulous replies. The first one was Tracie of From Tracie. Tracie is a thoughtful, deep, radiant, exquisite writer and I love her deep-thinking posts, as well as her posts about life in Orlando. She gets a lot of fun blogger opportunities, and shares her stories.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

To see who else is participating or to learn how to join the fun, head over to visit hosts: Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County, Amber from The Bold Fab Mom, Tiffany from Mrs Tee Love Life Laughter and Stacey from This Momma’s Ramblings. #AskAwayFriday is their beautiful and ever-growing creation! And contact me if you want to swap some time!

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To see Tracie answer my questions, go HERE. And now my answers to her questions:

1. Is there something you are particularly looking forward to doing with your kids when they get older?

Oh, that’s such a good question! Today Scarlet asked me about photography and if I could one day teach her. I would love to do that! And I can’t wait to have more adult conversations about life and dreams, tolerance, acceptance, joy and pain. I want to read “Harry Potter” with them. I want to watch “Doctor Who” with them. More road trips, more moose and wolves, whale watching, sunsets and sunrises over the ocean. Over different oceans. I want to go back to Disney World, time and time again.

Whatever tickles their fancy.

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2. Your photography always amazes me. When you are doing a session for a client, do you prefer to go somewhere special, or to work at their house? And how do you find and choose those special places for sessions (the place with the random outdoor mirror comes to mind)?

Another good one! I find that most sessions are outdoors at a place we both can easily get to – Smith College, local parks, Connecticut River banks, forests, mountains, beaches, etc. I have definitely done professional sessions at my own home:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

At clients’ homes:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

And even in a library!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Of course I want it in the place the client most wants their session. I offer suggestions based on experience or I ask for ideas from the local photography referral network. Obviously I’m most comfortable at places I’ve been (or live at) because with new places, I don’t know how to anticipate lighting and timing as easily, but I catch on. I studied this for 15 years for a reason!

Your backup plans need backup plans in photography..

3. From reading your blog, I know you are a super taster, so you have a special relationship with food and tastes. Are you a cooking person?

No, I’m pretty bad at cooking. It’s more of a lack of interest thing. I have no doubt that if I really put my mind to it, as with anything, I could be fiercely competitive and innovative and all that good stuff. That said, I’m too paranoid to cook meat and have never really even touched raw meat. (not a vegetarian, though) And there was the time I made sweet potato fries, following the recipe to a “T”, only to have used already baked sweet potatoes instead of raw ones! So they came out limp and burnt. I can bake, though, and I once whipped up these Tardis cookies for Cassidy’s birthday. They were toffee stuffed inside brownies stuffed inside chocolate chip cookies. Nice, right? If you’re awesome, I’ll make you some.

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4. Do you have a quote or message that sums up the way you live your life?

Someone asked me this recently and I gave up this Wayne Gretzky quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

5. I know you love the song Safe and Sound, because reading about it in your blog is the reason it is on one of my playlists right now. What other songs do you love, and do you turn to different songs when you are in different moods or places in your life?

I definitely do. Some constant favorites/soothers/inspirers (or all three) are:

“Learning to Fly” – Tom Petty
“Ten Years Gone” – Led Zeppelin
“Song H” – Bruce Hornsby
“Cloud on my Tongue” – Tori Amos
“Live To Tell” – Madonna
“Layla” – Eric Clapton

And a LOT more. These are all on my desert island mix. They’re all the things I want to remember.

6. Where do you find peace?

Often, within my own head, if there’s nothing else I can reach for. I find peace while typing/connecting in front of a computer, behind the lens, with the kids, when I’m laughing, with the songs mentioned above, and in the woods on our property.

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7. What is something you look back on and think, “I can’t believe I did that, but I wouldn’t go back and change it!”

Funny, because I have that thought ALL OF THE TIME! Saucy things I’ve said and done. Trips I’ve taken. Strengths I didn’t know I had.. A few years ago, I quit an office job with a note that said, “You are verbally abusive to me. I want to cry all of the time. Goodbye.” (and this wasn’t the same place I referenced earlier in which I left in the middle of the day with a banana in a desk drawer). Once, Cassidy and I snuck illegally but accidentally into a safari, but we were caught after the giraffe ratted us out:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I fulfilled a life dream to go to Yosemite, but I missed most of it because I was with a cute boy. (TMI?)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

8. How do you approach social media, and what is your favorite platform?

Genuine and inoffensive. Connected. Connective. With photographic evidence! Getting conversations started. Showing family and friends the zaniness of our lives. And of course, trying to make money with writing and photography. My favorite is Facebook (despite my above outpouring of love for Twitter). I just like how we’re all in the same place at the same time. So many walks of life! Blows my mind. Imagine if we were all in a room together. Well, it just won’t happen. So we have Facebook.

9. What is one word or phrase that you say a lot?

“Really?? It’s said in a certain sarcastic way that needs a soundbite. I don’t know how to do that! Just watch this video, starting around a minute. It’s more the way Seth says it, and not as much the way Amy says it:

10. I snuck in a couple of double questions up there, so this last one will be less of a question and more of a request: I remember you writing about your fun sock collection. I love fun socks. Can we see more of your socks?

Yes, you can! Here’s today’s gems:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

These socks are my absolute favorites and I wear them when I really need them..

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

These funny ones were given to me by Dion of Fire and the Romance..when I was 30. Not 50.:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Here are some more favorites:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Thanks, Tracie! You really got me with those. I love being really gotten!

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  1. I have to say right away, that it is crazy we both ended up with pictures of our husband’s interacting with a giraffe in our answers. Clearly this swap was meant to be.

    Love your list of things to do with the kids as they get older. And (maybe selfishly?) love the Disney idea, because that will be the trip I totally invite myself to crash.

    That library picture is the best. It is possible that all photo shots should happen in libraries.

    Yes, please to the Tardis cookies. Because they sound amazing. And because I really laughed at your description of how you cook. Mostly because it sounds exactly how I cook. Except I gave Thomas and myself food poisoning shortly after we were married when I decided to cook pork chops for us. That was pretty much the end of my cooking “career” in our family. But I can still bake!

    Back to the giraffe – I love that y’all accidentally snuck illegally into a safari. That rocks my face off.

    I love facebook the best too. It really is like having everyone all in the same room together.

    Really!?! You say really like I say, “Are you serious right now?”

    love Love LOVE your socks. Especially the Beatles ones…but all of them. Really. And that wasn’t even a sarcastic really. πŸ˜‰

    1. I am still in TOTAL SHOCK about the photos. They even look alike with the same angle and the giraffe putting its face in their hands, which I honestly didn’t know could happen. I had no idea giraffes were so friendly! I hadn’t thought they were unfriendly but this was something else!
      Tardis cookies will definitely happen for you! In fact, I’m so sad I didn’t see you in Orlando – it will have to happen next time. You can test out the new HP for us..
      (Still in shock about the giraffe)

  2. when I grow up can you teach me photography? and also can you take my family pictures? you are so right about facebook. such a great answer! and those socks are funny. they look much too small for you though!

    1. haha, of course I will! And of course I would take your family photos. I would feel like I knew you all already.
      The socks have shrunk in the wash but they usually fit again when I put them on. I do have small(ish) feet, though. Size 6.

  3. Such fun socks! I have a thing for socks too, which I think we have talked about before, lol! Those cookies look delicious and with Toffee, I am very impressed! I’m excited to see my son (and future kids) grow up and have conversations with them too. I was just talking to my brother about that today!

    1. It’s so much fun to imagine them talking, right? Des can talk, as well as any 1.5-year-old, so it’s limited. I don’t know all of this hopes and dreams. I just know if he wants pizza or macaroni and cheese!
      I really can’t wait.

  4. I remember when you quit that job! You used a post it, right? I remember giggling and rejoicing and quoting some random tv show or movie that I can’t remember now.

    Have you thought about giving Scarlet a point and shoot? I gave Malone our old one and he adores taking pictures with it. I’m not a professional, but we talk about finding the light and composition. She might dig it too.

    1. I don’t remember if it was a post-it note? I seem to remember a piece of notebook paper or computer paper because I wanted it to be BIG! (I’m incredibly rude). Maybe it was a post-it because I watched “Sex and the City” a lot.
      Scarlet and I do talk a lot about what might make a professional photo different from a non-professional photo. She is fascinated by that difference. I admit I am too! She has access to many of my cameras – even my Rebel! She just can’t touch my pro camera..yet.

  5. That note…that is just too funny. How did they react? Wouldn’t you have loved to be a fly on the wall? Not really of course. I can’t believe you snug into a safari too! I have an obsession with giraffes…my dream vacation is to go to Giraffe Manor in Africa. I wrote about it once. It looks like the most amazing place. And one of my friends went years and years ago and her pictures were just incredible.

    1. They called me and told me they’d withhold my check because they thought I stole a book from them! I calmly told them where that book was. And I got my check. Whew.
      I feel like I remember you talking about Giraffe Manor. My grandparents went there! I remember them telling me about the hotel “in the trees” they stayed in. I always had trouble picturing that.

  6. Your socks make me smile! I’m a “really” girl too – in all kinda of tones. It’s the perfect word, I think. Have a great weekend Tamara!

    1. Somehow I think I knew that you were also a “really” girl. I just can’t stop it. I even had an ex start to do it because I did it all of the time.

  7. First all, can you make me those cookies? Second, please, oh please teach me photography!! And third, I need a pair of those Beatles socks! Seriously those things absolutely rock and want my own pair now. This whole post today made me smile and couldn’t love you anymore if I tried!!! πŸ™‚ xoxo!!

    1. Yes, to the cookies! Yes, to the photography! Yes, to the Beatles socks!
      Love ya too and let me know if you ever want to swap. We could just make FTSF the first question! I realize that’s probably a lot for you for Fridays, though.

      1. You made me smile and we could totally work on something. Seriously, honored and would love to trade with you (you know I love you to pieces, so anything for you!)

  8. My gawd. You’re a walking and typing ray of sunshine! And I think you’re right. Twitter is “the” place to be! Oh…I have to say I love the library photo. It looks like she’s levitating!!!! πŸ™‚

    1. ha! Not always that ray of sunshine. I do love spring, though. I feel myself coming awake again.
      And the library had lighted floors! I couldn’t resist that one.

  9. Love that quote! You really take some great pictures! I just started getting into fun socks. Makes me feel zany even when I’m dressed up!

    1. Sometimes I wear ridiculous socks but I forget about them until I’m somewhere like airport security! I remember once wearing a whole business suit on a business trip and having to take off my boots for security. I remember a man behind me saying, “Nice socks!” I was wearing the rainbow ones!

  10. I say “really?” a lot too – not in exactly the same tone, but close.
    I love that you and Cassidy accidentally entered a safari – that would probably happen to me.
    And your socks are totally awesome. I am a boring sock person. No prints for me at all.

    1. I really need to do a soundbite – it might be just like yours! I just was trying to find a way to show it.
      I’m actually entering into the season in which I wear no socks! And I prefer it. I’m going sandal shopping today, in fact!

  11. Ok, something about that library picture had me thinking of Alanis Morrisette. Super cool photo. And I love that Scarlet wants to channel her inner photog. I’m sure she’ll have the same brilliant eye as her mother. I was doing better at the fun socks, but rarely do I wear them {especially now that I live in the desert} and I can’t justify spending money on something that I can’t really wear too much πŸ™‚
    Happy weekend love!!


    1. I hear that! I have so many socks as gifts that I never buy new ones. And now we’re entering the no socks season, which I love, so I just think about nail polish instead. Not that I have rainbow and whales and The Beatles nail polish!
      Maybe I should.
      Love ya!

  12. I love Lalya by Eric Clapton too. You guys have a lot of cute and fun socks. I bought my husband some Batman socks with capes on them for Christmas, but he has not worm them yet.

    1. That sounds fun! I think I may have bought Cassidy Simpsons socks for Valentine’s Day once. I’m certain he didn’t wear them either.

  13. Really?? Lol that was so funny. I can’t touch whole fish – that’s probably where I draw the line – it has to be cut. I can handle meet but am very cautious about germs. I love cooking though, when I have the time and inspiration, lol. I do enjoy baking but don’t have talent for decorating ish, I can make cookies though so I’m happy πŸ˜€ My friend does so professionally so she hooks it up πŸ˜‰ What’s your favorite spot to take photos with clients? Or what has been your favorite thus far? Happy Friday TamTam! -Iva

    1. Really?? Now I can’t stop saying it.
      There’s a park near here called Look Park and it has so many cool places – woods, ponds, bandshells, pine trees, gazebos, etc. I think I’ve had some really good sessions there.

  14. Love your sock collection! And I’m fascinated by the photo in the library. Is she sitting on a floor that it lit up? Very cool.

  15. I have a thing for cute socks too! But I don’t really need socks often, only my son and husband do. I buy the fun ones for my son only because my husband insists on getting only black and white for him. LOL.

    Your cookies look absolutely yummy and I’m sure they are! I haven’t seen a real giraffe in my life! You’ve pretty much done so many fun things in your life πŸ™‚

    1. I know – my husband wears boring socks. My kids don’t! Scarlet used to wear the $1.00 rainbow socks from Target every day, but now she picks out her own socks. (not plain)

  16. Dang it! I hate missing good tweets! I want to FAF with you! Those toffee cookies sound amazing, and I’m also a “really? REALLY?” girl…lol. I am always so proud of my saucy ways, especially when they’re completely necessary and built up. So crazy to have met a twitter pal without even trying

  17. haha, it was just yesterday that I got called out on my Tweetie Bird socks at work! Your cookies look amazing and I totally agree with whoever said that you’re just sunshine. And your daughter wanting to learn photography? Priceless and awesome!!! Facebook rocks. I don’t care what the haters say.

  18. A Gretzky quote and Toronto Blue Jays socks!! You’re now an honourary Canadian! πŸ™‚
    And with your awesome playlist, you can DJ my cottage party anytime. (I mean, once the snow is gone of course.)

    those darn giraffes – they never stick their necks out for anyone. so untrustworthy πŸ˜‰

    1. You know it! In truth, I bought the Blue Jays socks in Toronto when I was 16! I even saw a bit of a game from the top of the CN Tower. That trip was magical/special/changing for me, so I always kept the socks for luck. Clearly, they’ve seen better days.

  19. You are so right about “Really??”! I’ve heard you say it several times. Beautifully perfect. Love you!

  20. I think we need a piano socks day, I really do. I have some. You have some. I’m sure the rest of world would like to show their love for their piano socks too, right? We can create a clever hashtag for it. #rockthepianosock
    Is that cool? I’m really bad at hashtagging. #ishashtaggingaword

    1. Wouldn’t you know!? I’m wearing them today. This post reminded me that I have them and they’re special. It had been awhile.
      #AlsoBadAtHashTagging. #TotallyAWord #HelpMeICantStop

  21. This post is fantastic. I love the Wayne Gretzky quote! SO true!!

    That library shot is amazing…are those floors lit up? too cool.

    You have never handled raw meat?! whoa! I suppose baking cookies works equally as well πŸ™‚

    1. Totally lit up floors! And it was odd to discover because it’s an old library and this was one of the floors I’d never been to before. I thought it was so funky. Ultimately she went with a photo of her in the stacks for her book cover.
      And I think I’ve helped brown beef before, but that’s it!

  22. Your sock collection is truly awesome! And those cookies sound heavenly–when I can have dairy again I will need to get the recipe.
    Even though it is easy to miss so much on Twitter, I really like how it allows you to talk to people in real-time (assuming they get notifications). I feel like I’ve had public text messaging convos on it.

    1. I love Twitter best when people just keep coming in and out of your conversations, and that’s totally normal and welcome.
      And the recipe is on Bakerella. I believe they’re called Pillow Cookies. I added the toffee and I called them “Turducken” because it’s something stuffed into something stuffed into something else!

  23. OMGosh I so say really in almost the same way but I have NEVER seen this clip and I am STILL laughing about it…LOL I can’t stop… LMBO

    I love the sock collection…I have one of my own but I go for the knee socks…my son says I am reverting back to my Catholic School days… πŸ˜€

    1. It has some weird political message at the end, that is not necessarily (or at all) endorsed by me! I love the clip, though!
      Knee socks! How wonderful!

  24. I love your sock collection! As a person who DESPISES being w/o socks/shoes/slippers I might have to start one of my own. Also I should have consulted you on the baking. I’m going to a chocolate party this eve & my fudge turned out like CRAP!! I followed the recipe exactly. This is why I don’t bake but I LOVE to cook!

    1. I wear socks unless it’s the height of summer. I can’t stand being without! I guess I get cold feet..literally.
      I’m sorry about the fudge! I bet it tasted good, right?

  25. Those cookies look amazing. And I’m not really a sweets person, but I’d like one of those! The socks crack me up…I used to do crazy socks then I went to black and white, maybe add in a charcoal, navy or beige. No patterns, prints…nothing. Now I have some stripes and polka dots mixed in, in crazy colors. My absolute faves are those big, supersoft, fluffy “softest sock in the world” socks – because they really are. These were some tough questions – you did a great job with the answers, especially love the work note. The fact that you wrote “goodbye” is actually very nice…I probably would have cursed. I’m sure your way is better in the long run!

    1. I got a pair of those “softest socks in the world” for Christmas! You’re right – they’re amazing. It’s like a spa for the feet.
      As for the job, maybe I was feeling generous that day! I didn’t leave on my lunch break and I didn’t curse! (or leave a near rotten banana in a desk drawer) Maybe I have matured! (I doubt it)

  26. I wasn’t on Twitter before I started blogging and I have to say it’s pretty awesome. I love the whole “instant gratification” aspect of it. Plus I love connecting with amazing bloggers! I find my peace in my head too. I think it’s writers thing; inside my mind is where I feel most at home.

    1. Yes about the peace/mind thing! It’s often my last line of defense, because I know it’s always there. I’ll try to comfort myself in another way, just knowing that my mind is there. It’s strange.

  27. I can’t believe you’ve never touched raw meat!! I’m actually sort of impressed!!! I try to limit my meat exposure to once a day – I have to feed 2 teen-age boys plus I eat more than Chris most days so…..lots of meat!
    But those cookies are awesome – I can’t do that. It’s an epic fail pretty much every time I try to bake!
    Your kids are so cute now but they are going to be more and more fun as they get older.

    1. I guess I’m just so scared I’ll either under or over cook meat! Maybe one day I’ll try. I’m not even very grossed out by it – but I just haven’t gotten there yet.

  28. Your socks are awesome. Especially your Beatles ones. I love the Beatles.

    Blah, I am not a fan of cooking either. It’s just so BLAH and I get no pleasure for it. Eating the food, yes. Cooking? No.

    I wish you could take pictures of my family! I know they’d be amazing.

  29. Cute sock collection! Layla is a good pick. I tend to love songs about love or love lost. I’ve missed many things because of a cute boy. I’ve also seen things that I didn’t think I would because of one.

    1. I feel the same way – lots of cute boys in my day.
      And I also feel like I wouldn’t change a thing about it because of what I’ve seen and done.

  30. For as long as I read your blog, I will be perpetually and delightfully surprised to learn new things about you. But I love how you embrace life in such a genuine, funny, optimistic manner. And that you have such a fun sock collection. Mine tend to just be white. πŸ™‚

    1. I feel the same way, Melissa! In fact I owe you a visit – got so backed up in Bloglovin.
      White socks are a-ok! A fun approach to life can be still be found in white-socks people, clearly!

  31. Love the socks! I have a bunch of crazy colored handknit socks that I get out every winter and they make me so happy to wear sneaky-crazy socks under boring old dress pants at work!

      1. Yes! (pre-kids) I assume I would still remember how if I tried… it’s just hard to find the time these days. =)

  32. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” love this quote and agree. Adding new sings to my playlist and have one for you Small Bump by Ed Sheeran and finally wondering why we aren’t already friends on Facebook.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

    1. I’m listening to it right now on YouTube and I’m loving it. I haven’t watched the video fully, though.
      I’d love to be friends on Facebook! I’m under Tamara Klein Bowman. I’ll try to find you but if I can’t, find me! It should pull up easily.

  33. I LOVE this one!! In all of this time I don’t think I have seen your awesome sock collection!!! They are GLORIOUS!!! I love that your friend gave you the “50” socks when you were 30. Bwahahahahahaha. I just love that. (and I *really* want your piano socks!)
    We got back from Disney a few weeks ago (you were ahead of us there by about a month-ish) our picture has that stupid crane in the background by Cinderella’s Castle, too! I wish they’d move that stupid thing when they weren’t using it! –Lisa

    1. I wore the piano socks yesterday! (and today actually because I don’t often shower before 9:00 am on a Saturday)
      Also, that crane. Stupid. I thought about Photoshopping it out, but I wanted to remember everything as it was and thought that might be too fake.
      I did think about it, though!

  34. {Melinda} I love these Ask-Away-Fridays! The questions and your answers are always so interesting. πŸ™‚ I understand about the cooking thing. I don’t hate to cook, but I”m not incredibly interested in it. I think it’s just that by the end of the day, I am spent! Love the Wayne Gretzky quote. As someone who over thinks and hesitates by natures, it’s one thing I’m always working on — taking more risks! I’m never sorry when I do!

    1. I hear you! I have trouble letting go. I’m tightly wound sometimes. If I could just…let go. I’d be ace! I did do it in Universal Studios. I went on a scary ride! It felt awesome to give up control.

  35. What a fun post! I came over from SITS and your picture caught my eye and also the fact that I can’t “get” twitter so I thought maybe I could learn something about it. But even better, I learned that I’m way too reserved in how I leave posts of employment! πŸ˜‰ What a fun way to learn about someone!!
    Georgia (and beautiful pics, of course)

    1. Oh man – it took me about seven years to “get” twitter and I still miss a lot. I love it, though!
      And I’m cracking up about your employment comment. I could have been better. I could have been worse!
      Thanks for visiting!

  36. Ok I am going to start with your sock collection! That is awesome and you should totally join the sock of the month club. πŸ™‚ You’re such a great photographer and I’m just like Scarlet, I want you to teach me too. I’m so sorry we won’t get to meet up soon but I just know we will one day. It’s been a long week at work but I’m happy I didn’t miss this post. <3

    1. I do want to join the sock of the month club! I’d be a shoo-in.
      The great thing about these AAF posts is the variety. We should do another one! Maybe you and me this time.
      Wish I could go to CO – got the invite today and I was so tempted.

  37. I made someone cry at work. It is so not my nature to go off on anybody. That day was the last straw. She was my superior too and I say all the time I can’t believe I did that. In a way it kind of strengthened me to know that I could stand up for myself at work and not let people run all over me. There’s a line – you know? Anyway, love the socks! And the giraffe pic is my fav for this post.

    1. There’s definitely a line. I agree.
      And anything that qualifies as abuse has long since been drawn over that line. So in my case, in those few situations, I bristled and reacted!

  38. Those cookies? Awesomesauce (as my kids like to say). πŸ™‚
    Loved your answer about finding peace, and made me think that we share some of the same ways to find peace.
    And I love fun socks, too. Just the other day I got out my purple ones with Snoopy and Easter eggs. Heehee.
    Have a great weekend, Tamara!

    1. Awesomesauce! I love it.
      I love that we share those peace-seeking ways.
      And I often wear the wrong holiday socks. My mom jokes that the sock police will arrest me for wearing Halloween socks in February.

  39. I love these posts! I get to learn so much about the bloggers I love to read this way. It’s funny, I say ‘Really’ all the time too…completely sarcastically. I am really bummed that I am unable to only raise one eyebrow because that would make it that much better! Great sock collection πŸ™‚ I think I own five pairs of socks….black or white. Florida isn’t really a sock-wearing state. Or maybe it’s just me. I love those lit up floors in the library. That is super fancy….makes a great photo. But you do pretty darn good without the lit up floors too!

    1. I swear you can learn! I taught myself the eyebrow trick when I was 14. It’s weird because I practiced with my right but my left is totally awesome at it. It must have loosened it or something!
      I hear you about Florida… that sounds really nice, actually. I like skipping socks for 3-4 months here.

  40. You are killing me with those socks! I need to run out to Target right now and buy me some fun socks!

    I have a photo on the wall that I took of Lily feeding a giraffe lettuce at the Des Moines zoo. It’s one of my favorite pictures!

  41. I’ve never let a cute boy stand in the way of me and anything. Ever. Oh wait, unless you mean stand between me and a cute girl.

    How did you jam all that into the Tardis cookies? They look yummy, but the toothpicky things might become a problem, unless you remove them. You’re supposed to remove them, right?

    The best rooms in the library are the ones at the top. The one at my school had a couch and a great view of campus. Not lighted floors or girls like that.

    At my school, she wasn’t in the library.

    1. In her school, she was! This photo was for her book cover. She’s a writer and a reader.
      As for the cookies, I know you don’t know Doctor Who that well but the Tardis tagline is – “It’s bigger on the inside.”
      So that’s the secret. It’s bigger on the inside.

  42. I love love love your sock collection. And the Wayne Gretzky quote? So true. Twitter is a pretty cool place to hang out tho’ lately I’ve been distracted by all the noise there and haven’t been on much.

  43. Loving the socks, Tamara! Just too cute. I’m a big FB fan too. I’ve really fallen off the wagon re: Twitter. I simply don’t have enough time to stay current with it!

  44. I love that “resignation letter”, and sometimes wish I had the guts to do something like it. And I think your sock collection rivals my oldest daughter’s!

    1. You know, I can’t believe I did have the guts to do that! I doubt I’d do that these days.
      I think my sock collection rivals Scarlet’s too!

  45. I always love reading these and really do need to get involved in participating, haha. I have to admit that I am truly jealous of your socks, mine are all boring with the exception of my Soft Kitty pair that I got for Christmas that match my Soft Kitty slippers, shirt and hat (yes, I’m a Soft Kitty fan). Oh and now I want a cookie, but I’m sad because I don’t have any, haha. Oh! And if you ever do have a Tamara Camera Blog Camp, I am formally requesting an invitation! πŸ™‚

    1. My mom brought over some girl scout cookies but I miss the real thing! Home baked.
      And I don’t even know Soft Kitty but now I’m off to investigate!

  46. i love your socks! just too cute! in fact, i’m a sucker for socks…comfy and colourful; they never fail to make me feel better.
    totally enjoyed your post/photos. that black and white caught my eye…gorgeous one!

    wish you a happy week ahead~
    big hug

  47. I love the photo in the library. Is the floor backlit? Very cool. I’m sad to have missed the Twitter party. As you probably know, Twitter is my favorite social network. I’m there every day even when I don’t check any other network, email, etc. I’m familiar with Tracie from SITS. She seems like a very sweet person!

  48. You do know that you inspired me with your sock collection, right? I went out and bought a bunch of non-black and non-brown socks just because yours looked like so much fun. The bonus was that the fun socks I got were so much cheaper than the regular ones. And, well, just more fun.

  49. I love Tracie and you of course!
    That boy on the horse looks freaky similar to my girlfriend’s boy. Holy hell. I should send you a pic to do a side by side.
    Eric Clapton makes me cry. He really does.
    I am never wearing socks again thanks to the dog. I actually just got rid of (not because of the dog) a bunch of funky socks that I used to wear when I was working in the Children’s hospital.
    Confession: I want to claw my eardrums out with a spoon when I hear Really?! like whoa do I ever. That along with “Fair Enough.”

  50. I am coming to your blogging meet-up! LOL. Actually I am so behind the 8 ball right now I probably missed it. I need to take your social media training camp!
    You did the Dr.Who “Tardis” cookies? So cute! I hope I referred to that correctly! I want some! Toffee inside of chocolate….yum!

  51. I have no idea why I was so behind on your blog! You always put a smile on my face…and love thinking of doing fun things with the kiddos as they get older!

  52. OKay- I just LOVED Tracie’s questions!! And I say “Really??!!” ALL. THE. TIME. And why would you miss a lot of the Yosemite park? Hmm…. Oh, how I adore that pic of you and Cassidy!!

    Your fave quote has just become mine. Thank you for that, love!

    β€œYou miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” This will now be my mantra.

  53. i had no idea you’re a bad cook. so am i! i feel so much better πŸ™‚ if that’s the case, does cassidy do the cooking? my hubby does all the cooking in our household.

    also, i LOVE yosemite!!!

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