It’s All About You.

My sister and I had this thing in high school and college.

We’d go to the card store and look for the most intensely emotional or hilariously funny greeting cards we could find. Then we’d send them to each other. People used to say I had a knack for picking out the best greeting cards, or just the most appropriate, but the truth is that I often bought the first one that caught my eye. I suppose I had a knack for that itself, or a brain and heart full of such intense emotions, and no real way to express it myself. Yet. Luckily we have greeting cards for that. The most amazing thing is that you can add your own words too. Then you pop it in the mailbox and send it on its way.

American Greetings
(My sister is in the grey with her Yankees-hat wearing husband)

I’ve gotten worse at it with age. Something about going to the post office with two kids, or even without, scares me sometimes and I get lost in the details. It’s lucky for me that there are so many greeting cards in this world and it’s not hard to send them. My sister still sends them, and they’re fabulous, and I keep all of the ones she sends to my kids, for my kids to one day read through and through. Greeting cards are truly a gift that keeps giving, and I’m not sure I’ve ever NOT kept one.

About a month or two ago, I wrote a post about my little sister being pregnant, while also knowing that my older sister was pregnant but not public with it yet! Having them both be pregnant has been an amazing life experience for me. My older sister has been my rock throughout life. She’s one of the first people I met on this earth, and she’s the only one who really understands how it’s been ever since our father passed away suddenly when we were only four and six-years-old. She’s pregnant, and it wasn’t easy for her to get there, and she’s due with a little boy in March. I can’t wait to meet him.

Actually, that’s an understatement.

I’m going to fall madly in love with him and ask to babysit any chance I get. My younger brother has two kids and they’re pretty much the cutest, squishiest kids on the planet and the fact that we’re multiplying is amazing. In the spirit of the season, and in the spirit of thanks, I want to dedicate this blog post to my older sister – who has helped shape who I am today.

That little boy is going to be a very lucky kid to have you as his Mama.

It gets better. American Greetings is partnering with United Way Worldwide as part of the Thanklist campaign – to give back during this season of gratitude. For each #ThankList shared on social media, American Greetings will donate $1 to United Way Worldwide. The funds donated during this campaign will be allocated towards hunger protection. Research has proven that simply writing down what you’re thankful for triggers the positive health benefits of gratitude. So share a Tweet, Facebook post or Instagram photo and name people for whom you’re thankful!

Show your gratitude in this simple and powerful way and make it spread.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. What a beautiful family picture Tamara! It’s so exciting when siblings welcome new babies into the family. And I agree, letters are such a pleasure to receive.

    1. I’m glad you like it! My brother-in-law took it with his camera and a tripod. It was fun to get us all in the shot. It doesn’t happen nearly enough.

  2. awwww!!! Trust me you can babysit anytime! Wait until the baby is born, there is NOTHING like being an aunt. I know you are an aunt already, but this is your DNA being born again. I for one still get butterflies every single time I see you and your kids! And ps fresh ink forever!

    1. And I promise not to eat your baby!! It’s tempting, though. I wonder if he’ll be a blondie or if the Klein genes will come through like it did over here. All Bowmans were born white blond!

  3. I am seriously so happy for both your sisters and also love what you are thankful here today for. Oh and the greeting cards thing, once again twins as I was always the one that would stand in the card store mulling over cards to find that perfect one back in the day, too 😉

  4. I am happy for you, Lindsay and your whole family. I am very careful with using the word ‘blessing’, since you know church and I – well, whatever, but you are blessed with your family. Hold on to it. It is so important.
    And on the subject of greeting cards. I had long given up sending any. Since I am with David we are the ones upholding the spirit of sending postcards from vacations and my own photo Christmas cards. This week I’ll be in NYC again for the treelighting, so hopefully I will get a few good shots for this year’s cards.

    1. I think when you use the word, it means even more. I don’t use the word often myself but I do think it. We have a lot of love.
      I think sending postcards is a habit I’ve never gotten into, and I want to change it.
      Super exciting about the treelighting! I bet we’ll see photos on the blog?

  5. I am terrible at cards too. I try to do Christmas ones, but the rest just get lost in my failed attempts! I love to get them so I am going to keep trying to send them. What a great partnering. I love the idea of a Thanklist. I am kind of big on gratitude. Such happy and wonderful times for your family!

    1. We don’t even do Christmas cards. Even though I’m a photographer. I mean.. seriously uncool!!!
      Being big on gratitude seems key to a good life. Kudos!

  6. So happy for your sister — you have such a wonderful family:) We are a “card giving” family… send them for all the holidays, even when we are going to see each other. We line them up on the mantle after they are opened and they become part of the decor!

  7. What a lovely post, Tamara. Greeting cards are falling to the wayside because technology renders them less important (supposedly). I still love to receive a greeting card and still make sure I give the people I love, that courtesy and thoughtful gesture. It’s wonderful you’re so close to your siblings and you’re there for each other! You guys set a wonderful example for everyone. Congrats to Lyndsay!! So exciting.

    1. I hope greeting cards never truly go out of style because I’m still a fan, but not as good about them as I can be. This post reminded me to get on it!

  8. So exciting!! I am just so stoked for baby pictures and family fun on this blog! I am not a fan of the post office, everytime I go, something crazy happens!

    1. I’ll be hopefully doing their maternity shots and then newborn ones! Expect photos!
      The post office is nuts! I remember the one in San Francisco we went to always had a line. At least it was sunny and warm, though.

  9. This is such a sweet post. I’m so excited for you & your family!!! I cannot wait to see the beautiful pictures you will take of your adorable growing family.

    1. I can’t wait to take photos! It’s hard for me to take photos of my family because I’m either in personal mode or professional mode and I have trouble being both. Sometimes it works, though. Like my sister’s day after wedding shots!

  10. My stepmother is fantastic at sending greeting cards to all of the kids at each holiday…we even got back from their house this weekend to a mailbox full of Thanksgiving cards for each of the kids and even one for me and the Husband. I hope that my girls grow up to be as close as you and your older sister. Clearly you have a special relationship. And two nephews in just a few months…so wonderful!

    1. That is so awesome!
      My kids stayed at my in-laws’ house a couple of weeks ago and by the time they were back, the cards they had sent to us were in our mailbox. That was such a cool activity of my in-laws to do with them.

    1. That reminds me that I used to send electronic greetings to my ex and I’d send ridiculous ones! Like “Happy Mother’s Day.” Or I’d send him like.. first communion ones. (He was Jewish)
      I’m not very mature.

  11. What a sweet post! How exciting for you and your sisters!

    I love sending and receiving cards. Both of my grandmothers worked for Hallmark, so I grew up in a family full of greeting cards 🙂

  12. That’s so exciting about your sisters! So much fun to have a big family! I seriously used to read all the cards when I was a kid in the Hallmark store. Silly I know!

  13. Wow!!! A $1 to charity for every share on Twitter and Instagram is awesome. I will have to share my #thanklist on twitter and instagram 🙂

  14. I’m like you, I can never make it to the post office but this year I actually plan on being better with sending cards. I used to throw away the cards I got from my mom but after she passed away and I went back for her funeral, I noticed that she kept every card I ever sent her. Made me feel bad. I still have the last 2 she sent for Christmas and I’m going to cherish them. Thanks to American Greetings for making this post possible.

  15. OHMYGOSH I HAD NO IDEA that Lindsay was pregnant!!! I am SO EXCITED FOR HER!!! And of course for YOU!! Do you know I am CRAZY about cards… I have actually had an ongoing collection of all my favorite cards I have received in my lifetime. When I was in my 20’s, I framed them all into a big collage and had them on my wall. I’m sappy like that. 🙂 The framed collage is down in the crawl space somewhere still…

    Lindsay will be such an awesome mom. Just like you are…

    1. I sort of spread the news in more subtle ways, because I was saving up for this post!!
      I can totally see you being crazy about cards, and I love that.
      Do you like getting glitter-bombed??

  16. I am so happy for Lindsay!!! What an exciting time for all of you.
    I love the idea of greeting cards, and there is nothing better than finding Just The Right One for that special someone. My mom and her friend have passed the same one back and forth for years. Always with something new added. But I also kinda thought most people just threw them away after the special day, and it started to feel a bit wasteful. So it’s so nice to hear that someone actually keeps them!! I have kept all the ones from hubby and the kids.

    1. I definitely keep all the ones from Cassidy, because I get like.. two a lifetime!
      And they just say, “I know” in response to my “I love you.”
      Ok, that last part was a joke but it could happen!

  17. I love greeting cards and disappointed how few people send them. I especially like the picture cards so I can see all those I love around my door. 🙂

  18. I love giving and receiving greeting cards. I have a big box of them that I kept since I was in kindergarten. When I look back and read them again whenever I’m in my hometown, it’s always nostalgic! It’s like a time capsule.

  19. Children growing up with loving aunts and uncles seems like a no brainer – trust me, it is not. Just knowing your journey, and your sister’s, and how they mix and meld and move together, I can only imagine there’s unlimited joy ahead for you as the family expands. Congratulations to you all … I love the love.

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