Alexa Skill Blueprints: Building Skills Around Our Family

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Alexa Blueprints are a unique way to help and entertain your family, your house guests, and even your pets! Find out how to create and build skills together, and how it helps your family. #skillblueprints #alexa #IC #ad #alexaskills #createalexaskills #letalexa

I don’t think we need to tell you twice how much we love our Amazon Echo.

In fact, we have several devices in our home! We are pretty much Amazon everything. We have Amazon Prime and we are both longtime Amazon members. I can honestly remember when I discovered Amazon – I was 19 and wanted to reread all of the book series from my youth. I couldn’t find them in bookstores anymore so I would order a book a month from Amazon as a “treat” to myself. Little did I know that one day I’d have an Echo in every room that could order me any book of my dreams, and play any song I want! It goes beyond that, though. We’ve found a way to both help and entertain our family.

Alexa Blueprints are a unique way to help and entertain your family, your house guests, and even your pets! Find out how to create and build skills together, and how it helps your family. #skillblueprints #alexa #IC #ad #alexaskills #createalexaskills #letalexa

I feel like we are part of a unique chance to create and build skills around our family. This is really amazing. At first, we used Alexa to play music, discover new songs and artists, play fun games, and make jokes. Lately we have discovered so much more! Alexa Skill Blueprints are where it’s at to keep us connected, active, entertained, and supported.

Check out some fun we had, and please excuse the cuteness:

Families use Alexa’s numerous skills every day of their lives. It makes life a little easier and a lot more fun. We love Skill Blueprints because you can create and build your own skills, and personalize Alexa, in-depth, for your home and family and even your pets and guests! There are Petsitter, Babysitter and Houseguest Blueprints! After we set up our Echo, we said, “Alexa, please help us get started with skills.” You could also ask her to play a game or even help you relax!

Yes, I do this one often.

Alexa skill blueprints

In addition to the many skills you may already have seen in the skill store, you can now personalize your Echo by making your own skills in just minutes, and there’s no coding required. Here are three of our favorite Blueprints:

1 – Adventure Story. This is such fun, and helps drive connections with your kids. You can fill in the blanks either in the app or with Alexa to build a personalized adventure story. The sky is the limit for the fun you can have.

2 – Birthday Trivia Skill Blueprint. This is Scarlet’s favorite. It’s especially fun for a small gathering or a kid’s birthday party because Alexa can ask friends and family trivia questions about the birthday girl or boy.

3 – Chore Chart. We have a busy household and Alexa can help make our routines more efficient and fun. We use Alexa to facilitate household chores. This is great for families, but would also work well for roommates and friends!

Maybe you’re wondering what exactly a Blueprint is? These Alexa Skill Blueprints allow you to make your own Alexa skills for personal use on your Alexa-enabled devices. There are over 20 templates in six categories, and you can create personalized flash cards, family games, household voice-only chore charts, and so much more. To create a Blueprint you ask, “Alexa, can we try a Blueprint?” And you can head to to get started. Alexa is always ready to help or entertain in ways that matter to you and your families, with Alexa SKill Blueprints. And the learning curve was not steep!

Alexa skill blueprints

Alexa skill blueprints

Alexa skill blueprints

We were up and running in minutes. I have the Alexa app on my phone and I’m able to create and build Blueprints on the phone and then they’re ready for use in minutes on the device. I love how there are special Mother’s Day ones (hint.. hint..) in which you can personalize stories about your mom and you can give compliments through Alexa to your whole family! Des loves the jokes one and the adventure story one. I will say that the ones that really help the family and our guests are my favorites! You can tell Alexa where you keep dog food and diapers, and that will enable house helpers to find their way.

Which Blueprint looks best to you?

Alexa Blueprints are a unique way to help and entertain your family, your house guests, and even your pets! Find out how to create and build skills together, and how it helps your family. #skillblueprints #alexa #IC #ad #alexaskills #createalexaskills #letalexa

Do you use an Amazon Echo in your home? Would you try Blueprints?

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  1. I seriously might be the last person not to have an Alexa! But after seeing your post, as well as AnnMarie’s I am slowly thinking I may indeed need to change that! 😉

  2. We love our Amazon Echo and have them all over the house. I love to “drop in” and talk to the kids downstairs and there’s even one in my bathroom so I can relax in the tub. I just ordered the Echo Dot for kids for Madison’s room so that I can place the big one in her room in the guest room. Blueprints just made it even more fun for us.

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