It Ain’t Easy Being Random.

Random fact about me – before Sunday, I had never been to a Baptism.

My first one was lovely and most importantly – I was with my entire family again, less than a month after my sister’s wedding. This meant a lot to me, so on Saturday I solo drove the four hours to my parent’s house with one sick child and one whiny one. I even cheated on Thanksgiving, which I rarely do, and watched a cheesy Christmas movie. Or two. On Sunday, Des slept in for the first time in ages and Scarlet had gotten up at 6:00am but had crawled into my parent’s bed, in-between them, and those three fell back to sleep adorably. After a feast of bacon, eggs and pumpkin pancakes, we were Baptism-bound.

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As my brother-in-law described it, it was like bird calls during the ceremony. Des heard sirens and yelled, “Fire truck! Fire truck!” Another little girl shouted for a Band-Aid. The babies being baptized – my niece and another baby – made raspberry noises and squawked. So Des wasn’t actually the loudest one there.. I think? He might have been. He kept laughing too.

old school blogging

After there was a beautiful luncheon, and then only a three hour drive back, since I was leaving from the party and not my parent’s house. I pretty much lost that hour gained by hitting NJ/NY accident traffic, which of course makes anyone who ever left the tri-state area exclaim to themselves, or to two sleeping children, “Seriously guys? How does anyone live here? How did I live here?” And then I was back home in New England, and both kids were cranky and Des is still sick and I’m just so grateful for an awesome Old School Blogging topic this month: Five Random Things. And there is still time to link up too!

Five Random Things About Me.

1. I’m seriously the deepest sleeper ever. When I was a little kid, a gunpowder plant exploded one weekend morning and woke up people for miles and miles. There were many loud blasts, which I slept through, but I did wake up to my sister crying and my parents trying to comfort her. There wasn’t a lot of comfort because they had no idea what had happened. It was a brilliant sunny day and it wasn’t loud thunder. We didn’t find out the truth right away because.. no social media. I also slept through an earthquake in San Francisco and one in New England too. However. I don’t sleep through nursing babies waking up because they need me specifically. I also can’t sleep a wink if I don’t trust you. If I’m in your house, or if you’re in my house and I think you’re shady? I won’t sleep well. Which was pretty much 2-4 entire years of college for me. Never again.

2. I’m also a terrible flyer and for someone who sleeps just fine anywhere else, I can’t sleep on a plane for more than a few minutes at a time. Then I jump awake. For my first trip after September 11th, I actually left the country to go to Vancouver. I had a little “gift” from my doctor with me – a box of Klonopin. I never took it. It was also the bumpiest flight I’ve ever been on and I was totally calm while the plane was plummeting. While in Vancouver, we took a ferry and two buses to get to some wild place somewhere.. out there. My ex paid someone to go up in a helicopter on a glacier. I told him (and them) no way in hell I’d go. At the last possible moment, I jumped into the helicopter. It went up like an elevator and landed on a glacier.

I have never been sorry that I jumped into that helicopter at the last moment.

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old school blogging

3. Until I was 18 (and change), I had a thing for lost boys. They were like bad boys, but not really bad. Just lost. Think of Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club and think about how that movie ended happily. Imagine how that relationship would go down in real life? Yes. I had a crush on the short, pudgy short-order cook from one of my pizza jobs. He had been in prison. I guess that was bad, but he wasn’t in a prison for something terrible, I assure you. Don’t get me started on my senior year prom date. Just don’t. Ok, you can. One day. I outgrew the Lost Boys thing in college. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

4. My older sister and I used to come up with these master-minded plans of just being.. total a-holes. I’ll share some of hers one day.. For one of mine, I convinced my siblings and my little neighbors to go trick-or-treating at some point soon after Halloween. The way I figured it, people would still be wanting to get rid of their candy. We actually got quite a haul, but we also got totally in trouble. For another plan, we all dressed in costumes in April (not Halloween), and jumped on my little sister’s school bus when it arrived to drop her off, and once the bus door swung open. We danced around the bus in costume and tried to scare all the little kids. We were trying to embarrass my little sister, but as she told us, “You really only embarrassed yourself.” She was very wise for her young age but I wasn’t actually embarrassed. I’m still not.

old school blogging

5. For my 21st birthday, my boyfriend at the time took me to New Orleans. We got up at the literal crack of dawn and got on a mostly empty airplane except for a very rowdy bachelorette party who had never gone to bed the previous night. They weren’t even hungover.. yet. They were still drunk. They got the pilot to give them lots of shout-outs. We actually shared a car with them to the French Quarter and they were quite lovely. During one of our nights in the city, my boyfriend paid a fortune teller at 3:00am to tell him his future. The fortune teller even told him specifically when he’d die, and all kinds of crazy information. I did not get my fortune told. I didn’t believe in the fortune teller, but I was afraid just the same.

What’s something random about you?

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  1. I love hearing about random musings from your life, Tamara. We share the same feeling about airplanes. I am always impressed by the person who dozes off as soon as the flight takes off and wakes up right before the plane lands. Did he or she not feel the turbulence?

    I am glad that you managed to jump on that helicopter. That view is breathtaking.

    My random fact: As much as I love literary reads, I enjoy flipping through US and People and reading about pop culture.

    1. My confession? I got a gift subscription to Us Weekly once and I haven’t been able to let it go since. I’m so bad.
      As for airplanes, I have definitely seen people who fall asleep before take off and then wake up at landing. i’ve wondered about them for years. My theory is that at least some of them are on some sort of medication!

  2. That IS some random stuff there. First: I am glad you’re back home safe and sound from – what it sounds like was -an enjoyable 1st baptism.
    Your sleeping and flying – that’s totally me. Add maybe seeing a big freakin’ spider in the top corner of your bedroom’s ceiling to not being able to sleep deeply. I’ve never been on a helicopter ride, but always wanted to. One day. And I totally love(d) the Breakfast Club πŸ™‚

    1. I would totally go on a helicopter again. It was so worth it. However, somewhere like where I went. I don’t know if I’d want to just randomly go on one anywhere.
      And Cedar Knolls was quite lovely today! We were at the Notre Dame church.

  3. First off, yay to a perfect sounding weekend and by the way I totally was into bad boys here myself in the past and don’t ask me what I thought either, but just so thankful that I came to my senses and ended giving the nice guy a chance, because I def do have it lucky with Kevin πŸ˜‰

    1. It’s funny because it’s not even a turnon anymore. It just seems pathetic. I guess that’s maturity for you. And when I was 18 is when I met such a nice guy, and for the first time ever, it hurt me more to push him away than to take the chance at love. I’m glad I did. We didn’t wind up together, but he’s happily married now.

      1. I know Tamara and my mom used to tell me I had bum radar. Seriously I would so look over the nice guy and find the bad boy that much more appealing back then. Crazy, but sadly true!

  4. I love hearing random Tamara facts. Somehow, the lost boys things doesn’t surprise me, though I’m glad you got over that one. I guess it’s better than bad boys? I’ve had a bad boy thing. Ugh.

    1. I think it’s better? Although some of them overlapped with that. But it’s more people that were in a lot of pain and seemed very lost. Some of them were players and some were not.

  5. These are super randomly random things! ha! And I love that the date is on that Halloween photo! Almost 30 years ago! YIKES!

    I’ve been to A LOT of baptisms! πŸ™‚

  6. What a lovely description of our wonderful week-end. Seeing you was like “found money” since we weren’t completely sure it would work out that you would come. So glad it did!

    FYI: You get the plane thing from your father. Just be happy that smoking isn’t allowed on airplanes anymore. Enough said about that! And, that photo of Scarlet looking in the mirror, like Alice and the looking glass; I can really see myself and Pop pop in her face. Watching the children gives me a deep feeling of our family’s history and richness.

    And, one more thing…FIRE TRUCK!!!!!

    1. Fire truck!!

      Poor kid rallied so much because he is totally sick today. No regrets about a great weekend.

      It was totally like found money. My favorite part was, you can probably guess, watching a bad Christmas movie with you and Scarlet. Three generations eating cookies and watching bad movies.

  7. Ooh, that must have been a rough 4 years in terms of sleeping! I wish I was that deep of a sleeper, though. I can’t really sleep past 8 am, no matter how tired I am (and regardless of whether Eve is there or not), which is part of the reason I don’t stay up late anymore.

    1. If left to my own devices, I will sleep as late as I can. Yesterday I slept until 8:30. When Cassidy and I went away for our anniversary, I slept until nearly 10. It was paradise.

  8. You make random seems so easy. I’m laughing here at your Halloween get up when you were younger. Sounds like something I would have totally done if I had a partner in crime to do it with. As for sleeping that’s also just like me. I can sleep through major disasters but if one of my kids try and sneak in the kitchen late at night I can hear them. πŸ™‚ I’m loving these random facts. Here’s to a great week ahead!

    1. That is so funny about the sneaking into the kitchen! I don’t want it to sound like I didn’t wake up when the kids were younger. I totally did. if Cassidy is away, then I will be a light sleeper.

  9. I love the one about Halloween and how you tricked them into trick or treating. And then how another time you danced on the bus – that is so cool – fun stuff from childhood πŸ™‚

  10. I can sleep on a plane, in fact I did sleep all three times, even though I was scared as all hell at first to get on the plane. Frank on the other hand cannot sleep on the plane at all. Car is a different story altogether if he is not the one driving πŸ˜€

  11. One of my favorite movies when I was in college was The Lost Boys, with Kiefer Sutherland as a vampire! I think we even had the movie poster hanging up in our dorm room.

  12. I love the plans you masterminded! My random fact along the same lines: I used to tell my younger sister that she was adopted and that Mom, Dad and I were the original family. Now I cringe at that, but at the time I thought I was being funny.

    1. I think my older sister can top that, because my little sister had the most perfect black and straight hair, and my older sister would tell her that our parents adopted her from China. Isn’t that awful?

  13. Wonderful randomness! I Love the Halloween stories. I too had quite a few boys that needed to be fixed. Unfortunately it didn’t end in college. My friends tell me I should write a book about it. Fortunately it ended before I met my hubby! πŸ™‚

    1. I definitely agree with both! Although I was telling Ashley that a fortuneteller once gave me free advice. He told me I would have a broken heart a lot, and become a writer or editor. Check and check. kinda.

  14. I’ve shared a bunch of random stuff on my blog before, but here’s a new one: For some reason I am obsessed with listening to musicians breathe during their songs. Like I have to listen for them to take a breath and decide if they are breathing in the right place during the phrase. I don’t know why. It bothers me unless I listen to the music really low (so I can’t hear the breathing).

    1. Rabia, that is such a good random fact about you! Are you a trained singer and that’s why your ears listen for that? I am not at all one and I confess that I sometimes wonder if they are breathing correctly.

  15. I WISH I were a heavy sleeper. But the slightest noise can wake me up. It drives me insane.

    I hate flying too. I can’t sleep on airplanes because I worry I’ll go crashing to my death. Or I worry my head will lean over to a stranger’s shoulder. How mortifying!

    1. And which scenario is worse?? Just kidding. I think airplanes are just unsettling. Maybe it’s a place that breeds panic attacks, or illness, or other things I hate. The chances of death are pretty slim.

  16. Ahh… what a fun RANDOM post of cool tidbits of your life!!! I am cracking up at your Halloween scam!! Brilliant!! And those poor kids and BUS DRIVER on the bus!! I love so much all of this stuff- I love learning your history, of old boyfriends and trips and beautiful daring helicopter rides!

    1. I have so many adventures! I still think about a lot of them. Although life now is such an adventure in much different ways. Like parenting sick and whiny children!

  17. I am the soundest sleeper ever. When we were dating I had a basement apartment. David was trying to surprise me by coming home from a trip early. As he walked down the bulkhead stairs he ran into a bucket I had put there to catch a leak. BOOM he comes flying down the stairs, hits the door and the dog is barking like mad. I slept through it all. Yet now my girls roll over and I am wide awake for it.

    1. Oh that story! sometimes I wake up, and Cassidy tells me everything I missed. All kinds of hijinks about kids waking up to pee and cats batting toys around the floor.

    1. I can’t remember if my mom made me give the candy back. I hope not because people really did want to give it away! I was an entrepreneur. I saw an opportunity for all of us to gain.
      And the weekend was wonderful. I got to realize how my kids are in church. Two-year-olds, are pretty funny.

  18. Haha, you were just being economical with the Halloween candy, the way I see it πŸ˜‰

    I haven’t taken my kids to a baptism (or a wedding or funeral, really) and I’m scared the day I do they’ll earn some gnarly stares from others for being so loud.

    1. That’s what I think! I saw a business opportunity there. Too bad my mom saw a reason to ground me.
      I think that church is a bit like airplanes. If you put kids there, they will yell. And all of the parents will think that their own children are the worst. In truth, my son had some help with the loudness. The deacon was totally cool.

  19. Sounds like an adorable baptism! With kids, the louder the better :). Reminds us that people want churches to be quiet, not the Big Guy for whom the church was supposed to be built for. Anywho, great photos of the glacier! Wow! Something random, I used to be a deep sleeper but once I had kids, every peep out of the monitor wakes me up and I can’t get back to sleep quickly. The only thing that doesn’t wake me, ironically, is my alarm clock ;).

    1. That is funny! I haven’t used an alarm clock in years, or needed one, but today everybody slept in and Cassidy had to wake me up. Rushed Monday mornings are bad.
      I think if you bring kids to church or on an airplane, they will yell!

  20. I am in shock and awe that you did the helicopter ride. I’ve yet to post my random facts post but it is in the works. Let’s see–I unknowingly dated a married man.

  21. I’m jealous that you are a deep sleeper. I barely go under the “awake” level. I actually think I continue to process my environment all night long. Sigh…. Glad you got to go to a baptism. Having parents who want to commit their children to God’s hands is a pretty awesome thing! As for NY traffic… yes, I’m afraid so. I pretty much plan my entire travel schedule around traffic.

    1. I am pretty much never in traffic. It never really happens. Or what they call traffic here, is what people back home would consider minor.
      So when I do get back and you can’t just go wherever you want, whenever you want, I get so pissed.

  22. That’s funny that the last comment is about sleep, because i too was going to say I wish I was a deeper sleeper! This was a great post. So much information. I think my favorite picture is the one of the backs of Scarlet and her daddy, and the pic of your house. It looks like a fairy tale house. And you have a gorgeous family!!!

  23. I do not miss traffic in the tri-state area. Since I drove home from Connecticut after I moved, I got to experience it one last time. We are opposites because I am a terrible sleeper, but I sleep like a rock on planes and in cars and on trains. I guess just in any kind of moving vehicle. My parents used to put my in the car and take me around the block to put me to sleep when I was little. Pretty sure it would still work today!

    1. Oh that’s interesting! And we do rock our babies or put them in the car to soothe them. I guess it lasts. I think city traffic in San Francisco was still better than the tri-state area!

  24. I’m a deep sleeper too, except babies. I love it! Everyone else complains about storms waking them up and I’m like… what storms???

    Hee hee! I had a lost boy crush during my senior year of high school, too. Actually, I dated him for several months and I’m pretty sure gave my parents nightmares over it. (He didn’t actually go to prison until after we dated, does that make it better or worse?)

    1. That happens here. I wake up and hear about all of the hubbub I missed! Too funny.

      Ha! On one hand it’s better because you had the best part of him. On the other hand, did you drive him to commit a crime? Absolutely kidding and there is no way you did.

  25. I don’t believe in fortune tellers. They drive me nuts. I DO believe that there are gifted folks out there just not trying to make a buck from it…these are some fun facts! I feel like I should be memorizing these stories for a future two truths and a lie post….

  26. I am a very sound sleeper, too – more so now than I used to be. I used to laugh at my hubby when my girls were babies because they could cry and I could nurse them right beside him in the bed and he never even knew it. Now, it’s kind of the opposite – int he morning he’ll sometimes say “Did you hear that thunder?” (or whatever) and, usually, I say “Nope!” πŸ™‚

  27. I would not have had my foutune told either. I think I would be thinking about it all the time. I’m sure it would alter your life, just knowing that someone said certain things were suppose to happen.

  28. I am the lightest sleeper ever, 13 years of babies will do that to a person. I am counting down the days until I can once again sleep! Although my mother says that is why older people sleep so much, their babies/children wiped them out πŸ™‚

    1. I know. When can we sleep? I slept until 9:30 when Cassidy and I went away for our anniversary. Was so weird! The day didn’t feel so long like days usually feel.

  29. Well, I’m glad to know you enjoyed the baptism…and don’t have any worry about loud kids in churches, that’s the norm in the best churches. One weekend we went to Mass, and L shouted out “All done Jesus!” at least three times…and only when it was quiet. What can I say, she was ready to get out of there! I’m pretty glad you hopped in that helicopter too. Those photos are amazing! And bad (or lost) boys are interesting to most teenage girls, no?

    1. Haha!! “All done Jesus.” That is hilarious.

      And yes to bad or lost boys! And it’s funny because now I am so turned off by all of it. Who has time for that?

  30. I love reading random facts about people! That is crazy how deep of a sleeper you are! Random fact about me…I am a LIGHT SLEEPER! Drop a pin needle in my house and I will wake up. We’d make great roomies during a blogging convention one day, I’d be like an alert dog for our room and there’d be no worries of me waking you with my constant flitting about!

  31. This stuff was random! Thinking of sleep. We co sleep with JR and me and JR are wild sleepers. :). He’s more wild than I am. More like as wild as I was when I was little.

    1. Scarlet was a terrible cosleeper as a baby, and now is wonderful.
      Des was a great cosleeper as a baby, and now is terrible! He just moves all night.

  32. I haven’t been to a baptism in ages – Scarlet looks adorable! πŸ™‚ Des looks mischievous lol I’m a heavy sleeper too, I can sleep through all kinds of stuff: including airplane rides. I sleep through it all. My flight to Vegas I slept all the way there and back, lol . Random fact: Garfield was and still is my favorite comic character. We have lots of similarities including the love for sleep and lasagna. Have a great evening love! -Iva

      1. Yes – it’s what life’s about, Lol. Hahaha superpower huh? Well, I can sleep at the dental office too so it must be. Sleeping is definitely my power – thankfully, I can control it so it’s not like narcolepsy or anything crazy – I was borderline diagnosed with that though but thankfully, NOT IT! Ha – if you have issues sleeping, drugs are a Godsend! πŸ™‚

  33. I love that your sister thought you embarrassed yourself, not her. I would have cringed! Lol. It’s funny that I live in Louisiana but am not the biggest fan of New Orleans. Don’t get me wrong, I love the food, I just don’t like Bourbon street. I do love the singer at the Ritz, he’s pretty amazing. DIdnt we all have things for lost boys?? I’m so glad I grew out if that. I hope Des feels better soon!

    1. Some of us never grow out of it!
      I can see why New Orleans wouldn’t be your favorite place. I always lived near New York City, and I never wanted to go. And when I lived in San Francisco, you wouldn’t find me near any tourist attractions. Ever.

  34. Sounds like a super fun weekend and your kids are SOOOO adorable. I love your costume stories – so funny, and very creative, actually. I really need to go to New Orleans, although I do not want to go to a fortune teller that will tell me when I’m going to die. I have way too much anxiety for that!

  35. Do you watch Walking Dead? Daryl (Norman Reedus) would be your lost boy.
    But you gotta man (cue 1990 song that I can’t remember the title of…pass the hairspray and acid wash jeans yo)

    1. I don’t watch that show because there are no real examples of good character development with the zombies.
      Also, I can’t stand it.
      However. Daryl looks like my cup of tea. And it’s because he’s really not all lost guy, right? I mean he is, but doesn’t he have a great heart?

  36. You are soooooo not random! And even though my dad’s a pilot and I grew up in a Cessna, I’m a terrible flyer too. Is that random? Or I’m a baker but won’t eat it…even more random right??!!!

  37. I love random things. It gets people telling their stories: and we’ve all got stories. Unless you’ve actually lived under a rock your whole life — some things done happened to you!!! People always shake their heads at me when I share mine — in particular the one where my girlfriend and I woke up in a motel in the USA with 7 police cadets – also Canadian – and a couple American soldiers. Since we began the evening IN Canada with completely different people; I still haven’t quite figured this one out. I mean: we hopped a Border!! How?
    But surely other people have just as crazy stories, right? right?

    1. I think that sentence starts out a blog post. Right?
      I have so many crazy stories and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think we are soul sisters that way.

  38. I am working on being a deep sleeper with some assistance from Melatonin. LOL. But I am your terrible flying, bad boy loving soul sister. We will need to swap bad boy stories over a cup of coffee one day.

    1. I love melatonin! I don’t remember to take it all the time, but sometimes it’s very needed.

      I think the coffee date would not be hard. We just meet halfway somewhere and share stories for a day.

  39. The kids look so cute dressed up for the baptism. I am sorry you got caught up in traffic this weekend – that is the one thing I dislike about Los Angeles. Oh I am not a good flyer – turbulence makes me panic. Luckily drinks help me deal with it. Hope you are all back to good health soon!

    1. I live most of my life without any traffic. I think what they consider to be traffic here, is just a normal day in New Jersey!
      It was hard. Luckily it put both sick kids to sleep and they slept all the way to Massachusetts.

  40. I don’t think I’ve read an old school post like this in a long time. The story about you and your friends dressing in your costumes in April is hilarious! Like you I don’t care for flying either. You were sure brave to get in that helicopter. I don’t think I would be able to do that even if someone paid me a million dollars.

    One random thing about me is when I was growing up we always had a pet cat. When one of our cats got sick and died or ran a way we got a new kitten. I miss having pet cats. We’ve been renters for about five years now and don’t want to pay the extra pet deposit. That is the only reason why I don’t have a pet cat today.

    Like always, I enjoyed reading your blog and learning more about you. Sorry it has been a while since I’ve visited. I’ve finally realized that the only day that I actually have time to visit, read and comment on blogs is Tuesday. So I will be back next Tuesday, I promise. Have a terrific day!

    1. That’s tough about the pet. I hope you do get your pet one day!
      And I appreciate you saying you will visit! It’s really not a requirement. Life is busy.

  41. Sorry to hear Des is sick. It seems like everyone is!! And I couldn’t agree more with your first two “random” thoughts. You are ridiculously brave to have gotten in that helicopter…and were justly rewarded! Holy wow to that view!!!!

  42. I’m drawing a blank on something random about me – but yes please to trying those pumpkin pancakes. I’m super, super light sleeper so I envy your deep sleep. That’s awesome that you took that helicopter ride – I love helicopters and had been on them many times in my younger years. I’m a huge fan of The Breakfast Club – great movie and nostalgic flashback for me each time I’ve watched it. Ha, bad boys as well as bad girls…lordy that would be an awesome conversation. Very fun to read this, Tamara πŸ™‚

  43. Hahaha I don’t blame you for not getting your fortune read, that kind of stuff always creeps me out just a little, too;-) And I think I had a thing for lost souls in my younger years too, totes relate;-)

    1. I think so many of us went through that! My sister went through that stage, and did not outgrow it until she was in her mid 30s and met her now husband!

  44. Ooh. Good randoms. I think your idea about second trick or treating is fantastic! (Reminds me of Hobbits’ second breakfast. I would likely have had some too – we still have a few pieces of leftover stuff here and there .

  45. I thought I was a deep sleeper, and I actually still sort of think I am, because I was recently informed that I talk a lot in my sleep… The only reason why I say “I thought” is because the other day I did in fact wake myself up talking – I was agreeing to something… I need to tape record myself. The man friend told me last night that I talk a ton, LOL!!! Maybe I just have so much on my mind and I don’t talk about it to anyone during the day because I don’t like to complain? Maybe it’s because the man friend is a complete mind-FU** so the only time I have “balls” is when I am sleeping? HA HA AH. Amazing night life I have— RIGHT?

  46. 1. If they ever make a movie about you, it’ll be way better than Forrest Gump.

    2. I think I am bit of a lost boy, but I’ve never been to prison. Hell, I’ve never even smoked weed, Or, smoked. I have had smoked sausage before. Many times.

    3. I’d always say yes to a helicopter ride because, worse case scenario, what a bad-ass way to go? Best case, you get awesome pictures. and memories. And it’s bad-ass to say you’ve been in a helicopter. I’ve never even smoked.

  47. These random facts are GREAT! I love them all!

    Okay, I am a terrible flyer. I’ve only been on two trips that required flying. The first one I was drunk both ways and the second one, I clung onto my husband and bawled for a couple hours. It was our honeymoon… and I often wonder if he had momentary regret for marrying me when he quickly discovered how “needy” I was while flying.

    I haven’t flown since 2007 – I wonder if I would still be nervous.

    I used to have a thing for lost boys too! I felt sorry for them and wanted to “save” them. Oh my.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wow about the flight in 2007! As a kid, I flew at least once a year. When I got older, I stopped, and getting on a plane again after September 11 and after many years not doing do was the hardest part.

  48. Oh I hope I could go on a helicopter ride too! We’re totally opposites, I wake up easily. Last night, when I felt that my husband wasn’t in bed, I suddenly woke up. It’s as if I felt it that he wasn’t there. Haha. Crazy! And hey, I was also in a relationship with someone before who was jailed because of not returning a car from the rental agency. LOL

  49. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! SO many amazing memories. I like the way you can sort of manage your deep sleep. Your brain is a super brain! The jumping on the bus in costume is hilarious and I absolutely love that story. The lost boys infatuation is interesting, maybe I’ve had a thing for lost boys and didn’t put it together like you did. You kind of do that for me a lot. I want you spill my guts for you just so you’ll give me some perspective. You are so great at filtering through events and seeing them for what they really are. AND THAT HELICOPTER RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!! Your last minute jump on board was a huge victory in more ways than one.

  50. LOL I get on an airplane, sans cocktails OR medication, and I am sound out before take off and wake up when the wheels touch the ground. It makes a 5 hour flight fly by (pun intended) and it’s a skill I’ve perfected because I find flights immensely boring!

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