After The Boys of Summer Have Gone.

When I look back on the last year, I try to focus on the accomplishments.

I’m not saying it was easy, or that I even deserve a pat on the back. What I’m saying is that at this time last year, I was suffering a lot of stress and anxiety about Scarlet starting kindergarten – way more than what I assume is the usual. It tainted last summer. I went through the motions, barely well, and then it was over and the heavy stuff began. Crash landed, really.


And through THAT, I managed to take my kids to school every morning and pick them up each afternoon. I gave a speech at my sister’s wedding and acted as a matron of honor. I took care of the pets and the house (although sloppily, that) and I did about 17,000 photo shoots last fall. (slight exaggeration) I moved into real estate photography, and newborns, and even said “yes” to three weddings. I went with my family to Florida for over a week, by plane, and then began pursuing non-photography endeavors for the dead of winter. I did data entry, as I often do once or twice a year, and then I delved into sponsored blogging. Then the school year ended, suddenly and happily, and our summer together began. Yet another change.

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It’s been a summer of day camp and work and road trips. It’s been happy and messy and wonderful. We celebrated three birthdays (Des, Scarlet, Me) and did a heck of a lot of stuff together. Museums and parks and restaurants galore. Gardening and walks and hiding inside in the air-conditioning. Adventures and laughter and tons of whining. We potty-trained Des and Scarlet cut a lot of her hair off. We saw friends and family and practiced the things we love to do. And now, in five days (but who’s counting?) a new school year will begin. After a year of keeping my head above water, sometimes more easily than at other times, I’m feeling a bit sick and weak at what’s coming. I feel a lot stronger than last year, and like I have more going for me, but I’m scared too. There is so much I will miss, but I’ll leave it to the top five things I’ll miss about Summer 2015:

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1. No one was sick for six months and counting! Des got hit hard last winter and Scarlet got a few nasty bugs. I’ll miss this healthy streak, which I’m sad may break, but I’ll also miss not even thinking about people being sick. I’m looking at YOU, parents who don’t wait a required 48 hours after the last puke to send your kid to parties, playdates and worst of all – school.

2. The possibilities. I miss the open days and the open roads, that haven’t been ruined by snow, ice, slush or salt for many months. I’ll miss looking at or reading about places new to us, and not instantly Googling and planning our road trips.

3. I’ll miss the large amounts of ice cream we’ve eaten this summer. You might say that we can eat ice cream year round – it’s not illegal – but I don’t really want it that much in the winter. In the summer, it’s like a daily desire.

4. The sundresses. Sigh. I’ll miss my summer wardrobe. I’ll miss leaving the house with what we have and not worrying about backpacks, jackets, or worse – coats, boots, mittens, hats, scarves and ice scrapers. Definitely ice scrapers.

5. Feeling so possible and trusting my strength. That’s the big one. That and Daylight Savings.

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Maybe I’ll find my way back to feeling possible and trusting my strength soon. Like, real soon.

I think successfully starting a new school year, shooting two weddings, and planning a Maine trip might do just that.

This has been a production of Finish the Sentence Friday! Link HERE. What will you miss most about summer?

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    1. So true. We have until Wednesday and I am having trouble plan stuff in the weeks ahead because then I see a glaring “SCHOOL” in the calendar of my mind!
      Help me.

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. I, too, wrote about kindergarten and moving on and feeling stronger but of course not as brilliantly as you did. I so love your photos and your voice and YOU. <3

  2. Crap I thought I was first but Janine beat me!!! As always! Thank you so much for linking up with FTSF!!!

    1. Kristi and I were just talking about that! And it’s funny because our kids already graduated kindergarten! It lives on.
      And my youngest will go in two years. Sob.

  3. You Are A Trooper, Tamara! Everytime you feel overwhelmed, you overcome. I really do admire you for that! I’ll miss the warmth of the summer sun, and the long daylight hours until 8:30. I’ll miss Nina’s Sunday afternoon Sinatra songs and Italian songs coming through her open windows for the neighbors closest to her home to enjoy. I’m Iooking forward to a few more weeks of Nina’s Sunday afternoon music, and the pleasant late summer weather to come, and next year all of these summertime treats will find their way back to us.

    1. So true. They’ll find their way back. And there are treats about every season.
      I’m really trying to overcome – it can be very hard, but I haven’t failed yet. I have to remember that!

  4. I’m proud of you. You had a great year! I wasn’t that sad about summer ending, really – because I guess it was so abrupt for us, with school starting on August 6th. But now, reading this….I am sad. It just FLEW by! I will miss sundresses, too. I’m not ready for jeans and boots.

  5. That is the quintessential summer list. Sundresses to jeans – for me, I hope the transition is going to be an easy one. Your photogaphy is beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much!
      I get freaked out by the transition. It’s weird to think that next week at this time, we’ll have three days of school under our belt. And it will be the night before I’m shooting a wedding.

    1. I sure hope so. It’s just a really weird transition because I’m doing some other things that make me nervous at the same time. Sigh. This too shall pass.

  6. I didn’t realize until I read this how much you have overcome since last year. So cool. I know it’s been hard work to get to this point, it’s inspiring to see you work hard and get great results!!!

    1. It was a rough spot – thank you for noticing.
      It makes me realize that even with new challenges and obstacles, the tough stuff does pass and we do grow!

  7. Our summer officially ended earlier this week. I’m not one of those parents who was counting down the days until my kids went back to school, but I’m not usually that emotional about it either. I found myself unexpectedly teary on the first day – my oldest staring her last year of middle school (high school next year! 😳) and my tow younger ones starting a new school after such and awful year last year at the old one. Change is hard. I hope you find your strength and peace again very soon.

    1. Middle school. Gulp. High school – double gulp.
      I think I’d get teary too.
      Change can be very hard. It’s weird that I’m worse about it as a parent, than when I was the one in school. I have to remind myself that it’s not really about me!

  8. I hear you, saying goodbye to summer was hard. Almost devastating. I hated moving onto a new school year, but I’ve found some of my groove and I am still trying to make it work. I love this, ” Maybe I’ll find my way back to feeling possible and trusting my strength soon. Like, real soon.” Isn’t that always the way. Or at least it seems like to me that I too am always trying to find my way back there. Changes get me every time. Here’s to new possibilities!!

    1. I hope it happens really soon for you! I’m struggling because the kids have a birthday party on Tuesday and then school starts on Wednesday and I still have to do daycare and haircuts and I have a wedding to shoot on Saturday!
      Might I die? Might I die of nerves?

  9. This has been a great summer for me, too. I’ve done so much but I’ve not done much blogging or reading of blogs. So I’ve missed you. I remember reading through your period of anxiety last year and feeling my way through it with you. I’m so happy that you continued to live big and take chances and be brave. I’m proud of you.

    1. I’ve missed you too! Summer has been very disconnected for many, including me. I hope fall gets most of us back together again, although I’ve seen many drop off permanently. Sad!
      I really appreciate this.

  10. Ice cream daily during summer months is like a requirement, especially from where I live where it’s even hotter not just during summer. The feeling you have with summer ending is just like how I feel after a long and enjoyable holiday season. I would love to experience your Fall season though!

    1. I just had it today, of course! The last weekend before school starts. SOB.
      Fall is amazing here. If it didn’t lead to winter.. I mean, it’s SO good.

  11. Daylight savings is the worst. The absolute worst. I hay getting out of work when it’s dark, no one is playing outside and it feels like the day is over completely. It’s so depressing. Ice cream on the other hand is always great!

    1. I had ice cream today!
      Ok so I remember the first Monday afternoon after we switched the clocks last fall. We played on the playground for an hour after school as usual, and went home.. and it was getting dark.
      I die a little.

  12. Fantastic photos and memories! I live in California, so I can’t really relate to the mittens, hats, ice scrapers, etc., but I totally understand that freedom of just racing out the door with what you have on or in your pocket and not worrying about needing anything more.

    1. I used to live in California and it was BLISSFUL during the winter months, especially because I always compared it to where I’m from – New Jersey.
      And New England is worse!

  13. Beautifully written, but I have to admit that the photos absolutely made it for me – just gorgeous and really put beautiful backgrounds to your words – so wonderful!!

  14. Awww, I’m so glad this summer has been better and easier for you. I’m confident this school year start will have less troubles and you Will feel more possible and stronger! 😀

    1. Thank you! School starts on Wednesday and I do have some stress symptoms but nothing too heavy. Last year I was pretty much a right mess.

  15. Your photos are just great! All the color and beautiful children. The last image with the bubbles just makes me smile. I imagine people really love the photos you take of their weddings and so forth.

  16. Jeez! I miss those carefree days. Mine is a middle schooler and those deadlines and homework and “printer out of ink” days are gonna haunt me 😉

    Enjoy this time, Tamara

    1. Ugh, I’m already haunted by that! And my printer is always out of ink. And we’ve never had homework in our life, so I’m a bit afraid. And math!

  17. super productive, lots of accomplishment and fun too! we are finally taking a big vacation after the summer is officially over so I’m actually looking forward to that. Hawaii for 10 days.

  18. You’ve definitely accomplished a lot in the last year. I wish we’d eaten more ice cream and taken more road trips. Putting those both on the list for next year!

    1. So true! I did all of those things today too. It’s technically still summer and 93 degrees out so I’m sticking to the summer plan until further notice!

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