Adding a Fuzzy Bundle of Joy to Your Franklin, TN Family? Prepare for Your Puppy With This Wellness Guide

Adding a Fuzzy Bundle of Joy to Your Franklin, TN Family? Prepare for Your Puppy With This Wellness Guide


Dogs of all ages have an amazing ability to melt our hearts, but puppies have a special magic that makes you want to hold them close and keep them safe. Whether you’re bringing home a Golden Retriever ball of sunshine or a wrinkly little Shar Pei, it’s important to understand that young dogs have special needs just like children do – and they require specialized care from both you and your veterinarian.

Getting a pet is a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly, especially because it requires that you remain responsive to their medical needs as they grow. It’s not enough to get your dog vaccinated and neutered: you need to stay on top of their developing health requirements as they grow in order to ensure that they stay happy, comfortable, and well-behaved all throughout their lifespan. Today, we’ll discuss some of the unique needs of your family’s newest member, then explain why you should develop a comprehensive wellness plan with your Franklin vet as soon as you welcome your snuggly new friend into your life.

Puppies grow fast, and so do their health requirements

Young animals of all species are in a unique stage of life, where they are developing quickly and learning about the world around them. Similar to human children, puppies are absorbing a ton of information every day about their family, themselves, and their environment at large; at the same time, they experience many of the same problems as toddlers and children do, such as teething and growth spurts.

Some of the most essential requirements during a dog’s first year of life are vaccinations, nutrition, training, and socialization. Puppy immune systems are delicate, so it’s essential that they be vaccinated to help boost their immune memory and ensure they can fight off illnesses like the flu; they should also receive regular heartworm medication specially formulated for younger dogs.Just as children can develop lifelong health conditions if they experience malnutrition during childhood, dogs are the same way – and their nutrition needs change as they age. Puppies should be given specialized puppy food that has more calories and nutrients for their growing bodies, and they may also require supplements to ensure strong bones and teeth.

Lastly, behavior training and socialization will keep your dog well mannered and friendly. It’s important that you teach your puppy the rules of your home, as dogs feel more comfortable when they know what to expect. Exposing your dog to a variety of experiences at a young age will help prevent fear-based aggression, which means you can enjoy more of life with your dog at your side, never fearing they will attack someone or something out of anxiety.

Find a vet as soon as you bring your dog home so that you can develop a wellness plan for every stage of their life

Bringing a puppy home is much like welcoming a baby: it’s essential that you start a relationship with a vet right away to identify your dog’s needs and make sure that they’re set up for a great life. Ideally, you’ll have a vet in mind when you go to pick up your new friend, with an appointment scheduled for a few days after they come home so that they can be assessed and a treatment plan can be prepared. Your vet will develop a vaccine schedule, tell you when your dog should be spayed or neutered, and recommend good dog food for this stage of your puppy’s life; they will also advise you on when to begin training classes and how to deal with any behavioral issues that may arise.

Another reason why you should start taking your dog to the vet as soon as possible is because it will familiarize your puppy with the process of visiting the clinic, which will reduce their anxiety later on in life. Exposing your dog to these new experiences early on can prevent fear-based responses, sparing them from a lot of unnecessary stress the next time that you need to visit the vet. Also, as dogs get bigger, their aggression becomes more dangerous: it’s best to nip this in the bud to keep everyone safe as your puppy ages.

Your new dog is a member of the family and should be provided the same care and consideration as everyone else under your roof. As soon as you decide to welcome home a puppy, find a great veterinarian in the Franklin, TN, area and familiarize yourself with the needs of a growing dog. With the help of a wonderful animal clinic, you can ensure that your ffour-legged friend has an amazing quality of life and stays with you for many years to come.

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