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Add a Touch of Vintage Glamour to your Bedroom

If you would like to add some elegance to your home décor, here is how you can easily add a touch of vintage glamour to your bedroom.

Add a Touch of Vintage Glamour to your Bedroom:

Your bedroom is an area of your house in which you can let your personality truly shine. It is your most intimate sanctuary, a place where you can relax and unwind before bedtime, and also a place to have romantic fun with your other half. You might have watched old movies and found yourself yearning for the glamor of a vintage bedroom, but then be filled with despair as you look around at your own uninspiring clutter. If you would like to add some elegance to your home décor, here is how you can easily add a touch of vintage glamor to your bedroom.


Up until the 1980s, fireplaces were an essential part of the bedroom. However, as central heating overtook coal and wood as the main source of heating for a house, fireplaces suffered a fall in popularity, being seen as old fashioned and obsolete. As a result, many new builds do not usually come with in-built fireplaces and chimneys, and some older properties may have had their fireplaces ripped out and flues blocked up. Fortunately, you can find many beautiful vintage and reproduction fireplaces for your bedroom, which you can use for decorative purposes or, if you have an open flue and chimney, even light. Stonewoods.co.uk has more information about original period fireplaces.

Dressing table

In all the old films, the heroine usually has an exquisite gilt dressing table in her bedroom from which she applies her make-up and beauty treatments. Over the years, dressing tables have become more minimal to fit in with modern design, so you might struggle to find an ornate dressing table to bring some glamor to your morning routine. Check out antique dealers and auction houses for a genuine vintage dressing table. You might even strike it lucky at a thrift stall or estate sale.


An ugly, utilitarian ceiling lamp will quickly spoil the illusion of a glamorous vintage inspired bedroom. Instead, look for ceiling lamps with some vintage flair, such as a stained-glass shade or chandelier style. Don’t discount table and floor lamps, either. A standard lamp with a tassled shade in jewel-toned velvet will quickly give your bedroom a vintage bohemian look. You could even buy some authentic gas lamps and then have them professionally converted to electric. There are many vintage style lamps available, either period pieces or reproductions, so enjoy the hunt for the perfect fit for your bedroom.


Adding decorative cushions to your bed is an easy and cheap way to introduce vintage glamor to your bedroom. You can find them in a variety of styles to suit a variety of eras; for example, round pleated cushions were a popular style from the 1950s through to the 70s. You could even check out thrift stores in your search for the perfect vintage throw cushions, but make sure that you thoroughly wash them before placing them on your bed to remove decades’ worth of dust and dirt.

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