A Vacation To Remember: Destinations You Might Not Have Thought Of For Your 2023 Break

If the prospect of a New Year has got you thinking about where you want to travel in 2020, you’ve come to the right place! If you used to close your eyes and stick a pin on the world map as a kid, and you’re keen to spread your wings and visit a destination you’ve never been before, here are some locations you might not have thought of for your 2023 break

If the prospect of New Year's has got you thinking about where to travel in 2020 you’ve come to the right place! A list of places for a vacation to remember

A Vacation To Remember: Destinations You Might Not Have Thought Of For Your 2023 Break

New Zealand

One of the most magical and mysterious destinations on the planet, New Zealand comprises two islands, which are adorned with all the geographical features imaginable. This wondrous country offers all kinds of vacations, from cosmopolitan city breaks in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch to full-throttle action and adventure in Queenstown and Lake Taupo. New Zealand is famed for its awe-inspiring natural beauty, and one of the best ways to see the sights is to hire a car and roam free. The roads are quiet, and there’s something to see around every corner. There’s also an abundance of hotels, guesthouses and campsites, which makes planning a self-drive trip stress-free and simple. 

When it comes to itinerary highlights, there’s a huge amount to pack in, but must-sees include Milford Sound, the Fox Glacier, Latke Matheson, the Tongariro Pass, Hot Water Beach and Mount Ngauruhoe, which was used to recreate Mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings movies. Wildlife enthusiasts should head to the coastal idyll of Kaikoura and hop on a boat to spot whales and dolphins diving in and out of the waves. For those who enjoy relaxing and kicking back, taking a thermal bath in Rotorua comes highly recommended. This is the perfect tonic following busy days of hiking, mountain biking, caving, climbing, bungee jumping or skiing. For those who don’t fancy driving, it’s very easy to get around and see the sights via coach tours, private tours, local buses and trains. You can go on a Wildebeest Migration in Kenya and have a life changing experience there.

If the prospect of New Year's has got you thinking about where to travel in 2020 you’ve come to the right place! A list of places for a vacation to remember

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An intriguing destination for history enthusiasts and those keen to indulge in a unique cultural experience, Jordan has emerged as a hotspot for tourists in the last couple of years. Jordan tours provide an incredible opportunity to explore the rugged sand-covered wilds of this Middle-Eastern gem and to gain an insight into the Bedouin culture. When traveling to Jordan, you can experience everything from lost cities and ancient ruins to spellbinding sunsets and desert safaris. Petra is a highlight for many. One of the most famous archaeological sites on the planet, Petra was the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom and it dates back to around 300BC. Known as the ‘Rose City,’ due to its distinctive pink-red hue, the site is surrounded by vast swathes of golden sands and the columns and intricate facades carved into the rockface sparkle in the sunlight. For those keen to immerse themselves in the culture and history of this magnificent destination, sleeping beneath the stars in Wadi Rum is a must. A dip in the Dead Sea is also a bucket list favorite. The mineral composition of the water, which increases density, enables you to float on the surface effortlessly. It is also said that the dissolved mineral salts offer soothing skincare benefits. 

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Tromso, Norway

If you fancy a winter break, and you like the sound of watching the Northern Lights dance in the night sky, enjoying the thrills and spills of a husky safari and touring the famous fjords, Tromso is an idyllic location. Situated in the far north within the Arctic Circle, Tromso is a lively hub, which is ideally placed to discover the beauty of the watery wonderlands that make up the Norwegian fjords and the deserted forests and icy plains that lie inland. The Northern Lights are the most significant selling point, with high activity levels and dark, clear skies making this one of the best places on Earth to see this iconic light show. In addition, visitors can enjoy a host of activities, including adrenaline-pumping RIB boating, husky sledding, feeding reindeer, hiking and snow-shoeing. Although a fairly small town, Tromso has plenty to offer in terms of hotels, restaurants and bars. From Tromso, it’s also possible to travel by air to nearby Svalbard, an archipelago in the Arctic Sea, which boasts a population of around 3,000 polar bears. 

If the prospect of New Year's has got you thinking about where to travel in 2020 you’ve come to the right place! A list of places for a vacation to remember

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South Africa

South Africa is one of the most diverse and versatile vacation destinations on offer. If you choose to visit this country, you can combine all kinds of activities and excursions to create a tailored itinerary to suit a raft of interests and hobbies. One of the most popular reasons to visit South Africa is its incredible national parks and wildlife reserves. Safari tours operate across the country, providing breathtaking experiences in destinations like Kruger National Park. Here, it’s possible to see the ‘big five’ and to watch some of the most visually arresting and majestic animals prowl, plod and pounce in their natural habitat. South Africa’s coast is another draw for wildlife lovers, with fantastic whale and dolphin watching opportunities on offer in Hermanus, the chance to spot tiny penguins scuttling onto the shoreline at Boulders Beach and shark diving tours for the most intrepid, fearless adventurers. Wine tasting is another popular pursuit in and around Cape Town and Stellenbosch, with hundreds of vineyards and wineries ripe for exploration. Exploring the vibrant culinary scene, including renowned restaurants in Camp’s Bay, adds another delightful dimension to your experience. The city of Cape Town itself is beautiful and it is also packed with cultural attractions and sights, which provide an insight into the chequered past of the country. Robben Island is a must for those eager to learn about the history of South Africa. This isolated land mass, which houses a large prison, was home to Nelson Mandela for 18 years. 

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Are you starting to think about where to travel in 2023? Are you keen to  explore a different destination or to experience a different kind of vacation? If so, why not consider trying new activities, embracing a new culture or swapping a chilled beach break for action and adventure? The world is your oyster, so why not take inspiration from this guide and consider some locations you might not have even thought of for your 2023 break?

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