A Switch Over to Nutrish!

Do you know how to make your dog really, really happy?

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Open a package mailed just for her! It was like she knew. We get mail every day, as a family with two kids and with all of my blogging endeavors, but it’s like she KNEW this Rachael Ray box came in the mail just for her. She could smell how awesome it was! So for one of the first times, Athena was there with me for the unboxing process and she loved every minute of it.

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This box was full of the things we love to use to keep Athena happy and nourished.

First, a fun, squeaky chew toy! She was waiting very patiently for me to give her the signal to chew:

Then there was the FOOD. Good dog food!

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We have the Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Zero Grain Beef with Bison Dry Dog Food. This recipe is made with simple and natural ingredients, like real U.S. farm-raised beef as the number one ingredient ALWAYS, and it’s combined with wholesome vegetables. There are never any grains, glutens or fillers. There are also no poultry by-product meals and artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Rachael Ray created Nutrish in 2007, with help from pet nutrition experts. Nutrish is an ultra-premium line of foods and treats for dogs. Nutrish was excited to grow the brand into cat food as well in 2014. Whether you’re feeding your dog or your cat, Nutrish recipes are made with simple and natural ingredients, and do not contain meat or poultry by-product meals or fillers. Real meat is always the #1 ingredient and all recipes were inspired by Rachael’s kitchen.

Athena is a low-maintenance dog. She is quiet and clean and calm. She is safe around our children. She can travel with us and was a VERY good moose companion. She didn’t even help us find moose, or bark at them. She pretty much just napped and thought we were all crazy when we screamed that we had seen another moose! Talk about mellow.. BUT.. just because she’s mellow, doesn’t mean she doesn’t need a lot of good care. The magic ingredients in making Athena happy are: 1. Good food, like switching to Nutrish! 2. Plenty of water, and all-day access to it. 3. Exercise, and we are NOT great about that and she will let us know. 4. Affection. 5. LOVE. Love is the #1 ingredient, isn’t it? She is our family member and we love her as such.

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AND.. We were sent a little something for US too. This is VERY exciting:

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It gets better. Rachael’s personal proceeds go to Rachael’s Rescue – her charity created to help shelter pets in need. To date, they have donated over $9MM. The donated money has gone towards food, medical supplies and treatments for shelter pets. They pride themselves on bringing specialty quality food to pets. Nutrish is the first premium brand that is only available in grocery/mass retailers like Target, Walmart and Amazon, and they are the fastest growing dry dog food brand in that space.

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