A Surrogacy Journey in San Diego –Different Souls, One Mission

There are different reasons why individuals may decide to use a surrogate to grow their family. Nowadays, surrogacy is a popular option for couples and Intended Parents who are finding it difficult to conceive on their own.

 Surrogates have the potential to give the best gift of all – the gift of life. A lot of hopeful parents consider surrogacy when they require medical assistance to have children.  You are the only one that can make an otherwise hopeless couple become a parent.  It is a gift like no other, and the feeling of altruism is a perk on its own.

Chris and Sandra first met when they were undergraduates at the University of California, San Diego. Chris was studying mathematics, while Sandra was an art major. Sandra, a beautiful and caring woman, was head over heels in love with her boyfriend, Chris, who was also thankful for having such a pretty, adorable woman in his life.

There are different reasons why individuals may decide to use a surrogate to grow their family. Here's a story of a surrogacy journey in CA.

A Surrogacy Journey in San Diego –Different Souls, One Mission

Every time Sandra thinks about those days, she remembers how she and Chris both had high hopes. Both of them liked children and wanted to have plenty of them. They had even planned how they are going to raise their children, the kind of house they will reside in, the jobs they will be doing, and so on. Sandra wanted four kids, while Chris said two children would be okay.

They began a beautiful romantic relationship that resulted in their getting married in 2017. Following a wonderful honeymoon in Sanibel Island, they returned home and started trying to get pregnant right away, but they faced some obstacles.

A Temporary Setback

Chris and Sandra were diagnosed with infertility in 2019 after 2 years of trying without success. In 2020, the couples had three IUI cycles and conceived on the third one. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was lost after sixteen weeks. Not long after, Sandra was found to have unknown health problems, which had affected her cardiac function. After several unsuccessful heart procedures, the couple was told it would be unsafe for her to carry a pregnancy.

Sandra was devastated. She remembers being in a sad and confused state for weeks after the diagnosis. She remembers the tears that filled her eyes, the pain that tugged at her heart, as well as the soul-crushing hopelessness. In the end, they decided not to let the diagnosis stop them from having children and looked for a surrogate to help carry their baby.

On a Quest to Help Complete Families

Catherine is a high-school teacher who has lived in the suburbs for years. She was raised in a large extended family with a lot of cousins, nieces, nephews playing around the house. Catherine had been longing to become a surrogate after seeing her childhood best friend struggle to conceive for years and knowing how much she wanted a baby. She was thrilled about the prospects of helping other people complete their families.

She said, “I could imagine what her life would be like without children, so I’m willing to help other families get theirs.” But like many prospective surrogates, she did not know where or how to begin the process. One day, her sister-in-law (an ex-surrogate) shared a story about her surrogacy journey at a family dinner. She talked about what it meant for her to carry another person’s child, the smile she brought to the intended parents’ lips, and the compassionate care she received from her family and other people involved.  

Catherine’s husband, George, was in total support of her decision to become a surrogate, although they both didn’t know what to anticipate. Finding the right agency probably took the longest amount of time. Like my sister-in-law, I decided I also wanted to work with an agency managed by physicians so I chose Physician’s Surrogacy. The next couple of months flew by –  during the application and screening process. The application was quick and we immediately started working with a coordinator who walked us through the entire process. We were relieved that the physician’s reviewed all of my medical records to ensure surrogacy was safe for me. Once I had passed all of the screening, it was on to matching with prospective parents. “My intended parents were sweet, wonderful people. I had this great desire to help them,” Catherine said.

Sandra completely loved Catherine. She saw her as an ally, a confidant, and someone who understood what she wanted the most and was willing to commit the next year to help her become a mother. Although they were two different people, the unity of purpose united them.

The two families bonded over text and email while preparing for the embryo transfer in the upcoming months when they would see each other in person for the very first time. Catherine went on to have a healthy pregnancy and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy nine months after, helping Chris and Sandra realize their dream of having a family. After several years of perseverance, Sandra finally has a baby to call her own. From that moment onward, her life became more meaningful. She would no longer look jealousy at families with kids and feel sad for herself. That is the power of surrogacy.

A Lifetime of Friendship

Surrogates and their intended parents build a unique relationship during surrogacy. Most times, this relationship still continues even after the surrogacy process has ended.

When you agree to become a surrogate, you are embarking on a special, intimate journey that only a few people have the chance to experience. This is a journey that will connect both of you together forever. You will have the opportunity to know each other more than any other person does, and both of you will carry evidence of this amazing partnership for the rest of your life.

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