A Lovely Little Flashback Friday.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, the lovely Brittnei asked me to be her Ask Away Friday partner.

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I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I didn’t know if I was supposed to answer questions and submit them to her, and that was it? And wait – she wanted me to ask her some too. I had no idea what to ask her! I think I Googled “random questions” and sent them in. It was weak. Really weak. And a far cry from me now – co-hosting Ask Away Friday and just all around loving every Thursday night. That’s right. Thursday night. It’s not like I write and schedule these well in advance, do I? Do you?

Hooray, hooray, hooray for the all new #AskAwayFriday! Get to know our new hosts, meet our new co-host, and grab our new logo! Be sure to check out our new Facebook page “AskAwayFriday” for a great place to meet up and send out a #BuddyRequest if you need a partner to swap with! And always feel free to contact me here or anywhere if you want to swap with me.

What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…

#AskAwayFriday was created by the amazing Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County as a place for us to connect with other bloggers by asking them ten questions to really get to know them. The sky is the limit with the questions you ask!

Meeting other bloggers and making new friends is one of the best parts of this online world!


Tamara from Tamara Like Camera,
Tiffany from Mrs. Tee Love Life Laughter,
Christy from Uplifting Families,
Stacey from This Momma’s Ramblings
Amber from Bold Fit Mom

This week we welcome a brand new co-host, for the next two weeks the amazing…Stephanie from So I’ve Been Thinking!


Stephanie is a lovely wife and mother of 3 – a 13 year old a 11 year old twin girl and boy. Let’s just say juggling a teen and 2 preteens has her on my Super Mom list for sure. Stephanie has an amazingly friendly personality and a visit to her blog would definitely be a worthy click. I’ve met her in real life now, twice, and I consider that a very lucky feat.

Grab our brand new button, follow our amazing hosts, hop through the great link ups and make some new friends!


Brittnei makes me very happy. She has grown so much in the blogging world – she takes it seriously and thoughtfully and she is a wonderful blogging friend and supporter. She’ll also teach you openly and honestly about her religion, her family, natural products, natural foods, and natural living, and she’ll do it in a way that makes you want to open your mind and learn more.

Check out Brittnei’s answers to my second round of questions HERE. And here are my answers to her Round Two:

1. I know Des is about to turn 2 and Scarlet is on her way to college :), I don’t recall if I’ve ever seen you talk about if you carry a pocketbook, purse or a combination of the two as a diaper bag recently. Tell us what’s in whatever you carry and I’d love to see a pic!

I usually carry a purse, a diaper bag and a camera bag! Not all three at once, mostly. My purse is teal-colored and trendy. I wear it on my hips. I used to always carry a red purse but my last one broke and I hate carrying something on my shoulder like that! In it is my wallet, gum, 17,000 pens, business cards, an herbal anxiety spray that sometimes works, a small umbrella, post-its, protein snacks, those motion sickness bracelets from when I was pregnant, and random notes/receipts/wrappers. The silver bag is my diaper bag and I think it’s quite cool for a diaper bag! It’s filled with diapers, wipes, spare clothes for Des, snacks, and a lot of random crap. The camera bag isn’t my dream camera bag (that would be Ephiphanie) but it contains three or four spare lenses, a lens buddy green dinosaur stuffy that wraps around my lens to make kids look at me and smile, and my camera.

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2. Don’t you all have a garden? I’m pretty sure you talked a little about it before. I love them though and would love to grow my own produce one day. What’s in your garden now? Are there more types of flowers or produce you’d like to grow one day?

We have a big garden, and it keeps growing! There are tons of flowers all around the yard and we grow sunflowers in the late summer/fall. There are many vegetables and we have a few pumpkins for the fall. Right now, the strawberries are just about ready to harvest. There are many fruits also on the way! I don’t have a lot of photos of the garden for some reason. I think because it’s big and my lenses aren’t often wide enough but I’ll take some this weekend since I have a wide-angle rental.

Isn’t it fun to find this in your garden? I’m waiting for a moose.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

3. Harroll and I truly love the architecture of your home. It sort of reminds him of the Alaskan homes he sees on TV sometimes. Is there anything about your home inside or out that you would want to change in the future at this point?

Yes! The master bedroom. It has a small bathroom with a shower only and there is only one small closet. I can’t deny that I have dreams of giant spa jacuzzi tubs and walk-in closets. We already fulfilled one dream to have a king-sized bed. It makes a huge difference because you never know if you’ll find a Scarlet and/or an Athena sleeping on your pillow the next morning.

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4. I know you’ve said you don’t think you would cut your hair short and I remember you telling us about your mom saying that too but then doing it when she got older. What about color change? Would you even do something like that? Have you ever?

I always say I have virgin hair but I did henna highlights once in my youth! My hair looks pretty dark in indoors/cloudy day photos, but out in the full sun it has some lighter and redder highlights. I love it. I wouldn’t change it, no, but I may try to get something close to my natural color if I go gray early. And yes, I would dye my hair if it turned gray. I love the dark hair!

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5. JR can be pretty picky about food. Things he likes sometimes when we have it, he doesn’t want it that day. I remember writing a post about getting veggies into a picky toddler’s diet, but you mentioned that Des was a pretty good eater. Do you still feel this way now that he’s fastly approaching 2? What are some of his favorites these days?

I think he’s still a pretty good eater. He can be unpredictable, and monstrously messy, but I think Scarlet was already at the “pancakes & mac and cheese only” stage by his age. He definitely branches out. He loves waffles, meatballs, grapes, pizza, lentils (no joke), beans, sandwiches, pastas. He can surprise me. He’ll eat kale like it’s candy. Yesterday he ate a green pepper and asked for more. I think he has a fairly balanced diet for a two-year-old. He acts like a caveman around food too!

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6. I remember in this one post you said that you could tell someone all that is wrong with your writing, but wouldn’t be able to point out what’s wrong with someone else’s if they asked. Most who read your blog know how wonderful your writing is. What are some things that you feel could be wrong with it at times? What could be better about it?

Hmm.. that’s a good question! Mostly I wouldn’t want to change it because I like to take a mixture of what I learned with my major in Journalism, and sprinkle it with my own rules and thoughts because this is my blog. Sometimes, though, I do get twinges of envy at people who can write so effectively about politics or religion or social issues or education, or just anything that educates a large number of people. Sometimes I worry I’m too personal, but not in the TMI way. Other times, I’m ecstatic that people can relate to me even when I do talk about personal things. I’d like to write more for the masses, eventually.

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7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen your nails! Are you a biter? Do you get the occasional manicure?

Definitely not a nail biter! It’s a terrible, disgusting habit that spreads illness. I have only had a few manicures in my life, actually! One day I’ll just go crazy with the pampering. My nails are clean, healthy and often cut slightly awkwardly because they grow fast. See? They’re better in person. Isn’t that always the way?

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8. Am I imagining things or did you once tell us you had a great memory? Maybe because I know you have super great taste buds, I am thinking your memory resembles that of Poppy Montgomery’s character on that show she was on called Unforgettable. Tell us a detailed childhood memory you have that you haven’t shared where you experienced that sensitive feeling we have in common.

I do have a great memory so you’re not imagining things. Ah, the squishy feeling. When I was in second grade or so, we watched a filmstrip (remember those or am I dating myself?) about kindness. Now this was a fictionalized film, but it showed an old man dropping a bag of groceries in a parking lot and a bunch of kids watching and laughing. One of the kids wasn’t a total monster demon with clearly terrible parents, and he got off his bike and helped. However. It was the visuals of the lettuce rolling away, the eggs breaking, and the crumpled look on the man’s face. I wanted to die, right there in my seat, watching the imaginary story with the total monster demons with clearly terrible parents. I used to feel things like that so fully that I wondered how I could exist. Then I realized that maybe it would propel me to help people, or create blog posts about it, in the least!

9. Sometimes you seem like an open book, but I know from following you for this long that there are certain things you don’t share. Would you consider yourself to be a private person? Outside of the topics that you normally don’t discuss, what’s the measuring stick or how do you decide what’s too personal to share?

Well I don’t share too much about other people, at least not without their permission. I won’t talk about my political views but I have strong ones. I don’t consider myself a private person at all, unless I’m pushed or anxious or exhausted. The best way I can describe it is that one or two people have told me that they loved my 20 part love story but that they sometimes felt funny reading it because it was so personal. So I said something back like, “Too personal? Do you know what I could have put in there? Did you notice the obvious lack of sex, drugs and rock and roll?” Ah, I could have said so much more about it all..

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10. Do you have some photographs that you still have that you took when you first started studying photography? If you do, awesome! Even still, share one from your earlier days and tells us your thoughts and the events surrounding the photo.

I do have some that were (badly) scanned in from my negative scanner. So please excuse the graininess and all around lopsidedness. There also may be weird red or green lines through them! I would never let that happen these days.

Here’s Ben Folds, because.. Ben Folds!

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NYC with infrared film. Part of my tripod went into the Hudson River that day, never to return.

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Crazy bridesmaids, because.. crazy bridesmaids!

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An ex in Key West, because.. an ex in Key West!

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Two old men watching a carousel. I thought it was striking.

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My mom, thinking deep thoughts.

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It wouldn’t get off my car so I shot it! With a camera..

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On a night bridge, on a first or secondish date with my husband. Trying to find food in Shelburne Falls, MA:

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An alpaca, because.. alpacas!

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Ocean Beach, SF:

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Somewhere outside of Vancouver, from a ferry:

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Needs no explanation..

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From my first or second roll of film, ever:

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Camden Aquarium, from the point of view of the sea animals:

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RIP, Cody.

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My parent’s barn cat:

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My old foster kitten..

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..and little lambs..

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More infrared:

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An old favorite: “I Love NY”.

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A sad, old friend:

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This cute friend.

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A stolen trip.

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An old friend.

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A first portrait. He just graduated college. Yikes!

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Another old friend.

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My first album cover.

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These two.

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I swear I didn’t set them up like this.

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This gal.

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And this guy.

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Even that last one is now ten-years-old. Oh boy, did I go overboard or what!?

I like my current stuff better. I like the color and the gloss. I do love the gritty photos. I love the in-your-face photos. I love grainy and gritty and honest and raw. I even don’t mind some blur. I get that it’s the moments that matter. However. I take money from people for this so I really do need photos to be technically perfect, or close to it, and I need my own to be that way because my personal photos are great practice. That said, I like the fact that I have it all in my collection. So many memories.

Well, wow Brittnei! You really had me going with those questions. Thank you for our round two. I hope my questions were better than last time!

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  1. Yay it is Friday already! I know what you mean when you say you carry mulitple bags. I do too, because I always have to take a bunch of stuff with me. Those are some great photos! I love the ones of your bridesmaids and the one of you and your dad on your wedding day. Your backyard looks huge. I love the Ask Away Friday and may have to sign up for it some time. Maybe once things slow down a bit LOL. Happy Weekend Tamara!

    1. I’ll try to take more photos of the backyard this weekend (if it ever stops raining). It is quite big. The bridesmaids weren’t mine! I was at a friend’s wedding a long time ago and they were all being so goofy that I had to take a shot. It was a stormy beach in April!
      If you ever want to pair up for Ask Away Friday, let me know!

  2. I’ve read your first AAF with Brittnei when I was thinking of some questions for you when we swapped and I have to say you two have evolved! Loved Brittnei’s questions and yours to her too. You both really know each other so well. And hey, I got to your blog because of her! πŸ™‚ #Thankful.
    Loved that you’re able to share your previous/old photos. They were lovely! Love the crazy bridesmaids and zebra! You do have a great memory because your how I met story was so detailed although not TMI like what you mentioned.
    Never had a manicure in my entire life and not planning to have one too. Haha. Never colored my hair or any sort of procedure done in the salon. LOL

    1. Thank you for seeing the growth since last time! I looked at her link and it wasn’t as bad as I remembered but it wasn’t as personal. I had no idea what I was doing!
      I am so happy you found me through Brittnei! That makes me want to give her a big hug in thanks.

  3. I love your old pictures too. I know what you mean about liking more current stuff better. Our styles evolve and we learn how to make our photos better as well. But the ones you shared were beauties. And the Dobie picture made me think of our Lily, who I wrote about in my shelter pet post. I couldn’t find a good picture of her and it made me sad. I need to start photographing our pets now more often…really I need to do better all around these days. I am missing whole moments. My family tends to hide when they see the camera coming, which frustrates me, because all I will have is sports pictures.

    1. I think I had a specific eye then for sure but I just like the crisp and dreamy looks of professional equipment/settings these days. It all says something, I guess! This was how I learned how much I love photography although it would take me YEARS to get any kind of confidence to sell it.
      My kids are weird around my camera sometimes. I have to be so sneaky.

  4. Well, that settles it, I need to do your nails when we meet, because I am constantly doing my own and would love to try some funky polish on yours (they are so long and beautiful btw). And all those pictures this morning truly made me smile and then some. Love you and happy weekend to you now πŸ™‚

    1. I want you to do my nails! That would divine.
      Love you too! I heard a rumor that the 40 days of rain will actually stop for the weekend. Party!

  5. Yay! So glad we did this again. I learned even the more about you. I don’t know where to begin! I love your nails. I see what you mean about what you didn’t share in your how you met series with Cassidy. I can’t believe you have 3 separate bags. Makes sense. I know you don’t always have need of each one for every outing so it makes sense. I love all the old pictures. Many are just mesmerizing. They definitely take my breath away. The sunset one, the moving ones, the animals who really weren’t on queue…all so cool. I like your newer work just as much. πŸ™‚

    1. I usually can only do two bags at a time! I can shove purse stuff into the camera bag when I’m alone, or into the diaper bag when I have Des. I don’t even really know when diaper bags stop. Even after Scarlet was potty-trained, we still had use for extra diapers or emergency underwear and I always need snacks for the kids! Ah, I can’t even remember.
      Thanks for doing this sequel with me!

  6. Your nails look lovely. Mine are in a constant short state because I do a lot of typing and they actually bother me when they get longer. Never had a mani of any sorts done… unless you count my regular weekly let-s-call-that-a-manicure-treatment.

    Love your teal purse and that diaper bag looks pretty cool.

    1. I can see that with typing!! This length works for me but longer than that is too uncomfortable. And my pinky nails grow so fast! That always bothers me.
      The diaper bag is Eddie Bauer! It was a gift. With Scarlet, I had a funky red one.

  7. Holy crap, I keep looking at your garden picture with the little bears!! Yikes! I’m sure I would be terrified but they look so cute. I loved scrolling through your pictures. You’re so talented. That “tunnels” picture is amazing! You need to open your own print shop or something. I know, it’s more work for you but you really have such a talent!

    1. You can’t imagine, Karen! There were FIVE bears – a big mama and four babies. FIVE! It was dusk and I wasn’t prepared and my photos weren’t clear so I showed this one. It doesn’t tell the whole story.
      Thank you for your compliment – the tunnels photo was actually used for a band’s cover album! It was entered in a contest and I didn’t enter it! My husband did. And it won!!
      I’d love a print shop… a gallery.. something..

  8. Haha I love how strongly you feel about biting nails! I am not a nail biter, mainly because my mom has told me to take my hands out of my mouth for as long as I could remember, but still, your reaction was funny! I can’t believe there were bears in your garden! And such CUTE ones. I’d feel really bad for the little old man too. Gah…I get that squishy feeling (for other people! People I don’t even know! People who aren’t even real!) all the time. Sorry for not separating these ideas into paragraphs. I have to start getting ready for work in approximately 60 seconds.

    1. ha! I looked back and maybe it was a bit rude. I just can’t stand the sound of someone biting their nails.
      There were five bears, Amy! FIVE! My photos just weren’t good so I used that closeup one. It was a bit dark and I had the wrong lens but when there are five bears in your yard, you don’t stop and change lenses!
      I love your non-separated comment, and I love that you took the time to write me one before work.
      But..work??? I thought you were off all summer!

  9. Is it weird that I got a little giddy when I saw the photo of your purse, and I knew I had seen it in person? But I didn’t notice your nails! I’ve never been a nail biter either, but Gwen is and I cannot stand it. Your old pics are great – you’ve inspired me to take more pics of my dog. Have a great weekend Tamara!

    1. Not weird at all! A week later, I’m still replaying it all in my head like a movie reel. You saw my purse!! I saw your pretty face!
      Cassidy is a nail biter and I get worried the kids will do it too but Scarlet always makes him stop!
      You have a great Maryland weekend! I miss it.

  10. The sex, the drugs, the rock & roll – none of that, not even the sex, could be as personal as sharing your heart the way you do.

    I love all the pictures. Ben Folds!

    1. Yeah, you’re probably right! I can’t be very vulgar on top of that, can I? Well I am much more vulgar in real life. It’s bad.
      Ben Folds is so awesome!

  11. I always adore your AAFs! I love, love, love your photography! Also, seeing your backyard makes me want to frolic through it and play croquet with pink flamingos! I would die if I saw baby bears in my yard. I absolutely love them and could watch them for hours!

    1. They were pretty adorable! There were four babies and a mother that time. We’ve never gotten a moose that I’ve seen (the neighbor did) but we’ve had a red fox, porcupine, deer, beaver, skunk, raccoon, bunny, bear, etc.

  12. That photo of the Alpaca and the fawn made my day – I think I’m as obsessed about those two equally as you are about Moose. I love seeing Deer on the side of the roads and i LOVE llamas; they’re such assholes. I think that’s why I love them so. Are those seriously baby bears on your freakin’ property?!?! Holy crap I need to steal that photo it’s SOO awesome!! Ha, my purse is constantly getting filled with crap which needs to stop so I’ve been carrying a small one and its amazing how I realize how little i need. I think you’d look cool with gray hairs but that’s just me πŸ™‚ And you’re definitely open on this space, way more than I haha. I don’t write about religion or politics either – mainly because I find those topics create more division than unity, all about wording choice too but they’re just not topics that dominate my life so why should it be on my blog? Anywhoo – have a wonderful day and hope it is full of AWESOME memories since it is going to be rack full of emotions for you πŸ™‚ and again, Happy Birthday to Des and graduation to Scarlet πŸ™‚ xoxo -Iva

    1. Maybe a streak of white hair would be kind of cool? I just worry about looking older before my time. I love the dark hair!
      I don’t write about religion very much but I usually save it up for a post and it’s very personal-based and I don’t discuss how ludicrous or not I find other people’s beliefs to me.
      Some things are just better left in my head!
      Des and Scarlet thank you for the wishes!

      1. Yes it would be an awesome color πŸ™‚ That’s true, dark color rocks but I know eventually it’s going to fade, hehe. Religion is a very tricky subject indeed – avoidance is best for me; the only commentary I’d provide is the demeanor of certain groups. Agreed πŸ™‚ Well they are very welcome πŸ™‚ Enjoy the rest of your day love! Have a great weekend -Iva

        1. Thanks! Everything has finally calmed down around here. What a crazy day. And cold rain for five days! Who needs that?
          Have a wonderful weekend. I’m wearing your necklace.

  13. There is no such thing as overboard when it comes to your photography! OMG I’m now seriously pissed that I didn’t bring you to Spain to capture it in a way only you can!!! Holy WOW Tamara. You have such a beautiful, amazing talent. Thank you for sharing it with us!! and I may have to buy that lamb one because Vaughn’s most valuable possession is his lamb.

    1. I would have loved to go to Spain!! I’d have photographed the heck out of everything.
      Thank you so much. If you want the lamb, I can straighten it and scan the negative a LOT better.

  14. I so love your photos! Especially that NYC shot. Awesome.

    I would STINK at asking questions. Mine would be like, “So….what do you do for fun?” And then I’d blank.

  15. You are such a gifted photographer. Your family is so lucky to have your memory making skills at the ready. I love the one of your mom, it captures so much. Bears in the garden? How absolutely adorable.

    1. Ah, thank you. I hope they like it. It’s one thing I can add to this family because I’m not very good at cooking or gardening like Cassidy.
      Opposites attract!

  16. My two year old loves lentils too. She also loves eating homemade Kale chips. She is a pretty good veggie eater. Broccoli is her favorite (mine too).

    1. Me too! Broccoli and carrots. And kale chips are amazing. We haven’t made those in awhile but you’ve inspired me to do so.
      I didn’t discover lentils until adulthood!

  17. You are a photographer who uncovers the story in your pictures. I often find photography so interesting. There are two stories going on – the one the photographer is trying to tell and the real story of the person/object photographed. So many of those photographs at the end left me wanting to know more. Thank you for sharing your perspectives, Tamara.

    1. That is so interesting about photography. Sometimes expression is all about timing and really my story will tell a different story than is really happening.
      Together I suppose they make up a new story.

  18. Tamara your photos always capture my attention but you have left me speechless. I totally forgot what I wanted toe ay about your previous answers because all I was focused on were the photos. LOL So forgive my randomness now I’m scrolling up and down.. πŸ˜€

    OK, an epiphany bag is totally on my Blogger Wish List!! i enter every giveaway I see for one of them. Fingers crossed it’ll pay off soon (hopefully before my first Conference..LOL)

    If I saw a bear any where near my home, I think i would be calling the movers that same day! I love them but I’m a scaredy cat for sure! LOL

    Great questions and answers as always! πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you!! This comment is great then because I love what you eventually said even if you forgot the rest.
      My mom saw my comment about the camera bag and I told her they’re way expensive and that I’d try to win one or run a giveaway.
      There are quite a few bears around here but I don’t see them a lot. Lots of hiding spots. My parents in New Jersey get WAY more bears and deer in the yard because there are less places to hide.

  19. Love all the photos at the end, especially Cody. Maybe he’s playing with my Kona. Also I really want to see photos of your gardens. I love gardening and always love to see other people’s gardens!

    Happy Birthday to Des and Happy Gradulation to Scarlet!

    1. If the sun comes out ever again (should this weekend) I’ll take advantage of my time with the wide angle lens and I’ll take garden photos for you all!
      Also, I thought of you when I posted the Cody photo.
      It’s Gradulation Day!

  20. Your pictures – oh my! I loved them! So much that I had to scroll back through a few times and just look at them again! I loved the variety and the emotions captured – even in animals! Amazing!!
    And I could completely relate to your memory of that film (and I remember films, too!). My kids sometimes tease me when I’m crying at commercials. There are some things that I just feel so much, and it’s often hard to explain.
    Have a fabulous weekend!!

    1. Thanks! Until I had kids, I didn’t really photograph kids, you know? So it’s funny to show what I used to do. Travel, date, see animals. And go to NYC, apparently.
      I have cried at way more commercials than movies/TV shows!
      You have a great weekend too!

  21. Didn’t realize your backyard is sooooo big and wonderful! And how cute, little bear cubs in your garden. Good idea having most of the stuff in pots then :). Thanks for sharing your old photos. You certainly had the talent then (and now, of course)!! Love the 3 zebras!

    1. It’s so big that I’ve never had a lens I thought would be good enough for it. The kit lens is fine but not the same. I have a rental this weekend for a real estate job and I plan to photograph the garden for you all! If the sun ever comes out and all. It’s been five straight days of rain but the weather in Baltimore last weekend was dreamy!

  22. I LOVE that photo of your mom!!!!!!!!!! Deep thoughts..love it. Every Friday I like you more and more (didn’t know it was possible). When you said you have strong views but don’t talk about them on the blog I wanted to give you a big hug even though you aren’t a huggy person. SERIOUSLY! I expect people to have opinions that conflict with my own but I cant help but start to see people a different way when they go off the deep end. I keep a lot of that stuff to myself unless I’m pushed into it or feel it’s completely necessary. But for the record- at this point, you could be as radical as you wanted and I’d like your spirit just the same! <3! SENDING YOU POSITIVE ANTI-TEARY VIBES TODAY! Or happy tear vibes! big day big day!

    1. I like you more and more too. Why can’t we hang out? Sigh.
      I appreciate that too – and it’s true. I have so many friends with different religious and political viewpoints and above all, we love each other despite that and maybe even more. It’s all about having open hearts. None of us have the answers or else we’d be.. God. Or the President.
      I didn’t cry much..yet. Which is highly suspicious. I think I need to get out a good cry!

  23. I have strong political views too, but I haven’t gotten into them much online because the places I’ve seen them written, people get irrational and one-sided. It actually makes me sad because I think we get stuck in our heads sometimes. I love the pictures you posted, your older ones are good too. I would love to get manicures more often, but alas, only once a month at max here… sometimes many months in between! πŸ™‚

    1. Once a month sounds great! I’m about once a decade at this point.
      I definitely have strong views but I can’t stand the confrontations I see online. It makes me so uncomfortable!

  24. Love all the different types of photos..I wish I could learn more but then I feel overwhelmed about knowing so many options and how to take the best shot. Sigh not sure it’s in the cards but love looking at yours!

    1. I suppose if it seems overwhelming or uninteresting, then I wouldn’t want to try either! That’s how I feel about most other things that I wish I could do.
      I wish I could sing or dance or play an instrument, but the thought exhausts me.

  25. Great photos – love them all

    the animals are cool.

    like seeing your bags too πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing all this xoxo

  26. I had so many things to say and then saw all of the old pictures and forgot everything. I love your “old” pictures – they are phenomenal!!!! (BTW – we have been to the Camden aquarium – years ago!)
    You do have gorgeous hair – I wouldn’t change it if mine looked like that:)

  27. Man, oh man, you have such a way with a camera. These are really fantastic questions, and that last series of photos is just so inspiring and incredible. Nonetheless, I am totally jealous of the fact that Des is a good eater. L would be thrilled to live off of pasta, cookies, and milk.

    1. Thank you! I’ve always loved a camera in my hand, and it changes over the years, but that original vision is still locked firmly. I just have different equipment and test subjects!
      Des won’t even drink milk! He never liked cow’s milk. He has to eat a lot of cheese and yogurt to get his calcium.

  28. So….

    I’m thinkin’ a burrito again, cuz they are mighty good round here! I fell asleep on the couch two nights in a row… around 2:00am-ish. And I was SO going to come back and comment. And then today? Life. Just back now, and feeling completely DEFEATED being the 2032nd commenter. Pff.

    NEVER gonna let THAT happen again. Nope. Never.

    Those zebras? Wow. Just wow. And the bears? Seriously? And your husband’s bedroom eyes? How dare you taunt us like that! πŸ˜‰ Can I PLEASE come live with you?

    I need you to give me food ideas. Doritos with oozing cheddar cheese melted on top? Hmm. Perhaps I should just go with my old stand by frozen pizza- my freezer is stuffed with them. πŸ˜‰ Neh. I’m not that hungry tonight. I actually ate a lot at my sister’s today.

    But… it’s still early. Hee Hee…

    1. You’re here!! I am complete. You’re here!! I fell asleep cuddling both kids around 9:00pm. Both squirmed away eventually although I think I had to put Des to bed because he likes when I do. Then I tried to spoon with Athena and she was too tired to fight it. Eventually Cassidy kicked me off the big couch so I slept on the little couch. Then I went upstairs at 2:00 am with Cassidy and Athena, but she went into her crate on purpose. Then finally, someone let me spoon them. Cassidy! And then within five minutes, Scarlet raced upstairs and slept between us. And instead of letting me spoon her, she kicked me solidly for five minutes until I faced her legs the other way.

      And that. Is my life.

      Still want to live here? I want you to live here. Late night? Doritos with oozing cheddar cheese…it’s got style.. I wouldn’t do it, though. I like homemade popcorn on the stove or ice cream late at night.

  29. I love your photos and had no idea you had a garden. We rent and I miss having a garden. Now all my plants are in pots, but it just isn’t the same. Have a terrific weekend!

    1. I’ll take some garden photos this weekend. It’s really awesome there. The strawberries are late this year, though! Stupid cold June.
      Have a great weekend!

  30. Oh, I know you said you like your current stuff better (and believe me, it is amazing!) but I also loved looking through all those older photos. They are incredible! I had something to say for all of them, but then this would end up being a very long comment. I’ll just say I especially love the NYC photos…and the one with the three zebras. Wow!
    I’m hoping Eve continues with her amazing habits like Des. She too likes lentils! So far there hasn’t been anything we have given her so far that she hasn’t liked.
    And there was something else I was going to comment on, but it’s before 6 am and I’m still sleepy so my brain isn’t still fully functioning.

    1. I think I like the older ones too. I’m looking at it from a selling standpoint only and I used to really only do artsy stuff. Now I do portraits. So different! I love doing both. I’d love to get more into the old work again. I think I need a little road trip by myself. That’s when I used to do so much!
      Eve is so adorable. Lentils are delicious!

  31. I am so bad about planning and writing my blog posts! I am always writing them the night before!

    My husband always says that our king-sized bed saved our marrige, and I think he’s right!

    1. ha! King-sized beds seem to just invite more and more family members into bed. Although Des is still in a crib and has no idea what goes on without him!

  32. I love the grainy and gritty and your old photos and your new photos and your words and that I got to meet you! Still so squeeing over that. You have bears in your garden? You’re the coolest ever.

  33. Brittnei nailed all of the questions. I LOVED your answers & photos… damn, I really feel like we are lost kin somewhere, I swanny… (sorry for southern speak it’s like I swear) XO Sweet T! ~A~

  34. Oh man, I can’t imagine carrying three bags! And I can’t believe those adorable bear cubs! The kid I baby-sit for said he found some cubs in his yard yesterday morning before I got there- I would have been so excited to see them! It’s so nice that Scarlet and Des get to grow up in a place where seeing wild animals is totally normal- or if not normal, then not unheard of. City kids miss out on so much!
    I love seeing your old pictures. I’d give anything to find my pictures from my photo-developing days!

    1. I don’t think (or I hope) I have ever carried all three at once. Today I left my purse in the car at a job and my power bar got all melt-y! I hate that. I’ll figure out a way one of these days.
      I have boxes and boxes of old photos and negatives but I fear I have no way to get them all on my computer. Or the time!

  35. I was biting my thumb nail when I got to number #7. Ooops bad habit. I cut my thumbnail today slicing tomatoes and I was just trying to bite it even. I would not have wanted to show a picture for that one. You have pretty hands! Those were excellent questions. So that was your backyard with baby bear’s? Awesome!

  36. This is now my all time fav post of your’s, Tamara!!! I could spend 5 minutes scrolling up and down to “mark” photos and then scroll down to here to comment on each one that I fell in love with. Ok….going to scroll because this post knocked my socks off. You in the horse carriage rocks!! That deserves to be a mega hit on the Net…not just for the photo but for your happiness. The girl running with the bouquet running with hope for her future. But, my #1 hit of your’s is that one you qualified as “Me.”…. I want to look at it all night…meaning…what were you thinking when you snapped it?? It is absolutely intoxicating!! I’m fixated on it saying to myself, “THAT is photography at it’s most elite!!” You inspire me always!!! Love and prayers to your family always and Happy Father’s Day to your sweetheart of a husband and best friend!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Yay for all time favorites! The horse carriage photo is one of my favorites ever – I just wish I had taken it but I didn’t!
      I wish I could tell you everything I was thinking in “me” but that’s a story for a whole post!

  37. I love these questions!! πŸ™‚ I totally have a picky eater for my first born and a worldly eater for my 2nd. The baby totally eats risotto and all the fancy stuff my mothers husband cooks! Its mind blowing. and I like it.

    1. Risotto! Now that sounds delicious. Des will eat most things but he really hates some things that Scarlet loves. He hates cotton candy! But loves kale salad! Well, ok.
      He really, really loves cookies too.

    1. Me too, although I fear it is leaving too soon. And it’s the first week with no school and there’s still two weeks before camp. Send cookies!

    1. Thank you!! Some of these were my first EVER.. so I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I think the eye that I have is always there. Always has been. I hope it always will be. And of course I hope it gets more refined and all that.

  38. What a great Ask Away! I never carried around that many bags. If the kids need things I just throw my stuff in their bags. But all I ever really need is a wallet and a Chapstick. I didn’t realize your garden was so large. Wow!

    My daughter was also my picky eater. I don’t think she liked pizza until she was in her 20s. Very odd. But she eats it now but prefers it if she’s making it herself.

    1. A wallet and a chapstick! That’s a good start. I find I only really use one or two things from my purse on a given day but I guess I have to be prepared.
      I didn’t really love pizza, french fries and ice cream until more recently. I know that’s strange. I liked them as a kid for special occasions. I ignored them through college and young adulthood. Recently I have grown to love all three, but they have to be good quality! I’m not saying healthy, but good quality. Few ingredients.

    1. Thank you! That was one of my first favorites. There was something about the scene that entranced me. I was in a mall in upstate New York. I was alone, too. Curious.

  39. 1. How cool that Athena even brought a toy into bed.

    2. I believe our life experiences shape our writing. How could it not? Look back at your first posts. Look at your posts from three months ago. I’ve seen growth and change in your writing just in the time I’ve known you. The base never goes away, but what comes from it always changes. So much growth.

    3. That film strip, for instance. Those things change us. For whatever reason, they stay with us. It might not affect our writing directly, but in the way we approach it. I always learn something else in these. Always.

    1. Athena always comes prepared.
      I think I’ve always been shaped by life, and into writing. I can’t remember a day without it in my childhood. I’m happy that you’ve seen growth and change because sometimes it’s hard to see it from here.
      The filmstrip that changed my life!

      1. It is easier to see from a distance, Tamara. It’s the same way we can’t tell easily when our hair grays or our wrinkles deepen. Wait, those are both negative. You know what i mean.

        Remember those commercials when one person sees someone do something kind to someone, so they do something kind to someone else? That’s the idea. And it sticks with you.

        1. I do know what you mean. Although I’m not quite at that graying hair/wrinkles stage quite yet, I can still see how it could take me by surprise.
          I love those commercials. And those ideas.

  40. Whoa – what a collection of ‘oldies but goodies’. Love that sneak peek into the beginnings of your photography career. And I absolutely get what you say about being technically perfect for clients. But personally it is sometimes so much fun to … go beyond perfect, right? To pick one: That sun glare on the Wyoming photo is adorable!
    Athena looks like she has grown a lot! And bears in my garden? I think not.

    1. Totally fun to go beyond perfect! That’s why I love personal photography. Today we went to Six Flags and I just had a ball with so many technically imperfect but totally fun photos.
      The Wyoming photo was Grand Teton! Oh, if only I could go back there with the lenses I have now. Sigh.

  41. Yes. Loved seeing the old photos–so, so cool. The “me” one is a personal favorite of mine. The angle, the black and white, the drama. It’s just great stuff.

    I’m glad you carry big bags too! I was having coffee with someone last week, and when we wrapped up the conversation, she looked at my bag and said, “Oh! Are you going to stay here and work?” Nope………..

    I think it’s from years of working remotely + baby boy–I could survive an apocalypse with my laptop bag! πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t even have a laptop which makes it really funny that I walk around with so many bags sometimes. And I have really narrow shoulders that do not carry it all that well.
      Your story made me giggle, though, and I needed that.

  42. You always have such beautiful photos, even your beginner ones. πŸ™‚ I want a better camera but I have to win won or work my tail off to save up for one.

    I love our king size bed too but even some days it is still too small. I wish they made something even bigger.

    1. Thank you so much. I hear you – I need a backup camera or a new one and it will cost a lot.
      I totally think king sized beds aren’t all that big!!

  43. What an amazing swap! Those are totally beautiful pictures…I especially love the one of Des with his little tongue sticking out and the kids with Athena flopped in the bed! Just too cute. What a great garden! I am still trying to get all of the weeds out of mine! LOL! They are killing me! I have been considering a bit of a haircut, because spending so much time in the garden gets so hot with so much hair. I have done a dark red dye job on my hair a couple of times, but I don’t dye often. Hope you have an amazing week!

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