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A Family Father’s Day To Remember

A Family Father’s Day to Remember!

Father’s Day can be a day all about dad. Making them their favorite meal, going where they want to go, and making them feel special. While this is still a great way to celebrate them on Father’s Day, why not make it a family day to remember? Plan some family activities, have a lot of fun together, and you’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

Below are some great ways to spend Father’s Day that just about any dad will love. Take a look!

Go To The Beach

The beach can be a great place to relax, paddle, get ice cream, or even have a family Father’s Day BBQ. Depending on the nearest beach, this might be a full day out for you or somewhere you can just spend a few hours before going to do something else. Remember, although it’s Father’s Day, he’ll probably still want to be the one to take care of the BBQ food!

Ready for a family Father's Day to remember? Plan some family activities, have a lot of fun together, and you’ll make some great memories to last a lifetimeauthor

Try Go Karting

Go Karting can be a great day out, where you can take great pictures and have a lot of fun. Just bear in mind that this might not be the best activity for very small kids. Everyone will be fully prepared by a member of staff if it’s their first time on the track, so there’s no need to worry about anything going wrong. There’s usually somewhere you can eat and grab refreshments nearby too, so you can fuel up after all that fun!

Host A Picnic

Maybe you want a more relaxing, private day out. Why not host your own picnic? Grab all of his favorite finger foods, and maybe even present him with some unique gifts for dad that the kids have picked out. If you don’t want to go to a park or somewhere else for your picnic, you could even stay in your own back garden. Whatever suits your family!  

Plant Something

If dad is a little green fingered, why not buy him a plant to put in the garden with the kids? He can teach them about something he’s passionate about, and you’ll have something to remember the special day for years to come.

Go To An Arcade

Arcades tend to bring out the kid in people, so why not let dad be a kid for the day? Great arcades have some old school games, and some your kids could probably teach dad a lesson or two on.

Take A Hike

If you’re the kind of family who loves to stay active outdoors, a hike could be right up your street. You might even want to pair the hike with geocaching, or try a bike ride!

Play Some Board Games

Why not get some of dad’s favourite board games out and have a family games night? Probably best to avoid the games that cause arguments – we’re looking at you monopoly!

Family Movie Night

At the end of the day, you could settle down with some of dad’s favourite movies and some popcorn. It could be time to introduce the kids to some of his favorite films!

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