A Beginners Guide To Upgrading Your Home Technology

A Beginner’s Guide to Upgrading Your Home Technology. We humans are always searching for ‘the home of tomorrow.’

A Beginner’s Guide to Upgrading Your Home Technology

We humans are always searching for ‘the home of tomorrow.’ Although we don’t necessarily all yearn for a Jetson-like existence, most of us can agree that advances in technology improve our houses when applied sensibly.

If you are lucky enough to live in an expensive, newly built house, you’ll likely find that a great deal of new technology is built into the design. If like the rest of us, you live in a more conventional home, you have myriad options for integrating new technology into the existing structure of your abode.

Whether you are trying to save money, save the environment, make your home more secure or more accessible, upgrading the technology in (and of) your home can make a huge difference. Here is a quick guide to some of the most prevalent technological additions to the home.

Automate Your Doors

No doubt you will be familiar with automatic door systems. Every time you enter the supermarket, the door system detects your arrival and opens automatically, allowing you to push your trolly through without fiddling with a handle. Lew Hewitt and Dee Horton invented the automatic sliding door in 1954, although ‘automatic’ door systems have been found in ancient Greek and Egyptian histories.

What you might not know is that it is fairly simple to convert sliding doors in your home so that they open and close automatically. This can help make the house accessible for disabled people, allow you to automate letting the cat out, and generally just allow you to pretend that you live on the starship enterprise.

There are plenty of door automation companies that specialize in automating your existing systems. These companies offer a large variety of automation systems that can be installed onto most sliding doors.

Upgrade Your Security

Security technology has always been evolving in parallel to the evolution of the home. From the brutal crossbow traps of the middle ages to the invention of the deadlock in 1848, people had always innovated when it came to keeping their family and possessions safe.

The latest technology has allowed for some wonderful innovations in home security. Smart doorbells and CCTV systems automatically contact your mobile phone and display images of any caller or intruder, which can really set your mind at ease (or warn you to alert the authorities).

Better still, fitting your home with an all-in-one smart home security system like the ADT Pulse connects all your security devices together, allowing you to monitor everything from a single app.

Upgrade to a Smart Meter

Smart meters allow you to closely monitor and control your energy usage within the home. Unlike a regular meter, they show both the price and usage patterns around your energy usage. This means that you can see when and how you are using the most energy. People often find that knowing their energy use and patterns helps them identify where they can reduce their carbon footprint and save some cash in the long run.


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