8 Ways to Make Guests Feel at Home When They’re Staying at Your Place

Whether you’re a hostess with the most-ess or new to hosting guests, here are some foolproof tips for how to make guests feel at home.

When friends or family come to stay, most of us are anxious to make sure they feel welcome in our homes. 

From thoughtful extra touches to practical actions you can take, there are plenty of ways you can make sure your guests have the best stay possible. 

So whether you’re a hostess with the most-ess or completely new to hosting guests, here are some foolproof tips for making their visit a memorable one.

Start their trip right

If you want to make your guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive in your area, you should consider going to pick them up. 

Many central stations and airports, such as London Kings Cross Station and Heathrow airport, have excellent transport links you can take if you don’t own a car. 

Clean and prepare 

Perhaps the most important part of making any guest feel comfortable is cleanliness.

Make sure you clean your home thoroughly before they arrive as well as washing any bedclothes and towels they’ll be using.

Make room for them

Whichever room your guest will be staying in, try to accommodate space for their belongings, whether that’s a wardrobe for their clothes or a cupboard for luggage. 

Doing so is the best way to make a guest feel they’re not taking up too much space. 

Invest in their rest 

We’ve all been there – staying over at a friend’s with a less-than-comfortable sleeping situation.

When you agree to have guests, plan ahead by investing in a mattress or futon for them to sleep on along with good-quality bedding.

Provide privacy

Your guest is unlikely to feel at home if they don’t have anywhere private to get dressed and relax.

Make sure to let them know when they arrive what rooms or areas they can use for this purpose.

Make food and water available 

Many guests are too polite to ask for food or drink when they need it, so make sure you let your guest know what’s available. 

This can be as simple as telling them to help themselves to food in your fridge.

Provide extra power 

Your guest might be sleeping in an area where people don’t usually need plug sockets. 

If this is the case, be sure to provide extra plugs or extension cables so they can charge their electrics.

Welcome gifts 

If you really want to go the extra mile and let your guest know they’re welcome in your home, why not buy them a gift? 

A thoughtful present is bound to let them know how happy you are to have them staying over. 

With all these tips, your guest is sure to feel right at home – and most importantly, want to return in the future.

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