8 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Go Outside

This post will discuss eight strategies that are beneficial in encouraging children to participate in outdoor activities and enjoy the benefits of playing outside.

Given the prevalence of digital media in their lives, it might be challenging to encourage today’s children to spend time outside. However, there is a multitude of advantages associated with playing outside, some of which include cognitive growth, emotional well-being, and physical activity. Your job as a parent is important when it comes to encouraging your children to go outdoors and discover the world surrounding them. This post will discuss eight strategies that are beneficial in encouraging children to participate in outdoor activities and enjoy the benefits of playing outside.

1. Be a Role Model

Because children often mimic the actions of their parents, setting a good example for them is essential. It’s important to set a good example by exhibiting a positive attitude towards outdoor activities and making them a regular part of your schedule. When children see you enjoying the great outdoors and actively participating in related activities, they are more likely to follow suit.

2. Make the Space Conducive to Spending Time Outside

Create an environment for outdoor play in both your house and backyard. Establish a secure and welcoming environment with play apparatus suitable for the child’s age, such as swings, slides, and a sandbox. Your children will be more enticed to play outdoors if they can easily access various outdoor play opportunities.

3. Organize Outdoor Activities for Your Family

Plan frequent trips for your family that center on engaging in activities outside. Hiking, bicycling, having a picnic in the park, or going to one of the local attractions like a zoo or botanical garden might all fall under this category. You can foster a love of outdoor activities and make memories that will last a lifetime if you and your loved ones spend quality time together in natural settings.

4. Introduce Fun Outdoor Games

Encouraging children to engage in captivating outdoor activities is highly beneficial for their physical and mental development. In addition to classic games like tag, hide-and-seek, and scavenger hunts, you can enhance their playtime by setting up various sports equipment. Consider installing a basketball hoop, soccer goal, volleyball or badminton net, or even a makeshift cricket pitch. These additions provide opportunities for active play, skill development, and friendly competition, and having good badminton rackets can make the game even more enjoyable. Additionally, including equipment like a padel racket expands the range of activities available, catering to diverse interests and enhancing the outdoor experience for everyone involved. By introducing a range of outdoor games, you can foster their enjoyment, creativity, and physical well-being while embracing the great outdoors.

5. Engage with the Natural World

Instilling a profound appreciation for the natural world is crucial for children’s development. Encourage them to immerse themselves in their surroundings through nature hikes, where they can observe and learn about the diverse flora and fauna. Nurture their curiosity and wonder by engaging in conversations about the fascinating aspects of nature, including ecosystems, unique species, and the significance of conservation.

6. Restriction of Screen Time

It is important to establish healthy screen time habits for children and encourage their active participation in outdoor activities. Create a schedule or set ground rules that prioritize outdoor play and reduce excessive screen time. By helping your children strike a balance between screen usage and outdoor engagement, you can instill a habit of appreciating and enjoying the great outdoors.

7. Encourage Interaction with Other People

Playing outside enables children to improve their social skills and gives them opportunities for contact with their peers. It would help if you encouraged your children to invite their friends to playdates outside, where they can participate in team sports, cooperative games, and group activities. Their satisfaction with time spent playing outside can be boosted by having positive social connections.

8. Give Consideration to Their Concerns

Show an interest in your child’s favorite pastimes and activities, and brainstorm methods to include them in their time spent playing outside. If your kid likes sketching, you should get them some sketchbooks and take them to places where they can get some natural inspiration, such as parks or forests. If they are interested in photography, you should encourage them to spend time in nature to capture the area’s beauty with their camera.


It is beneficial for the well-being of your children’s physical and mental state to promote their engagement with the environment surrounding them. To inspire their interest in the outdoors, you can serve as a positive role model, create an environment that encourages outdoor time, arrange family-oriented activities, introduce enjoyable games, facilitate social interactions, reduce screen time, and support their hobbies. The objective is to nurture a genuine enthusiasm for outdoor pursuits, providing a fulfilling and enriching experience with numerous advantages. Embrace these approaches to assist your children in establishing a lasting bond with the natural world.

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