8 Tips For Getting Your Kids To Care About Their Teeth

A beautiful smile can make all the difference in life, opening doors that would otherwise remain closed to you. But what if your child has taken every opportunity to turn their smile into something they’re ashamed of?

Here are 8 important ways to get your kids to care about their teeth and enjoy spending time at the dentist.

If you want your child to grow up with healthy teeth, you may need to take some drastic steps to make them care about their dental health. Here are 8 ways to get your kids to care about their teeth and enjoy spending time at the cosmetic dentistry Melbourne as much as they enjoy sitting in class.

Brush Together

Make brushing a fun activity for you and your child by pairing up. While one of you brushes your teeth, have your child brush his or hers. Using an electric toothbrush can be helpful for younger children because it doesn’t require as much effort to work and can help them learn better habits faster. Besides, who doesn’t love a chance to cuddle with mom or dad? 

A great way to encourage kids is by setting goals together. For example, you could set a goal that every time they brush their teeth they get 10 extra minutes of screen time after dinner. Or maybe they get to pick out their favorite dessert after dinner if they brush their teeth before bedtime each night. 

The idea is that when kids are invested in achieving something, they’re more likely to do what it takes to make it happen—in other words, they’ll take care of their teeth so that they can earn those rewards!

Get Them Involved

Children learn what they live, so if you want your kids to take better care of their teeth, get them involved in dental hygiene. The toothbrush is probably one of their most used items, so why not use it as a way to teach them? When you brush your teeth in front of them, explain how to do it properly and make sure they’re following along. 

They can help you floss (and do it properly) and help you pick out a nice toothpaste that isn’t too sweet or sugary. By using dental health as a teachable moment, your children will begin to develop good habits that last for life.

Keep Things Fun

It’s easy to get frustrated with kids when they won’t brush their teeth. Instead of punishing them by making it even harder for them to do, try to make brushing fun. You can have a little race with your child or you can try putting some kind of reward system in place so that if your kids follow through and brush their teeth for a certain number of days, then they get a special treat. 

It helps keep things fun, which makes it easier for kids to pay attention and feel good about what they’re doing. Making dentistry something you look forward to is a great way to ensure that your kids actually care about keeping up on their dental hygiene!

Let Them Choose

A lot of kids don’t want to go to a dentist; they don’t see any reason for it. And who can blame them? Dentists don’t exactly have a good reputation for being fun or approachable. So why not let your child choose a dentist themselves? You may have no idea what you’re getting, but if they’re picking them, maybe they’ll be more willing to go!

Show Them, Don’t Tell Them

One of the best ways to instill positive dental habits in your kids is to lead by example. As a parent, it’s also your job to encourage and motivate them to do what’s best for their teeth (and for you!). 

Taking them for regular checkups, showing them how important oral hygiene is—you get the idea. If you can make your kids feel like they have a say in their dental health, they’ll be more likely to care about what happens next time that dentist appointment rolls around.

Give Lots of Positive Feedback

If you want your kids to start caring about their teeth, let them know how great they are at brushing. The more positive feedback you give them, especially when it comes to oral hygiene and health, the more they’ll care. 

When kids get compliments from parents and other adults (who can be our biggest role models), they feel proud of themselves, which builds a healthy habit of caring for their teeth. If you’re having trouble coming up with some encouraging words about your kids’ brushing habits, talk to your personal dentist; they have lots of tips for praise that will make your kiddos feel great about themselves!

Dental Health Starts in the Womb

While there are a number of factors that play into how healthy your child’s teeth will be as an adult, dental health starts in infancy. Once babies begin teething, clean their gums and give them something to chew on such as a soft, frozen washcloth or teething ring. 

Make sure to check their oral health for signs of tooth decay by looking for bleeding gums or loose teeth and report these issues to your dentist as soon as possible. It may be time for professional cosmetic dentistry Melbourne has to offer!

Reward Good Behavior

While it might be tempting to put your child in time-out every time they misbehave, remember that they learn by example. It’s important to reward good behavior so they know what’s expected of them. Furthermore, make sure to praise your child when he or she does something good like brushing their teeth properly. 

This will reinforce proper behavior and help them learn from their mistakes. Think about it—what do you want your kids to do? Do you want them simply to act well out of fear, or because it makes sense? Ideally, you’d want them acting in a way that will benefit them both now and later on down the road—that means teaching rather than punishing; rewarding good behavior over time.


Keeping teeth healthy and clean is important, no matter what age. Parents can help their kids by making it part of a regular cleaning routine, encouraging good eating habits, and even discussing cosmetic dentistry Melbourne. However, if you encourage your kids to take care of their teeth, remember that consistency is key. Each tip should be added on gradually so it becomes a habit for your family. Before long you’ll have a more well-rounded dental plan for your home!

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