8 Steps (Within Your Reach) to Better Digestive Health

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Are you taking every step to ensure your best digestive health? These 8 steps are all within reach for your best digestive health! #ad #NatureMadeProbiotics

I used to joke that there were two kinds of people in this world – people who fret about their digestive health, because they have reason to fret about their digestive health – and then people who don’t because they’ve never had reason to fret.

Of course, I now know it’s not so black and white. The thing is, who has time to fret? At this point in my life, I’m all about actions, tips, and routines. I’m all about making a number of choices that affect my everyday life. As you can probably tell, I fall into the first category of people in my own theory – I’m a fretter. All of my feelings go straight to my stomach. It can be quiet during quiet life seasons and phases, and then there will be transitions and changes that will set it off again.

Sometimes you just don’t know, and that’s why you take action. This is, quite frankly, my action pose:

Personally, I have found my experience with probiotics to be transformative. I take one every day, and I also follow seven other steps to ensure my best digestive health. Truth is, I need this for my life. As a mama of two, I constantly have to be at my best for camp or school drop-offs and pick-ups and camp or school activities in which I attend. There’s doctor appointments, piano lessons, after school classes, and weekend sports. For work, when I’m not blogging around the clock, I go on long photo shoots. Sometimes I’ll expect to be at a photo shoot for an hour, and four hours will pass by in a flash!

I think this is one of the gifts of better digestive health – time passing is no problem, and with no problems.

That’s why I’m excited to share my eight steps for better digestive health. They are all within your reach, quite literally, like my #1 tip for Nature Made® Advanced Dual Action Probiotics – found in Walmart with vitamin supplements.

Are you taking every step to ensure your best digestive health? These 8 steps are all within reach for your best digestive health! #ad #NatureMadeProbiotics

I’m excited to talk about my Eight Steps (Within Your Reach) For Better Digestive Health:

Are you taking every step to ensure your best digestive health? These 8 steps are all within reach for your best digestive health! #ad #NatureMadeProbiotics

1 – Take Nature Made Advanced Dual Action Probiotics. What are probiotics? They are “good” bacteria that naturally exist in cultured or fermented foods (think yogurt and some cheeses) that offer benefits for your digestive system. They also crowd out unwanted organisms to allow more of the “good” bacteria to be present in your gut. That’s why using a probiotics supplement is a great way to increase your intake of “good” bacteria and help naturally support your digestive balance and healthy gut flora.† They’re available at Walmart at a Trusted Every Day Low Price.

This Advanced Dual Action Probiotic comprises of two probiotic strains. Each strain’s function and the symptoms each of the strains relieve is right on the label. Bifidobacterium lactis (large intestine) helps with constipation and irregularity. Lactobacillus plantarum (small intestine) helps with gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.

2 – Eat a diet higher in fiber. This helps keep food moving through your digestive tract. Get soluble AND insoluble fiber.

3 – And with that, drink more water. You can’t eat more fiber alone, and not also be properly hydrated. Together, foods higher in fiber and enough water will help you achieve better digestive health. Always keep them both within reach.

4 – Exercise regularly. With the two types of fiber, AND the water, exercise will help all of your systems work properly.

5 – Limit fats. Although fats are also important to your diet, pair them with fibers, and pair carbs with proteins.

6 – Eat (at least somewhat) on a schedule. Aim for your three meals and maybe 2-3 snacks around the same time each day.

7 – Manage stress. For me, this is the most key step. Stress can send your digestive system into overdrive!

8 – Skip or limit bad habits. Cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine can interfere with your digestive health.

Each step works well individually, but they’re best working together. Incorporating a probiotic supplement into my daily routine has been key for me. So I have, for you, my top 4 reasons to switch to Nature Made Advanced Dual Action Probiotics.

1 – MORE Coverage. Unlike most single strain probiotics, it delivers the “good” bacteria your body needs in both your small and large intestines – thus giving you more comprehensive digestive coverage!

2 – It’s science you can count on. It’s been scientifically studied, so you can feel confident that it will provide the digestive support your system needs.†

3 – Serious about quality. Nature Made products are made to the highest quality standards to ensure purity and safety. They come individually wrapped to maximize potency and deliver more digestive tract coverage than most other single strain products.

4 – Lastly, satisfaction guaranteed! If you’re not satisfied, for any reason, with your Nature Made Advanced Dual Action probiotics, you can then send it back for a full refund.

Check out Nature Made Advanced Dual Action Probiotics at Walmart and on Facebook! What is it about probiotic supplements makes you most want to try them? Are you excited to try Nature Made Advanced Dual Action Probiotics?

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

What do you do to ensure better digestive health?

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  1. Stress is what generally gets me. I’m a big time fretter as well and I need to learn how to manage that. I take a probiotic but not as often as I really should. I need to get better at that.

  2. I will be sure to look for these the next time I am in the store. My mom swears by probiotics, but to me its one of those things I know I need, but just never really think to get it.

  3. I am totally a fretter, too. And all of my feelings always end up in my stomach, too. I haven’t had (thankfully) any tummy issues in a while, (knock on wood) and probiotics have helped SO MUCH with this. PS: I love your action pose!

  4. We always have a bottle of probiotics in the fridge and take them mostly as a preventative. That being said, whenever my husband finishes a round of antibiotics, he’ll double up for a while to help repopulate his gut. I’ll definitely check out these from Nature Made the next time we run out! x

  5. Great tips. I definitely need a probiotic. My body has been out of whack since having my daughter. I know I could definitely be drinking more water and eating cleaner.

  6. I really need to purchase these! I don’t take anything that has probiotics in it and I know I should These are some great tips and I will be sure to look for these on my next shopping trip for sure! I need to stop putting stuff off… Oops

  7. I’m super lacking in most of these things. Exercise, proper diet. I’m a big water drinker though, and I try to manage my stress daily.

  8. I am embarrassed to say but as a child I had serious digestive issues. Probiotics has been a cool buzzword to help people improve on their digestive health. A lot of health problems I head are linked to the gut so this info is helpful.

  9. As someone who suffers from IBD aka Inflammatory Bowel Disease , I know how important probiotics are to our health. It is always a good idea to take a probiotic and keep your digestive health in the best shape possible. You just can’t get a healthy dose from food alone it seems unless you are making your own homemade yogurt that is fermenting long enough but that is almost impossible for most people. This is great for educating everyone on proper digestive health.

  10. This is great, we know probiotics are important, but honestly we are always lacking in our diet. I love having an easy way to make sure we are all getting our probiotics and keeping our guts healthy!

  11. A good quality probiotic is a must for me! Sometimes I forget to keep some hand, and only remember once I get a bug or am feeling out of whack. They really make such a difference in gut health!

  12. I know that my daughter had a lot of problems this past year with her intestinal health. She struggled with things and got herself very sick and the probiotics that she started taking definitely have affected her ability to feel more healthy. I should definitely be trying out some myself. And like you said, with diet and exercise that should help a lot with intestinal health.

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