8 Productivity Tips For Online Students

Online school has become the new norm since the pandemic struck. Here is how to increase productivity as a student.  

Online school has become the new norm since the pandemic struck. With this sudden shift in the education system, students and teachers have adjusted to a new learning model. Its implications drastically changed how we focus on our lessons and how productive we are in our studies. We’ve all faced when we want to achieve our study goals but cannot and find ourselves scrolling through social media. Here are a few Important tips that will help you spend a productive session with realistic goals, have a clear mind, and effectively manage your time. These tips will help keep you sane throughout your online session. Online school has become the new norm since the pandemic struck. Here is how to increase productivity as a student. 

Setting Up Your Study Environment 

Selecting where you work can make a big difference in how much you get done in a day. Designate a room, maybe a small desk specifically for studying purposes. Creating a specific place for a specific purpose can increase productivity and train your brain to work effectively in that place. Distractions like loud music or conversations happening in the background can form a diversion in your concentration. Inform people that you do not want to be disturbed. Boundaries should be set for that place. If you have given yourself a break, remove yourself from that place and move somewhere else to do a fun activity. Creating a boundary between an at-home workspace and a place to relax and recharge is essential to mental and physical health. Constructing a comfortable place is also vital to your health. Bad posture can harm your health

Whether you are a school student or someone enrolled in a degree program such as an MBA program in healthcare administration, a designated study corner is essential to building focus.

Creating A Study Routine

Setting up a schedule is essential for you to manage your time conveniently. Forcing yourself to wake up early might be a bit difficult at first, but it will soon turn into a habit that will pay off. Making a habit of being an early bird can cause you to manage your time effectively, making space for your hobbies, school revisions, social time, etc. For example, You can allot evenings for studying, mornings for classes, and daytime for your chores and hobbies. This way, your brain will be set up for productivity rather than being stuck in a state of confusion.  

Setting Realistic Goals

Let’s face it, we all make idealistic goals before the semester starts, and unable to follow them, we give up in the first week. Setting realistic goals with time for your hobbies can positively affect your studies. Your mind won’t be stuck up in the things you wanted to do but couldn’t because you idealistically “wanted” to study. Not adhering to your goals can leave you feeling demotivated because you couldn’t fulfill that day’s targets. Additionally, it affects your mood, and you may end up doing nothing for that day. Setting realistic goals is a really important trait that aids you in productively using that day’s time. 

Focusing In The Class

The one thing that most students do in online classes is zoning out because you don’t have to sit up straight or meet any other requirements that are supposed to be followed in a traditional classroom. Remove any distractions around you to focus on the class. Another important tip is to wear proper clothes while attending the class, rather than wearing your pajamas from the night before. Ultimately, this helps you enter the student mode and come out of your relaxing environment. 

Another major tip is not using any social media while attending a class, not even replying to a text. Students often spend time scrolling through social media, thinking that they are listening to the lecture, but actually, they are not absorbing the concept being taught. Furthermore, this is troublesome for them in the future, when they sit down to revise the chapter but are unable to because of the fragmented attention they had in the class. 

Taking Detailed Notes

Although it might seem tempting to not write the notes and depend on screenshots or files, it is essential to write down the notes. This tip helps you remember the concepts easily because our brain remembers things better when writing them down. Additionally, making condensed notes out of the ones written down helps understand the concept better. It helps out a lot when during exam preparations. Keeping the work updated is another important factor that helps you keep up with class and have your assignments done on time. This trait will also help you prepare for the exams. Organizing all your files and notes is another major element to prevent stress before preparing for the exams. Rather than looking for scattered notes from your book, pdfs, screenshots, etc. having them all in one place can help you a lot. 

Participating In The Class

Participating in the class is also a major factor that helps you in your studies. You shouldn’t just sit staring at a screen with a blank mind. Instead, try participating in the class and answering questions; even if you think your answer might be wrong, say it. It increases your attentiveness in class and leaves a good impression on the teacher. Furthermore, you should ask questions if you can’t fully comprehend a concept. It doesn’t matter if the class is online or recorded; you could directly send a message to your lecturer and write down your queries. Furthermore, it increases your interaction with the teacher and helps you form a better relationship with them. 

Practicing Your Lessons

Practicing is the key to progress. While reviewing the past lecture through your notes, the recorded videos can help you revise for an exam. The best tip to stay concentrated and alert throughout the session would be to overview the upcoming topic or the class. You can do this by reading your books, google relevant articles, or looking up YouTube videos. 

Another thing to keep in mind would be practicing the concepts. Being proactive in solving questions helps you understand and remember that concept. It’s important to do it on time and not delay the point mentioned above to keep up with the syllabus and get your things in your control.

Prioritizing Your Health

After looking at screens for long periods, we’ve all experienced headaches and other negative physical effects. Staying conscious of screen time is important, but it can be difficult to avoid prolonged periods of screen time when learning from home. Students should set reminders for periodic breaks throughout the day to get up from their desks and spend some time walking outside, reading a book, or just resting their eyes for a bit. Keeping track of your screen time and efficiently managing your time can help. Furthermore, spending less time on social media or Netflix can help cut down overall screen time. 

Also, make sure to take quick breaks for a boost of energy. Prepare light and healthy meals, so you don’t have to work on an empty stomach. Set reminders if you frequently forget to eat or drink water. Staying hydrated is very important for a fresh mind. Maintain a clean working environment and declutter your workspace to clarify while studying.


Whether you are a high school student or a graduate student looking for a Master’s program, to ensure a productive session in online studies, there are certain things you need to do. You need to have a designated study space. It’s important to create realistic and achievable goals while eliminating distractions from your environment. Put any distractions. Focus on proper note-taking and try to participate in class discussions. Revise and practice your lessons on time. While doing all this, don’t forget to take care of your health and take frequent breaks for a little stretch and a glass of water. 

So, do you have tips for how to increase productivity as a student?

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