7 Ways to WOW Getting Ready For Girls Night Out

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Well. Now I have “Oh yes it’s ladies night and the feeling’s right” in my head!

It’s funny how early it starts, isn’t it? I’m talking about the act of getting ready WITH friends, or getting ready FOR friends. I have an older sister and a younger sister, and my mom is pretty hip too. Some of my earliest memories involve special baths, painting my toenails with my sisters, and having my baby sister pluck my eyebrows – back in the days of plucking eyebrows. She was like a pro! I’m not a makeup girl, and I’ve only gotten one pedicure in my whole life – for my wedding – but I’ll still tell you to the moon and back that primping and self care are important. What else is important to me? Girls Night Out.

I’m no stranger to Girls Night Out. While it has taken different forms over the years, from poetry cafes and concerts in high school, parties and late, late nights in college, and all of the fun nights I had in my 20’s, it’s perhaps even more fun now in my 30’s. Many of us are moms now, and the act of getting together is important. I have always been a floater – since middle school until now – and I’ve never had just one group of friends. I have several! I love the different combinations, and I don’t mind overlapping either. I welcome it. Especially during these mid-winter blues, and during or after a full week of work.

Do you still get ready to go out WITH friends? While that’s harder as a mom, I remember those days so well. I loved the sharing of information, stories, products, and tips. I loved how all the little steps we took to get ready for our night made it more special. I loved the possibility, and the lasting effects of self-care. Girls Night Out IS self-care. Now matter how you get there – solo or together – it just matters that you get there. The act of getting ready is sometimes half or all of the fun!

Do you WOW it? Here are 7 ways to add WOW to your getting ready routine for Girls Night Out:

1 – FRESH color. Sometimes, I add color to my hair and I LOVE IT.

When I have done it and I’ve told people, they mentioned how lovely and natural it looked. Other than that, I don’t think I get one double take. I had waited a long time to color my hair. I’ve always loved the deep rich brown with slight red highlights that I have, and I never felt like changing that. Until the day I did. Over time, my hair had become four colors.

I have had blonde and grey hairs under the top layer of my hair for as long as I can remember. I’ve kept my hair super long for over a decade, and the hair on the ends has gotten lighter over time, and with sun exposure. A not-nice, two-tone sort of thing. I was sick of it. I was ready for something new for spring. I’m in my 30’s and I’ve always had thick and glossy hair. I thought it would break my heart to buy color for it, but the experience was anything but heart-breaking. It was..fun. It was a way to keep my own hair color with a slight boost and add some shine as well. My natural highlights would remain, but I would be able to put my hair up again, without people seeing all the grey, blonde and light brown underneath. I was over it!

It can be pretty tough to choose a brand and color, right? I went to Target for Keratin Color from Schwarzkopf:

Keratin Color from Schwarzkopf is especially developed for ageless color for younger looking hair. What’s the secret? The skin flattering pigments complement your tone, giving you that luminous look in your skin, while the unique Keratin Complex system protects during and after coloring. It’s not just for mature hair, and is for anyone to discover ageless color for younger looking hair. It works in 30 minutes, and provides low odor technology, fuller hair, skin tone matching reflexes, up to 80% less hair breakage, intensive colors, 100% gray (or in my case – light brown, blonde, red, gray) coverage. Need some tips?

If you have less than 30% gray, choose one shade lighter. Apply the pre-treatment to your hair before coloring, to ensure an even color result. For extra caring, leave the conditioner on for up to 15 minutes – covering with a shower cap. And do you need help finding your perfect shade? You can talk to a stylist at 1-800-350-3889! And then, once your hair color is set..

2 – Use an in-shower moisturizer for a genius getting ready tip!

Do you hate showering, toweling, and then lotioning? Use an in-shower moisturizer after using your usual soap or body wash. The warm water will open up your pores, allowing the moisturizing ingredients to be absorbed quickly. It’s really genius!

3 – Rock that music. I’m not saying you should be singing into a hairbrush like an 80’s movie, but it probably wouldn’t hurt either! I love to dance with my daughter while getting ready. She even helps me with my wardrobe choices.

4 – Get that glow. Exfoliate your face to make a fresh and smooth clean slate. Maybe even add a hint of bronzer? I like to do face masks. I can’t help myself with those. A long soak in a bath with a face mask. It makes you glow!

5 – Get your beauty sleep, or fake it. How do you do that? There’s a few ways. One is to be and remain hydrated. Use an eye cream to stimulate circulation, and then use a touch of concealer under your eyes. Also, curl your eyelashes! This is a fun, special occasion thing but it makes your eyes look open and awake. It’s been my “looking more awake” tip for over a decade!

6 – Did you exfoliate your face? Exfoliate everything for some serious, all-over, smooth skin.

7 – Last minute touches. Breathe. Wear your favorite scent, but apply with care. Red lipstick is my favorite special occasion trick. It gives me a boost. Go for a slightly tousled look with your hair. I like mine loose, personally.

I have loved discovering that Schwarzkopf Keratin Color AND Schwarzkopf Color Ultime™ help my hair maintain its thickness, gloss, and the color just like I love it. Right now, you can grab a digital coupon to earn $2 through Ibotta!

I know everyone is different, so I’d love to hear YOUR #1 tip for adding that special WOW to a night out.

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  1. I actually have a GNO coming up soon (though… men are invited to this one??) but I’m really looking forward to it because I think dancing will be involved and I very VERY rarely get dolled up and gussied up for anything. I need to do something with my hair! And I desperately need exfoliation (and also a pedicure–thanks for the reminder). What a fun post!

  2. I haven’t had a GNO in forever especially since most of my girlfriends are in an entirely different state. Those are however some great tips. As for hair color, I had mine professionally done purple and think it’s time for a refresh. Does this come in purple?

  3. Great tips! I love GNOs and am overdue for one. Thanks for the reminder that I am due to get my hair done. Yours looks beautiful! My tip is to keep it flexible so that we can add a stop to our itinerary if we want.

  4. This is so fun and I think I might all of these steps because I don’t go out to girls night very often. I actually LOL’d while reading this because as I was getting ready for my girls night birthday party I texted my girlfriend that I was late because “I forgot how to get ready”!

    1. hah! I LOVE that. That’s like me, although I’m not sure I ever really knew how. I had two sisters to help me. Now it’s Scarlet. She plans my wardrobe. Whew. That makes it easy.

  5. Girls nights are better than date nights, said the single girl… lol. My Mother is hip too; I hope I grow up to be a hip Mom. I’m not a make-up girl either Tamara, but I get manicures and pedicures a few times a month. Weirdly most of my friends aren’t married, so we aren’t Moms yet, but we are in our mid 30s, it’s really strange, we all sit around and talk about it lol. I used to have multiple sets of friends but some friends got jealous of my other friends, and it turned into a huge mess, but that doesn’t discourage me, I’m hoping to have multiple groups of friends again.

    1. My mom is so cool! She doesn’t wear any makeup and I do, but certainly her influence is strong. I can definitely live without it!
      I think it’s so cool that your group of friends are in the same stage in life. That’s powerful!

    1. Thank you! One day I’ll have to share what it looks like when I wake up. That perfect tousled look. It can be worse after I wash it, believe it or not.

  6. Um, so if I sing into my hairbrush does that date me? Also, it mostly horrifies my kids when I do it 🙂 Great tips Mrs. Tamara! My girl crew these days consist of a 3, 9 and 15 year old. Now they just yell at me to do their hair and I run out the door with mine in a bun… Ah motherhood!

  7. I haven’t had a girls night out in forever! I’ve been coloring my grays for so many years – I don’t even know what my natural hair color is anymore :)!

  8. Hi Tamara, I may not be a night out sort of person, but I still like to pamper. My hair is highlighted with sections of pink running through it (if anyone asks it is natural), I love a good exfoliate and face mask. I have started to neglect my nails though, which is something I never used to do. Maybe later….


  9. I I have only dyed my hair a few times, but it has been fun experience having a different hair color. These days I try to heena my hair a few times a year. It dyes my grays a reddish color adds shine all over.

  10. I love hanging with friends and getting dolled up! I’m all about the self-care, so I fully agree. I don’t do much eye shadow, so I like to try something new on the eyes when I’m going out with the girls. Makes me feel a little more glamorous!

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