7 Ways to Keep Your Child Busy While You’re Studying

What are the best ways to keep your child busy while you are studying? Explore life hacks and secret tips shared by experienced mothers here.

Combining learning and taking care of kids is often incredibly difficult. The reason is that children require tons of your time, leaving you almost no chance to dive into the world of textbooks and academic assignments. However, we are here to help you cope with this challenge. Discover the list of win-win solutions to keep your child busy while you are studying. 

Before You Start 

The most important thing you need to do before planning activities for your children is that you can cope with all your academic assignments much faster. The fact is that many students use professional writing sites to complete their homework in no time. For example, 

writepaperforme and other popular solutions are ready to help you day and night. If you order papers online, you will have more time to spend with your little ones and get all your assignments done right on time. If you still need some time for learning, here is a list of things to keep your child busy. 


Many moms fail to buy their kids plasticine because they still believe it might be toxic or dangerous for the children’s health. However, if you buy a quality product, there are little to no chances of causing any harm to your little ones. 

Plasticine can do wonders with your kids. Even if they are incredibly naughty and prefer jumping and running all their free time, this plaything will make them sit down and play for up to one hour (and even longer for toddlers.) There are many solutions available on the toy market. 

By the way, many options come with various molds. This will surely make the game your kid more entertaining. However, plasticine is not recommended for kids under the age of three. 


Lego is a fantastic solution for kids of almost all ages. Children older than three years old might play with traditional blocks and create various constructions according to different instructions. Many sets come with particular instructions on building houses, ships, animals, and dozens of other constructions. When shopping for a new set, pay attention to the recommended age for each model – some items are for older kids and teens.

It is also worth mentioning that children under the age of three can also try building with lego. The fact is that the company offers a special set called Lego Duplo for the little players. These are big blogs that are easy to hold in a small hand. The blocks are completely safe for toddlers because of their size and shape. Consequently, your kid can play with this playset with limited supervision. 

Paper and Crayons

Another solution highly valued by experienced moms is traditional paper and crayons. If you have some worries that your kid might get dirty, feel free to choose water crayons that can be easily washed off in your washing machine. 

If you want to diversify your kids’ activities, it might also be a great idea to offer them coloring books. You can hardly find children who will refuse to color their favorite cartoon heroes. Meanwhile, you will have 30-50 minutes to learn and complete your academic assignments. 

Water and Bubbles

This solution might be good for the little ones. Prepare a big bowl with warm water and place different toys in it. Show your kids how to play with water and let them play. Feel free to offer various plastic toys, spoons, and other safe tools for playing.  

If your kids are over three years old (they are not likely to try drinking the water from the bowl), don’t hesitate to make water with bubbles. Your little ones will find this activity incredibly funny. 


Children like to help their parents. But how can a toddler help you with your household chores? That’s easy. Give your kids a pack of wet napkins and ask them to clean all their toys! First, you will not need to wash their toys and will have a bit more free time. Second, your little ones will find this activity very interesting. 

Not to mention, most kids might stop cleaning their toys and start playing with them. Now, you have even more free time for learning! 


All children like stickers. You can prepare a few new packs with stickers in advance and give them to your kids when you need to prepare for exams or tests. You can also allow them to place stickers on the wall or give them a huge paper sheet. However, you will need to have at least 50-100 stickers since kids can quickly cope with this task. 

Cartoons And Video Games 

Cartoons and video games are another convenient way to keep your children busy. However, make sure they don’t spend too much time in front of the TV or their gadgets. Most experts believe that the screen time for kids should not exceed 1-2 hours per day, depending on their age. 

You can invent some new ways to keep your children busy. However, choose only 100% safe activities and don’t leave the youngest ones without supervision for a long time. 

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