7 Ways to Have an Old-Fashioned Summer

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Remember the endless summers of childhood? Our kids can still have an old-fashioned summer with sweet memorable MOMents to treasure #ad #twinpopscontest #IC

Summer is calling – and how will you answer it?

When you’re a kid, summer seems to stretch on forever. There is no set beginning and no set end, at least in your memory banks. Rather it roams and meanders – filled with lazy mornings, air-conditioned libraries and the smell of old books, air-conditioned bookstores and the smell of new books, and twin pops down your chin and even down, down onto your toes.


My parents may remember our summers as having set beginnings and set ends. Maybe summers seemed to last forever – trying to keep up with several kids and minimal day camp. And maybe they went by in a blink – and soon we were all back at our desks at school – and maybe my parents missed that, and missed us. I remember that weightless, limitless feeling of summer. I know I miss it when it ends, every time. This summer, Scarlet will have 5-6 weeks of camp, but so far Des only has two. It’s his last summer before kindergarten so I’m calling it “The Summer of Us.” This summer, without a whole lot of scheduled events, we will see where the adventure takes us. Or we will find/make it ourselves. I have dreams for this one.

I miss the old-fashioned summers of my youth, but the thing is, it’s still that way for my kids. They’re young enough that they don’t know much about social media and they don’t have their own devices. To them, summer is probably roaming and meandering – a weightless, limitless, endless ball of hot sun and possibility. This is the time to make a difference. This summer – make it memorable. Make it matter. Make it last forever, or at least make the memories last forever!

We all know that fall will get here before we know it, and we’ll answer that call. Later.

7 Ways to Have an Old-Fashioned Summer:

1 – Have a lemonade stand! This is the quintessential summertime childhood experience! It’s fun, but also educational. Scarlet learns math, marketing, and talking to adults. She also donates the money to charity or for a family trip.

lemonade stand

2 – Play in the sprinklers. I remember we used to seek out houses with sprinklers and wait until they were spraying the sidewalks, to run through screaming. Now we make our own at home and it’s always fun with the kids in the sprinkler.

3 – Play timeless and classic games with your kids. I’m talking hopscotch, Red Rover, Green Light, SPUD, Capture the Flag, and even old-fashioned tag! These games are as relevant to childhood now, as they always were. That doesn’t change!

4 – Make a family day at least once a week. Bonus points for pulling it off on a weekday when life is less crowded! Plan a picnic at a beach, lake, swimming hole, or pool, or even plan a picnic to take to a drive-in movie! We have two nearby.

Don’t forget to pack cold treats!

5 – Blow bubbles! We once blew bubbles at kids at a well-known theme park, and their parents said to us, “I have to say. This was more fun to them than the actual park!” I never forgot that! Bubbles delight kids (and adults) of all ages. Try it!

6 – Build and plant. Go big or go small. Build a pillow fort on a rainy day, or a tree fort over several sunny days. Plant vegetables/berries. Make an ant farm! Build a fairy garden! And don’t forget to take one night to camp out under the stars.

7 – Embrace nostalgia and create memories for a new generation with Budget Saver Twin Pops! I have a long history with the Budget Saver Twin Pop. In fact, so does America! The Twin Pop was created during the depression so that children could split one for a nickel. So then Budget Saver began packing six assorted flavors in one bag in 1989 – look for their signature Rainbow Array assortment in a big clear bag. I’m one of five kids, so when I was young, my parents would buy twin pops and we would split them to make them last longer. That’s such a signature summer memory for me – the splitting of twin pops!

Now my kids love them and they either split their joint favorite flavor, or each get their own!

These are the MOMents I can’t wait to have with my kids this summer. And right now there’s a #twinpopscontest where you can share your own sweet MOMents. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to U.S. residents, 18+. Enter by 8/13/17, For Official Rules, visit http://bit.ly/2pDfETF.

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Happy Summer to all!

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  1. Great tips! Made me remember my childhood days! Those days were fun. Now my kids (especially my son!) would prefer playing on his tab than play outside. SHM. Summer is over on this side of the earth but I’m always up for frozen treats!

  2. Ah yes… I love these ideas, Tamara! I wish we had the TIME to do such easy going summer fun stuff… the kids are just too active in sports this season, so it’s up at 5 and out the door… go go go… but later this summer, I’m breaking out the Popsicles and water balloons and movies! It WILL happen.

  3. When I was a child, I used to get these double pops at our swim club. It was a treat, as didn’t have a lot of money. A girlfriend and I would buy the vanilla flavored ones and then break them in half. Sounds like such a small thing, but i have very fond memories of it!

  4. Ahhhhh I want an old fashion summer. One where my parents are still married, I was 50 pounds overweight but happier than I’ve ever been, and we churned ice cream. Oh yes I remember these kinds of twin pops! They totally fit in my old fashion summer

  5. This is kind of my summer of Eve, since it’s my last summer as a mom of one! I have a checklist of mini-adventures I want to do with her before she starts camp for the first time and then preschool this fall (how did that happen?!) I imagine the summer will also involve picnics at the local pool, drawing with chalk in our driveway, a movie at the theater, and forays to various Boston neighborhood. Oh, and of course no summer is complete with a meetup someone in New England with you and Jen 🙂

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