7 Tips For Preparing The Perfect Vacation With Your Dog

When the warm summer sun creeps in, you know it’s vacation time! Here are some tips for preparing for the perfect vacation with your dog.

7 Tips For Preparing The Perfect Vacation With Your Dog

When the warm summer sun creeps in, you know it’s vacation time! Most families that own dogs want to bring their dogs along on vacation because they are essentially part of the family. Hence, leaving them at home would feel like leaving a family member behind.

So, then the question is, what do you need to be aware of when traveling with your dog? Well, you certainly have to research and plan for the trip in advance. That said, here are some tips for preparing for the perfect vacation with your dog.

1. Check If The Vacation Cottage Is Pet-Friendly

This should be your first point of call. Remember that not all vacation properties will be pet-friendly. You certainly don’t want to pay penalties for damaged or stained carpets by not knowing that the house wasn’t pet-friendly to begin with. So, it’s wise to confirm if your vacation home allows pets.  

Also, depending on your dog’s breed, you may want to consider the outside space available for your dog since some breeds are more playful than others. To help you find dog-friendly vacation homes, check out https://www.dogfriendlyretreats.com/ for more information. 

2. Get Details Of A Local Vet

Before going on vacation, you should have your pet checked out by your local vet to assess whether your pet is ready for travel. However, it’s best to prepare the local vet’s contact details from your vacation destination. With pets, anything can happen, and you’ll need to have a vet on speed dial in case something goes wrong. Additionally, bringing your dog’s vaccination record with you would help.

3. Consider Breed Restrictions

If your dog falls under the group of bully breeds, then you need to conduct research and find out whether the area has restrictions for these types of breeds. Examples of such dogs could be American bulldogs and rottweilers. 

It’s not right to assume that if a place is indeed dog friendly, then it allows every kind of dog breed. Remember, some dogs are more aggressive while other breeds are more affectionate. Given this, the former may not be suitable for particular places, such as luxury hotels. But they may permit gentler breeds into such spaces.

4. Keep Your Dog Comfortable

This one is a no-brainer. Your pets’ comfort is essential throughout the journey and even when you arrive at your vacation spot. Thus, you need to ensure that it feels like home to the best of your ability.

Remember, dogs, like most pets, are habitual creatures. So, as much as possible, you want to make the place comfortable to avoid them getting anxious or upset because of the change of environment. That means sticking to the same feeding schedules, walk times, and even playtimes.

5. Never Run Out Of Supplies

Try to sit down and compile a checklist of all the supplies you might need for your dog. This is especially important if it will be a long trip. Things like food, treats, poo-bags, and medication are some supplies you’ll need to have on hand for your peace of mind.

On the other hand, short trips may not need as many supplies, except for those you’ll need when you arrive at your vacation spot. Besides, you could always buy dog food at the local stores when you arrive.

Also, since you’re going to an unfamiliar place, it’s best if they wear a dog tag with your details in case they wander around.

6. Plan For Flexibility

It’s extremely important to factor rest stops into your journey when traveling with a dog, especially over longer distances. Pets frequently need a breather; they may get grumpy or even anxious, which you can tell by their body language. Plus, they need to take toilet breaks too.

Checking on your dog may become tricky when traveling by plane. But you can always talk to the flight attendant so that they can assist you in that regard. But if you’re traveling by car, it’s much easier to make more frequent stops.

7. Start Slow

This is a tactic you can use to gauge your dog’s preparedness to travel around. Instead of jumping into a long-distance trip, start with short ones. Take them often to areas like a restaurant or local parks and see how the dog reacts to those environments. 

If your dog handles these short-distance trips well, then he’s ready. But if you sense that he gets anxious when he is away from home, perhaps you may need to give him more time to get used to other environments. But even if you decide to take him on vacation regardless, you’ll know what to expect.


When preparing for a vacation, keep your dogs’ well-being in mind. Make sure that you prioritize their comfort as much as yours to ensure that they feel at home. In addition, it’ll be helpful if you keep it simple. The key is to enjoy the journey and take it easy so that you focus more on creating memories instead of thinking solely about reaching the destination. 

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