7 Things We’re Trying For the New School Year

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It's a new year and a time for trying new things. Here are 7 Things We're Trying For the New School Year. And I'd love to hear yours too! #FamilyGreatly #ad

Every new school year is one of change, but this one feels.. even more revolutionary to me!

Sure, last year had Des starting kindergarten and Scarlet in one of the “big kid grades” in 3rd grade. This year I raise you a big kid withOUT homework, a little kid WITH homework, and two kids rocking the new school year on the school bus. Oh yeah, things are changing! Last year, I couldn’t even drop my kids off at the school without parking and hand-walking each of them to their school lines. And of course, talking to other parents and watching my kids’ social skills like a hawk.

Whew, it’s nice to be on the other side of things – embracing all the newness!

the new school year

the new school year

7 Things We’re Trying For the New School Year:

1 – We’re trying the school bus – Parkinson Coach school bus in toronto, of course. Not only is this better for the environment and for my kids’ independence, but it gives me more time to work! Plus, the bus driver is epic and plays music for them and gives our dogs treats.

2 – We’re trying new activities. Oh yeah, this is big. Scarlet is trying gymnastics and voice lessons, on top of piano lessons. As for Des, he’s been doing so much! Mad Science, theater, cooking, and you name it. I love watching them grow!

3 – We’re trying new life skills. This also seems monumental to me. Scarlet now packs her own school lunches and snacks, and Des has been brushing his teeth alone. Trust me – for him, that’s big. I’ve also been trusting them to walk the puppy and feed him, and they have been doing age-appropriate chores like laundry folding, dusting, and straightening up.

It's a new year and a time for trying new things. Here are 7 Things We're Trying For the New School Year. And I'd love to hear yours too! #FamilyGreatly #ad
4 – We’re trying new scheduling. Oh yes. With the school bus option here, and with the lines of communication open for co-parenting support, I actually feel really good about the division of labor and our more cohesive team-parenting.

5 – We’re getting more fresh air. Maybe it’s because of the limited time together, and wanting it to be memorable. Or maybe it’s because with one school year of two grade-school kids under our belt, we know how fast it goes. And even with that, we know how long winter is! So lately it’s all about that fresh fall air and how we can stay outside together longer.

6 – We’re taking more risks. Well we won’t grow if we stand in one place, and keep walking in our own footprints. Nothing risky; just more brave and more grownup and more about trying things that we’ve never tried before. I really like that.

It's a new year and a time for trying new things. Here are 7 Things We're Trying For the New School Year. And I'd love to hear yours too! #FamilyGreatly #ad
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  1. Aw, yay to trying new things this year. Both my girls are taking Acro in dance (which is like gymnastics – only dance style). And now I have to see if I can find them these awesome snacks from Kraft, too!! 🙂

  2. Kindergarten homework is killing me this year. I want a bus, but walking through the backyard and a little wash isn’t so bad. If there is no wildlife and rain 🙂 We are big fans of these snack packs!

  3. Tamara, I just love all these new things you are trying with your family. It’s so great the kids are learning new skills and my favorite is the parenting shifts to make things more manageable for you! That is awesome.

    I need to go get these snacks, they look so good and healthy for my kids too!

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