7 Teeth Whitening Myth Busters! And BIG GIVEAWAY!

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Think you know about teeth whitening at home? I didn't! That's why I'm happy to share about Smile Brilliant to clear up 7 teeth whitening myths!

Think you know everything about teeth whitening at home? I thought I did, but I was wrong!

What’s my story? We all have one. I’m a family photographer and I also shoot head shots, portraits, weddings, and you name it. I’m constantly editing photos. When I see someone with yellow teeth in a photo, I usually assume it’s my technical error and that it’s a white balance thing. Maybe they look at the photos and think it’s a them thing! No matter what it really is, I do know that I need to have whiter teeth as well. I’m constantly smiling to tell others to smile for the camera real big.

Think you know about teeth whitening before and after? I didn't! That's why I'm happy to share about Smile Brilliant to clear up 7 teeth whitening myths!

So I started reading about Smile Brilliant from some of my favorite fellow bloggers and photographers, and I just knew I had to try it! All of what I thought I knew about teeth whitening at home? I didn’t know anything at all!

7 Teeth Whitening Myth Busters:

1 – Teeth Whiteners Make Teeth White. See, there are actually a ton of shades of white. What Smile Brilliant does is to remove stains from your teeth to get it as close as possible to its natural color – whatever that may be. Before and after:

Teeth Whitening Kit

2 – Teeth Whiteners Are Harmful. In fact, studies done over the past 5 years have shown that lab direct whitening (like with Smile Brilliant) is safe and effective with minimal side effects. A small percentage have tooth sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Kit

3 – You’ll See Instant Results. Well.. not really. You have YEARS of stains on your teeth. Years of drinking coffee and eating teeth-staining foods. It won’t work overnight but you’ll see results within 4-14 days. Yay!

4 – Strips Work Better Than Trays and Gels. Well, they actually use a different whitening method than trays and gel. Bleaching can actually strip your teeth of enamel, which is painful over time. Smile Brilliant is safer and more realistic.

5 – The Whitening Trays are Painful to Wear – In fact, they’re molded exactly to your mouth! It’s 100% fitted to your teeth and made of flexible plastic. I’m not sure you can even feel it after you get used to it. No trouble at all.

6 – Folks With Sensitive Teeth Can’t Teeth Whiten. That’s not true with Smile Brilliant, because it comes with Desensitizing Gel. So even if you do have sensitivity to begin with, this will help you with your treatment.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

7 – It Isn’t As Effective as Professional Whitening. In fact, lab direct whitening at home is similar, if not more, effective than laser whitening at the dentist office. I’ve done both and this works as well for a fraction of the price.

Speaking of which, how would you like to win your own Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit?

Winner will receive a full teeth whitening kit – for $149 value. Winner will be chosen on September 25th, 2018! You can enter to win right here. And right now enjoy a 15% off coupon code: tamaracamerablog.

Here’s a photo I took the other day under bad lighting. You can see how the stains are gone!

Have you ever used Smile Brilliant for teeth whitening?

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