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7 Steps to a Happier and Healthier Pet

This post was sponsored by Supreme Source® as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Right now, we're so happy we made the #SuperFoodSwitch to introduce Supreme Source into Athena's diet. Right now we're sailing to spring with a happier and healthier pet. Find out more! #ad #IC

Good news, everyone! Athena had a GREAT annual vet appointment.

In my last post we had started the 10-day detox with Supreme Source®, and I was already loving the results. Now we’re well on our way to reaching all of our goals. One big benefit of the challenge is that I have noticed a change in Athena. It was subtle at first – but I could tell that the extra attention was paying off. Sometimes at the dog park, she would growl at other dogs. With my extra attention on her, she now at first looks at me, and then never engages in any growling with other dogs. If another dog growls, she walks away. I’ve noticed that we’re both more attentive to one another in public and at home.

Springtime is a GREAT time to make a pet food switch. We adopted our Athena in early spring so her annual appointments always fall in March. That’s a great time to see what’s working and see what’s not working. Athena just went to the vet last week, and we were able to talk about the new food and any initial results. The great news is that Athena was a bit overweight at last year’s appointment and is now doing great! All of her blood work came back perfect, and her exam was thorough and easy. I can’t help but think that our 10-day detox has made a difference! Of course, it goes beyond 10 days.

It becomes a lifestyle.

That’s why I’m sharing my 7 Steps to a Happier and Healthier Pet:

1 – Make sure you’re providing the right foods. I knew we weren’t providing the right brand of food previously, because Athena had more trouble. She would vomit sometimes between meals and didn’t have firm stools. Supreme Source has improved Athena’s mind, body, and soul – and in just ten days. Luckily we are now beyond the 10-day detox and we’re going to be enjoying these benefits for many years to come. Supreme Source Pet Food is grain free (no corn, no wheat, no soy) and contains no artificial flavors or colors. It has a healthy blend of fruits and vegetables – which are natural sources of potassium, fiber, vitamins and minerals. And YOU can start the 1-day detox this spring with your pet today – visit www.superfoodswitch.com to save on Supreme Source pet food, AND, you can sign up for daily emails with tips and instructions to a better relationship with your pet.

And who doesn’t love that?

2 – When paired with good food, exercise is key. This is a top-notch tip when it comes to giving your pet the chance of a long and happier life. Also, regular exercise is good for YOU too. This is a wonderful chance to do it together.

3 – Maintain a healthy weight. This advice applies to all of us! With pets, you have to remember that you’re the one to control what goes into their bowl and what treats and table scraps they get. Make healthy choices. Spring is often a huge chance for people to gain control of their health and fitness levels. It’s just as important to work on your pet’s health and dietary habits. The choices you make now could give you years together. That’s why we made the Super Food Switch.

4 – Either invest in training, or try to train on your own. Take advantage of obedience or agility training classes where you live, and also look into socializing your pet. It’s wonderful when your pet is good with adults, kids, and other dogs and cats. There may be much different options for cats but they can be trained too. And it’s a life-changing thing for your pets and for you. This opens up opportunities for travel, or other pet friendly places. It’s also FUN, and bonding for your relationship.

5 – Take time for dental care! In fact, Athena is having a teeth cleaning procedure (while awake) next week. Not only does this remove bad breath, but you can prevent gum disease – which leads to bigger health issues down the line.

Somewhat related, make sure to keep cats hydrated to prevent urinary tract infections – which lead to trouble.

Right now, we're so happy we made the #SuperFoodSwitch to introduce Supreme Source into Athena's diet. Right now we're sailing to spring with a happier and healthier pet. Find out more! #ad #IC

6 – Make sure you discuss, prevent and/or treat flea, tick and heartworm. Even during the winter, a cat can get fleas, ticks, and heartworm – and we live in New England! With the weather changes, it’s always important to monitor.

7 – Provide mental stimulation for both cats and dogs. Our cat, Juniper, is a strictly indoors cat which means more than ever that we have to make sure she has places to rest, to watch the world go by outside, and to scratch. Dogs need stimulation too! If I am particularly busy and not bringing Athena everywhere, walking her enough, playing with her, she will look for things to chew! Even though she’s not a puppy. You are the best for your pet, but interactive toys count for a lot too!

Here’s a fun video about recent life with Athena:

Ultimately, we are so happy we did the 10-day detox and that Supreme Source is now a regular part of our lives. We get ours at Stop & Shop, right in town and can easily be found in the pet food aisle. I love seeing the positive differences on Athena’s spirit, her digestion, and her overall wellness. I’m glad we switched her food to something more nutritious and that it only took ten days for her to be eating better – a premium grain-free diet packed with healthy enzymes and prebiotics. My little best friend needed the change.

Inside and out.

So remember, it’s easy to start your own 10-day detox! Simply sign up for the daily email and the coupon to save on your purchase of Supreme Source HERE. Once you sign up, you will receive a daily email for the 10-day detox process! AND, Supreme Source has both dog and cat food products.

What is your best tip for a happier and healthier pet?

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  1. Our Cross has been eating Supreme Source and I can’t say enough great things about them. I can certainly see the difference in him. Our dogs are eating something different that they enjoy, but once they get tired, we’ll be switching over too.

  2. Your fur family members are lucky ducks to be a part of your family. Also, the Athena and the bear story?!! Crazy! I would have died. Keep taking care of these guys and they will take good care of you!

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