7 Steps for Planning an Epic House Party

Plan your party thoughtfully and be remembered as a Party Legend! We can help you become one; just implement the following steps to host an epic house party:

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No matter how much of a lone wolf you are or want to be, everyone digs a person who throws lit parties! Who would miss an incredible opportunity to be remembered by everyone for throwing an epic house party? You always have the option of going to a bar or a club, but having one at your house makes it more intimate and even more, fun as you’re going to be surrounded by your people. After all, being pushed around on the dance floor by strangers is not everyone’s first choice.

Planning a house party may seem like a piece of cake, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. Things are bound to go wrong even if you plan down to the smallest detail. You wouldn’t want your next invitation to be trashed out the moment you send them based on your previous record now, would you? Plan your party thoughtfully and be remembered as a Party Legend! We can help you become one; just implement the following steps to host an epic house party:

1. Decide on the Munchies and Slurpees:

People kill for good food. Don’t worry; your mates won’t kill you if you feed them some snacks they don’t like. 

If buying food for everyone is expensive, you can always go with one-bite snacks, chips, and some dips. A potluck-styled option can also come in handy. It’ll take some burden off your shoulders, and people will get to enjoy different kinds of foods. On the other hand, drinks are a huge factor in setting the mood for the party. 

There are many choices, from deciding what drinks to buy to what kind of mugs to serve them in. The solution: explore all options to make an informed decision, like here are some varieties of beer mugs you can choose from for your party. 

Buying alcohol for a massive crowd can be a little ‘cha-ching,’ so you can tell your mates it’s a BYOB (bring your own booze) kind of party. It’s not going to be a put-off, but it’ll make the party a little more casual and reduce the chances of a drink shortage. Although matching the drinks with your theme will add a cool spark to your party too.

2. Make a Guest List:

The crowd defines a party, so you must be extra careful about who you invite. You should keep in mind the types of people you invite as they will set the mood for your party. Since an invitation can snowball, you must strictly stipulate the rules of friends and friends of friends. 

You want a fun and energized group of people who lift your party and the people around them. Extroverts can break the ice and engage everyone they meet, even the most awkward and introverted ones. Try not to invite only the hyped-up bunch because not everyone is mesmerized by them. People will be coming to make friends and maybe potential partners, so everybody would like to be with someone they’re comfortable with.

3. Set a Theme:

Everyone is interested in a story that starts with, “so I went to a party where everyone was dressed up as a serial killer.” Setting a theme for your party will do wonders you can’t imagine. First, thinking about what to dress up as makes people excited. Second, it is an amazing ice-breaking technique. Third, a unique theme will outlive any era, batch, or duration and can set the bar high for all. A real chance to become a Party Legend, don’t you think? It doesn’t have to be a classic (like retro or heroes versus villains) or anything too expensive to prepare; a basic yet challenging dress-up theme would work too.

4. Make a Playlist:

Please don’t stop the music when it’s the key to the soul and your party. Music is THE most important factor to ponder. It hypes up, uplifts, and gives a serotonin boost to all the party animals. You can make your playlist which implies the stages of your party. Upbeat music at the beginning to get the party started, adding songs for our dance lovers to get the action going on the dance floor, and then going towards slow-paced songs to let the party animals know it’s time to say their Beautiful Goodbye. There are hundreds of ways you can create a perfect playlist for your epic house party. Make sure you give good food to the ears too!

5. Hang the Decorations:

Unless you’re a millionaire or have a vault storing hundreds of gold bars in your basement, setting a budget would be the right decision since you’ll be covering for the food, drinks, and decorations all by yourself. Decorating your house according to the theme is essential. 

Buying decorations to make your house party-appropriate can easily take you over the budget. So, you can buy oversized stuff that takes up a good amount of area in your house and some cheap decorations or hangings to fill up the rest of the space.

6. Arrange Games:

Not everyone is a word person or a dancer. People like to be played – only if it means playing with things. Arrange ping pong balls and plastic cups on the table; buy cards, dartboards, and any other item that can ignite a fiery game between people. Playing fun games always gives out a fun vibe and makes guests stay longer.

7. Create an Accident-Free Zone:

Accidents are bound to happen. Unless you’re a magician who can turn back time, it is better that you take precautions yourself. Hide away anything valuable in rooms and lock them if you don’t want strangers strolling in your house and messing with things while making an excuse to find the bathroom. Make sure your bathroom lock works fine. The last thing you want is someone walking in while it’s occupied. Move anything that is flammable or can cause any mishap. You wouldn’t want your party to be remembered as a disaster.  


All it takes for house parties to be a huge success is a little thought and a whole lot of fun! Whatever your reason behind planning a house party is – be it graduation, birthday, parents-out-of-town, or even just a Saturday night, you can always turn a lone wolf like yourself into someone who holds epic house parties that everyone’s going to remember!

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