7 Steps to a More Chemical-Free Home

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These 7 steps to a more chemical free home start with YOU and the products to buy that come in contact with your home and family. Shop well! #ad #FreeOfSulfates

What if I told you that having a more chemical-free home is within your reach? Literally! It can be in your hands!

I have been making better product choices since my kids were born, and I first learned how important it is to monitor all the chemicals that can come into our homes and comes in contact with our families. I wish I could say I had thought of it way before that, but I’m glad I think about it now. There are some incredible sulfate free products that we use in our home, and I can’t wait to share them with you! Change can be gradual, and that’s why this is a 7-step process to a more chemical-free home. When we are using products we feel great about and spending our downtime together, we are all happier.

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We love to use our downtime to garden! Clearly. That leads to eating better, because for some reason my kids can detect a speck of black pepper in a giant bowl of macaroni and cheese, but if something grows directly from our garden, all bets are off. They will eat giant carrots and tomatoes, and even giant pumpkins (we had one once) if we grow it ourselves! That’s why it pays to think about all the different ways you can invite positive changes into your home, and how it’s all connected.

I really dig that.

These 7 steps to a more chemical-free home start with YOU & the products to buy that come in contact with your home & family. Shop well! #ad #FreeOfSulfates

1 – Endless laundry? Make the switch to NEW sulfate free all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS®. NEW sulfate free all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS® delivers a powerful clean without harshness. This new sulfate-free formula infuses your cherished fabrics with essential, proven and effective ingredients – for stain lifting and deep cleaning even on the toughest stains! I started using it within the last month, when we have REALLY needed it. We have a new chicken coop and a flock of 11 chickens. On the weekends, we get them outside to roam in the sun with us, and I have sat on dirt more times than I care to mention!

I love my clean laundry smell, as well as knowing that our numerous stains are being lifted in the wash, without harsh ingredients. It makes me feel great when I’m getting dressed, or getting the kids dressed.

You can find it on the top shelf of the laundry aisle in your local Walmart.

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all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS® includes their ingredients on the back of the bottle. This ensures that you know what ingredients are going into your family’s laundry. It’s one of the first laundry products to put ingredients out there for consumers to read – to know what the ingredients are AND why are they essentials!

And right now, here’s a digital coupon good for $.50 off one (1) all® product! While supplies last.

2 – Discover AVEENO PURE RENEWAL® Shampoo and Conditioner. AVEENO PURE RENEWAL® Shampoo and Conditioner contains naturally derived cleansers and a sulfate free formula to gently cleanse your hair and scalp. As a mom and also just because, it’s important for me to understand what I’m putting in and on my body. When I choose sulfate-free hair care products, I know I’m doing my best to achieve my goals of living a healthy lifestyle.

Look for AVEENO PURE RENEWAL® Shampoo and Conditioner in the Hair Care aisle of your local Walmart.


AVEENO PURE RENEWAL® Shampoo and Conditioner has clinically proven mild formulas for sensitive skin and scalp, and the sulfate-free formulas gently renew hair to its naturally healthy, most balanced state everyday. Dye and paraben free.

Make sure you follow the directions on the packaging exactly.

Right now, save $1.00 off one (1) AVEENO® product (excludes trial and travel sizes) which this DIGITAL COUPON.

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3 – Ditch pesticides and focus on prevention. We live in the country and we’re no strangers to lawn pests and ants. We luckily don’t have problems with mice and roaches, but we take steps to prevent these pests, rather than expose our home to many pesticides. Wash your dishes carefully, and don’t leave food out. Keep food packages tightly closed, and seal any cracks that are points of entry into your home. Oh, and pull weeds instead of spraying for them. It’s good exercise!

4 – Filter your tap water. Sometimes it’s hard to know if tap water is better (or worse) than bottled water. What I know we can feel better about is having filtered tap water always available to drink in our house.

5 – Wash your hands. Kids generally make a good practice of this through school and daycare, but sometimes when cold and flu season ends, we tend to let it slide. There are still plenty of germs and chemicals on our hands.

6- Eat organic whenever you can. This also helps to protect the environment. It can be tough to eat organic 100% of the time, so we’re realistic. It helps us to buy in-season produce, go to the local farmer’s markets, or join a CSA, or half-share. We also buy organic when it’s fruit that absorbs more pesticides, rather than fruits like bananas and oranges. And we try to do our own gardening, where possible.

7 – Keep germs out of the house! Take off your shoes before entering your house. Use a door mat to catch dirt at the door. Vacuum your house regularly (with a HEPA-filter if possible) at least twice a week.

How are you pursuing a better-for-you lifestyle? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

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  1. This is something we’ve been working on since my kiddos were little too. I think it’s even more important now…
    I love that there are companies out there who care about what they put out into the world.

  2. I use the All Plus Free + Clear, but it’s good to know that there’s yet another product by that brand that I can consider. It’s good to see your commitment to keeping toxins to a minimum in your family’s lives, Tamara. Kudos!

  3. My parents are convinced that I have a great immune system because of the amount of dust balls I inhaled in my youth. I’m not sure that’s sound reasoning, BUT they never sprayed chemicals and for that, I am ever grateful. My mom made a lot of all-natural cleaning agents with vinegar and lemons and to this day, I cringe when I smell bleach anything.

    Thanks so much for sharing this! PS: You have an impressive laundry room 🙂

    • Bleach is a rough smell, isn’t it?
      It’s definitely time to come clean that the photo isn’t my laundry room! But.. I did take the photo!

  4. I try and eat as organic as I can. I hate how much chemicals are in so many products that we use daily that I also try and find as many all-natural products as I can.

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