7 Reasons Addiction Sufferers Often Turn Down Help

Why do addicts turn down help? In this blog article, we will consider the following reasons for treatment denial.


When most people have a medical problem, they seek professional help right away. One would think those suffering from addiction would be thrilled to get medical intervention, but this is not always correct. Some addicts turn down help, despite desperately needing intervention.

Seven Reasons Addicts Turn Down Help

Some addicts go years before they will accept help. Many people turn down residential treatment options for various reasons. Addicts, their friends, and loved ones need to know the reasons people turn down addiction help. Consider the following reasons for treatment denial.

The Addict Is in Denial

One of the most common reasons people turn down treatment offers is because they are in denial. If a person cannot admit they have an addiction, they are not going to realize the need for professional help. Most people believe they can quit at any time, but they are often wrong. There is a much deeper problem than they realize.

The Addict Is Scared of Detox

Another reason people may turn down help is that they are afraid of detox. Some people have heard horror stories about detoxing. Unfortunately, the majority of people experiencing problems with detox have them because they do not seek professional help from a detox and rehab in New Jersey facility. Getting medical help makes detox much easier.

Some Addicts Do Not Want to Change

There are some people that know they have an addiction, but they refuse to get help. They do not want to change. Change is scary for many people, no matter the type. The fear of change keeps many people from seeking help with their addictions.

They Have a Fear of Failure

Some addicts will not seek help because they feel doomed to fail and are fearful. While it is true around 40% to 60% of people relapse, that does not mean everyone will fail. Instead of wondering why they should bother, addicts should wonder what they have to lose.

Addicts Do Not Like Feeling Vulnerable

Many people do not like being placed in vulnerability, whether they are addicts or not. People seeking addiction help must admit they have a problem. They must participate in individual and group sessions. For some people, this is not as easy as it sounds.

They Want to Continue Their Addiction

Some people want to continue using drugs and alcohol, despite knowing it is causing their demise. Getting drunk or high helps some people deal with emotional pain, traumatic events, relationship problems, unemployment, and more. Alcohol and drugs are their escape, and they do not want to lose them.

Some Addicts Are Ashamed

Many addicts will not seek help simply because they are ashamed. They do not want others to know they have a drug or alcohol problem. Some people will continue using and abusing drugs and alcohol rather than face the possibility of others finding out about their problems.

Professional Help Unlocks Successful Recovery

Although many addicts have a problem admitting they need help, getting professional intervention can make a significant difference in meeting their goal of sobriety. Residential programs offer the intensive treatment addicts need, including helping them detox safely.

Admitting you need professional help is the first step towards freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. For some, this takes much longer than others. Professional rehab treatment can save your life and help you live it to the fullest again.

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