7 Beautiful Angel Signs And Symbols of Love And Support

Your angels and spirit guides are always by your side and ready to guide you when you need them most. Here are 7 beautiful angel signs and symbols to tell when angels are near you.

You’ve probably heard that angels are watching over you and have your back. These celestial beings are some of the most powerful and creative forces in the universe, and they can help keep you safe, inspired, and uplifted.

Your angels and spirit guides are always by your side and ready to guide you when you need them most. Even though they are invisible to most people, there are many ways to recognize their presence in your life.

These are some of the most beautiful angel signs and symbols to tell when angels are near you.

Seeing angels in dreams

Dreaming about angels can be a way for them to show you that you are surrounded by love and support just as much when you are sleeping as you are when you are awake.

Many people dream about angels, and these dreams can be very comforting and enlightening. You might have a conversation with an angel in your dream or see them hovering above you. Angels come in many shapes and forms, so your dream might differ entirely from someone else’s.

Angel numbers

Angel numbers are a way for the angels to communicate with us through numbers in various places, e.g., on clocks, license plates, barcodes, or your Pinterest feed. They help us to stay on track and follow our path in life.

The most common and frequently seen angel numbers include 11:11, 1212, 777, 444, or 888. One lesser-known but powerful sign from the angelic realm is the 911 angel number, indicating transformation, spiritual growth, and higher wisdom.

If you ever see an angel number, embrace it and thank the angels for their love and support.

Angelic shapes in the clouds

When we are in need of guidance, angelic shapes in clouds can appear to be a reminder that someone is watching. These heavenly signs give us strength and peace of mind and remind us that we are never alone.

Look up to the sky and see what surprise it has in store for you!

White feathers

White feathers are some of the most widely incorporated signs angels use to communicate with humans. The white color is a universal symbol of peace, purity, and high vibrations.

When white feathers show up in your life, go with the flow of things, and know that it is coming from a higher power. Trust in divine guidance, and patient waiting will deliver you to the right place at the right time.

Surrendering to a higher power is the best thing we can do in life.

Finding random coins

Having found a coin lying on the ground is a sign that your guardian angel is near you. It is a sign of abundance and that you have been paid by the universe for all the good you do in the world.

Finding a coin could also indicate a turning point in your life. The old saying goes that ‘life can turn on a dime.

Smells and fragrances

If you can smell a scent that you are familiar with, such as your grandmother’s perfume, grandfather’s aftershave, or freshly brewed coffee, and you don’t know where it is coming from, it could be a sign from the angels.

The scent may be coming from someone who has passed on, and the angels may be able to manifest the smell to get your attention. Usually, it is a fragrance you associate with beautiful memories or experiences.

The presence of butterflies

Butterflies are delicate and fragile, yet they have a powerful presence. Some people believe that butterflies are angels reincarnated into such small and tender bodies. Others consider butterflies angelic messengers whose task is to bring peace and love or deliver an important message.

Be that as it may, the presence of butterflies is always soothing and instills peaceful feelings.

What’s your favorite angel sign?

There are many ways to know if angels are around you. The best thing you can do is to listen. Listen to your body and your soul. Listen to that little voice inside of you. If you feel a presence around you, trust in it. If you feel someone is with you, who is always listening to your prayers and needs, trust in that presence.

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