6 Ways an Online Reading Program Can Benefit Your Child

Children of all ages struggle with reading. With the right resources in place, like an online reading program, you can help your child excel.

Children of all ages struggle with reading – even some getting ready to enter college. As a parent, watching your child struggle with such a fundamental aspect of school and life can be difficult, to say the least. With the right resources in place, like an effective online reading program, you can help your child break through these struggles and excel.

Common Reasons Children Struggle With Reading

Though there is a wide range of reasons kids might struggle with reading, the most common typically fall into one or more of these categories:

• Difficulty with phonics

• Limited vocabulary

• Lack of engagement or understanding 

• Lack of individualized instruction

Fortunately, an online reading program can address all of these issues and more.

Benefits of Online Reading Programs

The benefits of using an online reading program can be as diverse as your child’s needs, but some of the most common are below. 

1 – Works on All Skills

Reading well involves building several skill types, including phonics, English language, and vocabulary. Most online reading programs include activities and instruction to build all the skill sets necessary to succeed in reading. 

2 – Guided Instruction

Unlike sitting in a typical classroom where they often listen to instructions and then complete assignments on their own, online programs actually walk them through the process. They receive feedback and additional help as they move through their journey – not after they’ve received their graded assignments. This helps them to cement the information into their brains as they are working through it. 

3 – Visual Learning

Online programs involve visuals, which can help any child retain information. And often, the program and learning journey is provided in a gamified approach, making it a much more interesting and enjoyable process. 

As a bonus, many online reading programs offer printed learning resources and additional activities your child can do. These additional resources and activities provide an even greater understanding of the material. 

4 – Engagement

Online programs differ from traditional programs in that they are typically much more engaging. When a child is engaged in reading activities, it goes far beyond a surface-level understanding of the material. It’s more of a deep dive, allowing the children to not only read but experience what they are reading. 

It’s similar to the difference between sitting on the side of the pool with your feet in the water and actually immersing yourself in it. Engagement is essential, whether your goal is to simply help them do well in school or to create a lifelong reader. 

5 – Adapted Learning

Online reading programs adapt to the child’s abilities. There is no set time for a child to move to the next step in the learning journey. Instead, the program determines the child’s weak areas and provides more activities and instruction related to those areas. 

For instance, if your child is having difficulty with phonemic awareness, the program will continue working on that skill set until it’s no longer a struggle. Your child will only move on once they have mastered that skill, providing an individualized and effective approach to reading. 

6 – Parental Involvement

One great benefit of an online reading program is that a parent can be involved in the process. You can sit there with your child to help them work through difficulties if your child is comfortable with that. 

If not, you can utilize any progress reports to determine how well your child is doing and if they might need additional support in specific areas. Many online reading programs also offer resources for parents to enhance the learning process. 

There are many online reading programs available to help your child build and improve reading skills. Most offer a free trial or free class to help you determine if it’s a good fit. Consider researching a few and take advantage of their trial offers to find the best reading resource for your child. 

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