6 Tips to Have the Perfect Gatlinburg Vacation With Your Pet

Is Gatlinburg pet friendly? In this blog post, let’s explore the six tips for the perfect Gatlinburg vacation with your pet.

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Gatlinburg is a picturesque Tennessee town that hosts over 11 million tourists every year. It is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist spots you can visit with your friends, family, loved ones, and even fur babies.

Planning a vacation to Gatlinburg with your pet will be an unforgettable experience. Gatlinburg can be an unmatchable destination for people wishing to travel with furry friends, and you can do plenty of things in this mountain town.

However, planning and preparing in advance is essential so your trip goes well with your furry friend on board.

Let’s explore the six tips for the perfect Gatlinburg vacation with your pet.

1. Plan and Book a Pet-Friendly Cabin

Gatlinburg tourists prefer staying in the popular cabins that provide a scenic and gorgeous view of the Great Smoky Mountains while providing a completely private and home-like experience.

Since your pet will accompany you, not everyone will be open to hosting your stay. Planning and booking a cabin that allows travelers with pets is essential. These cabins have pet beds, pet eating stations, and sometimes complimentary toys. They are usually fenced or have an outdoor play zone so your pets can play without the risk of wandering off into an unknown space.

When booking pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg, check out the price per night, space, nearby locations, and facilities offered during your stay. If you are on a budget, you can also look for deals or book your accommodation in advance to get reasonable prices. Also, check whether they have any policies regarding pets and only book if the regulations feel reasonable to you.

2. Get Your Pet Vaccinated

Before commencing your Gatlinburg trip, ensure your fur baby has a detailed vet checkup and is up-to-date with any shots that might be due. Get your pet vaccinated according to the Tennessee law requirement to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading infectious diseases.

Traveling and change of location exposes animals to a new environment and can expose them to potential risks. Therefore, being updated with vaccines and shots will give you peace of mind regarding your pet’s health and wellness.

Since you will be staying on public property, the cabin management will likely ask you to provide proof of the dog’s vaccination. So remember to carry the vaccine book and your pet’s medical records.

3. Pet Identification Options

Traveling to a new destination is not only exciting for you, it is equally exciting for your pet, who might wander off to explore Gatlinburg. No matter how vigilant of a pet parent you are, staying on top of any potential emergencies like losing your pet in Gatlinburg is a good idea. You can choose the more conventional methods like a collar with your contact details or get your pet microchipped.

It will be much easier to reunite with your pet if they are lost due to an unfortunate event. Plus, having your contact details attached to the pet is proof of ownership that will be useful during the return process.

Usually, pet identification involves information like the pet’s name, owner’s name, owner’s contact number, and any diseases or allergies the pet might have.

4. Pack Your Pet’s Favorites

Changing location might be stressful for your pet. Your furry friend might get anxious and apprehensive when exploring the new cabin. Some things from home can help them feel comfortable. You can take their grooming gadgets, toys, dog food, treats, and blanket so they can feel at home.

Besides this, it is imperative to carry a suitable leash, flea and tick collar, and medication to keep your little one safe from any allergies and infections during the trip. Also, keep a poop scooper to clean up after your four-legged best friend.

5. Eat in Pet-Friendly Restaurants

Even though you can share a meal with your pet at the cabin, taking them out to dine would be great. Exploring new pet-friendly places exposes dogs to new environments, which elevates their socialization skills and improves public behavior. Bringing your pet to different eateries can also help reduce separation anxiety, which is common in new locations.

Gatlinburg is home to some awesome pet-friendly restaurants serving meals throughout the day. Pancake Pantry, Crockett’s Breakfast Camp, Mellow Mushroom, Fox and Parrot Tavern, and Best Italian are some popular choices.

Always keep your pet on a leash and be considerate that your dog isn’t invading other’s space. Don’t forget to clean up after them before leaving. Before you make a booking, inquire with the restaurant about their policies regarding bringing animals. For instance, some restaurants only allow pets on the patio, while others allow you to bring them inside but on a leash.

6. Decide the Locations You Want to Take Your Pet To

Gatlinburg has multiple pet-friendly attractions that might confuse you if you don’t decide beforehand. It is always a great idea to decide (and book) the destinations beforehand to avoid any last-moment frustration.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a pet paradise and an absolute heaven for nature lovers. You can walk with your pal on the Gatlinburg Trail and the Oconaluftee River Trail. The Gatlinburg SkyLift Park is also quite popular, and leashed pets are allowed on the SkyBridge and SkyDeck.

Another way of spending time with your pet on a Gatlinburg vacation is by shopping at the Village Shops. Explore the local shops at restaurants of Gatlinburg with your fur baby while enjoying the fresh and clean atmosphere of the Smoky Mountains.


Traveling with your pet is fun, exciting, and memorable if you plan it right. Since Gatlinburg is an animal-friendly location, you can go there to explore, bond, and simply have fun with your furry friend. But it is important to take all the necessary steps that ensure a smooth and safe trip.

Your pet must be up-to-date with all the vaccinations to reduce the risk of contracting infections. You can save time and frustration by booking pet-friendly cabins in Gatlinburg in advance. Lastly, it is essential to carry the belongings of your four-legged friend to create a homely environment during the trip to Gatlinburg.

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